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  1. Less being shown because of spoilers? Sure, by all means do a Q&A for a whole hour But really I want more surprises becaus I spoiled myself trying to find out how to kill a terralyst so fine. Also add energy for Revenant Mephisto skin like his regular skin
  2. I want changes to bubonico. I'm a switch player, and alt fire is locked to the heavy attack too, so I can accidentally heavy attack and its annoying
  3. Ok so I may sound stupid, but does that mean the dmg from guns will still infinitely increase with every status I proc?
  4. Pls stop nerfing melee and give us blood rush for guns Also remove the cap on the galvanized mods that increase dmg with status effect
  5. So I just did a 20 minute arbitration. The host left and host migration. Then the only loaded player extracted, but when I opened my mission screen, no rewards have been claimed. I had 1200 endo, 4 vitus essence, and arbitration. It seems that everytime someone extracts, people that did not load yet into the mission will lose all rewards gained.
  6. There exists small pool balls that could be thrown secondary, and the holder could be plastic bags. And if the pool donut was auxiliary I would cry tbh. Because axillary parts for frames like chroma neckros are key parts of my fasion
  7. Gara is out babeeee les gooooo Als can you state what kavat colors are included because I have like 20 and I dont remember which is new
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