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  1. There exists small pool balls that could be thrown secondary, and the holder could be plastic bags. And if the pool donut was auxiliary I would cry tbh. Because axillary parts for frames like chroma neckros are key parts of my fasion
  2. Gara is out babeeee les gooooo Als can you state what kavat colors are included because I have like 20 and I dont remember which is new
  3. Yeah! Why do you think I used MK-1 Kunai until second dream? yes i used mk1 kunai until second dream because I was a stupid player but I love the idea of throwing knives. With the permanent unvault of nyx prime I can finally relive the (close) recreation of my beginner loadout.
  4. Aww I wanted Full glass prime loadout, maybe from baro?
  5. What if I purchase the accessories? Do I still get a noggle or no?
  6. So, no fulsiai prime?
  7. I mean he kinda has a point Ex. being cephalon suda and having a new loka sculpture
  8. please no more grab bags also how do I change my pfp(profile picture)
  9. Great. Twitch drops are getting more useless, and if you start dissing me because focus faiming exists, Doing tricaps can get way more and easily and requires more focus and is not as repetitive as Sancuary onslaught
  10. Hmmmm. why mag and zephyr? does that mean mag and zephyr are the next unvault? bring loki prime if he doesn't come back his price will rise to 2 thousand
  11. What if I don't have primed Continuity because I'm a degenerate who says "gnuaee i dont need it." and doesn't take the time to farm ducats and index?
  12. You need to go to your warframe account on the warframe website. then link your warframe account with your twitch account. more instructions on the website, and then watch the streams. there will be a button for claiming the reward in the twitch chat after watching for the set amount of time, in this case 30 minutes, and if you miss it during the stream you can claim it in the drops menu in twitch
  13. Of course theres the potato and octavia helmet. Its for octavia prime!
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