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  1. Yeah I think the current method of gaining focus is probably too harsh for some casual player if it's being related to railjack gameplay. Since getting the lens from bounties/lua disruption are already a heavy RNG gate Plus it cannot be passively gain through normal gameplay(since the amount of affinity from normal gameplay is low) (tho not much of a problem for me)
  2. Just something literally pops up from my mind How about railjack powers with operator void energy? I know with the current regeneration rate of operator's void energy "bar" (tho it's not a bar but a circle), a direct implementation would be even more broken than the current warframe energy-railjack system. So I thought of this: the railjack is like a massive storage of void energy, a battery and the person who pilot the ship will have his operator's energy being connected to the railjack, tho the void energy from a kid won't be enough to power a whol
  3. further testing: after equipping opticor vandal and replacing paris prime, thus removing the quiver decoration of it, the telos syandana did recover to its original position so it's possibly a interation bug between telos syandana and bow type weapon's quiver decoration.
  4. the above is a screenshot in personal quarter the upper left one is my warframe in orbiter(calling it 1), while the bottom right one is the warframe display in personal quarter(calling it 2). both 1 and 2 are using the exact same loadout: titania prime(with telos syandana) paris prime gram prime(not showing when holstered) As you can see, 2 have the telos syandana displaced downwards while 1 didn't was suspecting it's being displaced by the quiver decoration of paris prime, then tried it in normal mission (lex, ceres, capture mission
  5. For this, yes ofc and I don't see a problem to do it when it's a discussion. And for this I thought it was just an obvious exaggeration... Edit: after rethinking it slightly, isn't you are the one that's doing the hyperbole on my "hyperbole"? Instead of actually replying on my previous points? Lol
  6. ^To clarify how this is wrong, and my job is done here since you didn't address any new point that makes me "the guy who says DE is completely wrong for everything they do"
  7. And I did, I know the existence of feedback section and I made some related suggestions there, but just because feedback section exist does it mean that I can't put this in here first? To see how other players react to it? Like you did? The exact reason I didn't put this suggestion into feedback is that I found in here that many players satisfied with the current system so I don't bother to suggest it. So why can't I put something into this section before I suggest it to DE?
  8. Thinking one's wording is aggressive or not is once again a personal opinion or where do you think all the communication problems in the world comes from? that's why I add this line right below it but you somehow didn't quote it too So you and probably any others don't find it aggressive it's fine and I am just saying that I find it rather unnecessary to use the word you can say that it's not and I can say that it's yes and I don't bother to change your opinion, we all have different understanding on wordings, it's just my opinion For the quote you add,
  9. I like how you straight up calling other people's opinion silly while the other guy didn't do anything with similar aggression level anyway that's your opinion and the way you communicate with random guys like me, I can live with that As I said, there's tons of proper ways to make the controls simple like in many other fps games, which then I don't see a reason to intentionally make the controls more complicated just to make players to learn it. What I'm saying is this can definitely be improved not the word must, it is my opinion from the very beginning, just li
  10. just want to ask, as seems like you're a pc player, how to do the following actions by pressing/holding 1 button? full on melee mode>primary full on melee mode>secondary
  11. I think I did mention switching from melee back to primary/secondary, tho I'm using a phone and not able to refer the line here easily.
  12. I mean there isn't a problem for that, just curious. Do people enter forum and search for topics that they want to look at, so they sometimes ended up with some old posts? Or do some people intentionally looks for old posts and replying it to put them on top again? Or any other reasons? And I'm confused that some people even replying the threads with info from current patches while the post was asked 10 patches ago, did they missed the date for some reasons?
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