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  1. Garuda does too, but as far as I know this is the only other one
  2. Ambulas change is extremely welcome!
  3. Asked this previously, but I have a lore-related question. Can the Mutalist strain infest the Sentients? Had the Orokin been able to develop it in time, would it have helped beat the Sentients?
  4. I'm aware, I'm just into the roleplaying aspect of WF and want the sculptures for the syndicates that I'm allied with
  5. With my luck I'm only going to get the ones for the syndicates I'm not in lol
  6. Bit of a lore question: Could the Muralist strain of the Infestation infect the Sentients? If the Orokin were able to develop it at the time, that is
  7. Grinding is kinda what you do in Warframe. Grind for rewards, grind for better weapons, mods, warframes, etc. And yeah, you have the option to skip the grind by paying plat outright but for the majority of the time you will be grinding. I honestly like grinding because it makes me feel like I've put in effort for whatever I'm trying to get rather than it just getting handed to me. Not to say that I will grind for hours on end, I get extremely tired of it lol. Just take breaks, step away from the screen, and come back later. Grinding is definitely not for everyone and it really sounds like it's not for you, so I hate to break it to ya but this game probably isn't for you, then
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