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  1. Update: Support said that none of the processes in the list triggered the anti-cheat system. So again, I'm left with no clue what did and how to avoid it in the future.
  2. It's just strange that I would be suspended for this a month ago, yet I used this since the start. AFAIK I haven't installed anything new on my PC this year.
  3. I do have an MSI motherboard, but I don't have any software other than the basic drivers. Could be, even though it only changes the process priority. Would be nice if it was whitelisted.
  4. Here's a list of processes that might have been running at the times my account was suspended:
  5. No, but keep these coming. We need to gather as much information as possible to help the developers identify and fix these issues.
  6. I want to bring this issue to the attention of developers and other players as currently anyone is at risk of getting permanently banned without them doing anything malicious. TLDR: I haven't violated the EULA at any point, yet I am about to be permanently banned by the automated anti-cheat system. Support is just going in circles without really doing anything to address the issue. Longer version: I get suspended due to "instances of abnormal results and/or activity". No evidence is provided. I let Support know that I have not violated the EULA in any way and t
  7. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Map overlay is broken in RJ VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Open tactical map. Close tactical map EXPECTED RESULT: Map overlay is shown OBSERVED RESULT: The map overlay only shows the player marker REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time I open the tactical map.
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Effects from electrical failures in RJ are not removed. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Get an electrical failure on RJ. Repair electrical failure. EXPECTED RESULT: The electrical failure is repaired, RJ functionality goes back to normal, screen effect is removed. OBSERVED RESULT: The electrical failure is repaired, RJ tactical map is not functional, screen effect persists even outside RJ, in Dojo. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time there's an electrical failure.
  9. I've tried it and it only shows progress when completed in the same session.
  10. This achievement shouldn't require completing the bounties in the same session as this reveals serious bugs for repeated stages: In "Rescue the hostages" jailers stop dropping data keys In "Retrieve the data" the alarm is triggered immediately when approaching the premises and the console turn uninteractable resulting in bounty failure.
  11. So many online games have this from day 1, this is incredibly useful.
  12. This seems to be by design to make you join other player's crew until you gather all lvl 3 components and max out the avionics (by this point you will also get to at least lvl 7 in all intrinsics too)
  13. I started playing just a couple of months ago, so I don't have all of the primes in my head making the relic reward selection screen very stressful as I need to check the list of blueprints that require duplicate parts, the list of primes that are currently unvaulted, the list of primes that are soon to be vaulted and the list of vaulted primes to determine the best pick, all under 10 seconds! Here are the ways of making this easier for new players: Add an indication when a blueprint requires a second copy - "1 Owned (2 required)" Add an indicator for currently vaulted primes
  14. I agree that this would be awesome, but don't expect it any time soon as I think it would be somewhat expensive to implement as they need to store exactly what you've gained at the point when you've disconnected and probably add an entirely new screen for the pickup as "Mission Complete" would be a bit strange, though I can also see that working if you just get it immediately after logging in (provided your squad actually finished the mission).
  15. If the reason sentinels don't currently revive is due to balance I have a few suggestions to offset this: Require a new orbiter segment Require an arcane to be equipped Add a new landing craft and revive the sentinel when the air support charge is used
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