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  1. Hi, I've completed the Venus Miner weekly objective and haven't received the 3k standing. At first I thought I should have mistaken... so I asked a friend of mine to pay attention when he does his Venus Miner objective, and he doesn't received his 3k standing either. Anyone else noticed? I hope DE is aware of this and will fix it soon 🙂
  2. The most unkillable frame, no matter the conditions, is an Arcane Grace powered Inaros. By a very fair margin. Just build sheer tankiness around him and Grace will take care of the sustain. Nullifers, slash and toxin procs, lvl 165 bombards and heavy gunners squads, every f*cking boss in the game... He doesn't care at all. Radiation procs could get him killed by an ally though, and self damage... but that's pretty much the only thing that can. Bonus: his 4th augment gives him status imunity, like he needs it...
  3. Granted I almost always fought him in solo and never had a problem. But I also found him once in a clan squad of 4 on a kuva flood mission, and he died just fine after maybe 2 to 3 minutes. That was before his health was lowered. Yes, he's damn tanky, mostly because he's immune to status so the usual suspects won't work... You know the drill: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. I personally crafted a new zaw especially for him with minimum status chance and a good balance of speed, crit, and damage. I carry this one with me 95% of time to be sure to get it when he does spawn.
  4. Thanks for this update, you're awesome! 😄 ❤️
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