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  1. Galehann

    Onslaught: last straw

    @-RHINO- Dude, chill, it's still just a game... you shouldn't put yourself in such a state of mind just because of a game. I feel you though, I really do, the Kohra farm is a pain in the ass, even more since we lost the habit to farm the same mission over and over again since the void key removal... Still, it's just a game, and if you can't control yourself for this one, you'll have a hard time in life.
  2. Galehann

    How to Speedrun Plague Star

    Rhino's stomp can also "lock" the Hemocyte in some state (like head open), + Iron skin to tank + Roar to boost the party damage.
  3. Galehann

    Farming Credits? Mid-game character

    If you can handle it, high risk index can be really worth it credit-wise. Medium risk index is ok too I guess, while being easier.
  4. This would be the brokenest thing in the game.
  5. @Towik Please, dude, stop putting space before your ponctuation, and start putting them after, like it should be. It seriously triggers my OCD, I can't be the only one... And if you really don't know how to use your keyboard, well, you know what to do then, don't you ? ;)
  6. Galehann

    Doubled Mod Capacity?

    That being said, it is usually unadvised to buy frames (or weapons) with platinum from the market.
  7. Not sure if I should post this here or in the weapons feedback category... I was messing around in the Simulacrum, testing various combination of weapons with Zephyr, and when I tried the Zakti (gas statut build) with Zephyr's Tornado (with the Funnel Clouds augment), my game had a HUGE framerate drop, even freezing for a second or two. It reminds me of the good old Mirage + Kohm combo, same feelings. We could call it the ZZ Top combo (...ok i'm out)
  8. Galehann

    The Grustrag Three need a unnurf

    G3 used to be strong, at least a bit, back in the days. And at that time, new players didn't stand a chance, that's why Lotus advise you to leave and the extraction is available regardless of the mission objectives. I'd like to see stronger G3, a bit challenging even for hard-geared Tenno, with the same extraction possibilities if you think you're not gonna make it.
  9. It's the same on PC, when you hit the "back" key, your character turns on himself and walks toward the camera.
  10. Galehann

    Some Questions about Armor

    Shattering Impact
  11. Galehann

    Warframe on Nintendo Switch. Good Idea?

    Hell please no, Warframe on PS4/XBO was already a bad idea... [/troll]
  12. Oh, right, I forgot about this cancer combo.
  13. thanks, much appreciated !