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  1. Polaris The Gravity Sorcerer 3D render: 360° turntable animation: Health 100 Shields 200 Energy 200 Armor 100 Sprint Speed 1.0 A traveler from far beyond the Void, Polaris harnesses the fundamental forces of Gravity, altering the mass of himself and his foes to take command of the battlefield. Capable of altering the physics o
  2. added some 3d rendering of the Flash-Wraith. Uses some third-party software/assets so take it as a minor visual guideline.
  3. Anyo's tasked me with holding down assets here. I ain't planning on letting down my obligations. You know how you manage to get power, tenno? You get it through trust. Through loyalty. Through faith. That's how I've made it this far, and that's why Anyo's entrusted me with this weaponry! Witness the true power of the void; Entrati technology, augmented by Corpus ingenuity! Assassination Confrontation Concept: Sergeant Omo is fought one-on-one in a circular arena, similar to the Jackal, with the differentiation that the arena has blockades that the player can hide behind to avoid atta
  4. TYPE: Ingame/Railjack Missions DESCRIPTION: Camera angles become mismatched with standard Y-axis limitations VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/nFZP7dK Video of me reproducing it deliberately at extreme angle: REPRODUCTION: Aim your railjack at a target that can be boarded via the Slingshot (Corpus flagships after other objectives were complete) at an extreme angle (i.e. far above or far below it) Using the slingshot, fire yourself at the yellow target that will automatically place you inside the ship. EXPECTED
  5. Using a full umbral set would facilitate the usage of mods that stack ability strength, health, and armor. Armor's the big factor here, because stacking it on Grendel would have a big effect for his survivability with that massive health pool (not to mention the self-buffing nature of the Umbral set) but that's mod-slots that are being taken up that aren't granting him any kind of benefit to his other abilities - those could've been used for perhaps extra duration to let his buffs last longer from Nourish, or more energy to maintain feasted enemies (for just a bit longer - I just noticed that
  6. The intent for that change isn't really a toggle, more like a maintained hold on the ability button. The feasting stops as soon as you release the button in this case, the only real difference is that you can still run around whilst doing it. At least 1 second? Also yes, if this was combined with the machine-gun firing thing, that would probably require a bit more detail with how that interacts. My thought immediately would probably be: have a constant energy cost while using the hold activation, and pause the Feast drain while it's being used. The key element here, I believe, wou
  7. I went through the challenge of doing his part-locator missions, and decided to give him a shot after braving the challenges. I wasn't expecting much - I knew that Grendel isn't exactly close to having a running in any kind of meta in Warframe. After giving him a shot, though, I gained insight to exactly why he doesn't really work in his current state, and what he tries to accomplish. Boiling it down? Minus his Pulverize ability, Grendel is basically an obese Chroma - A sturdy, heavy martial class that emphasizes providing buffs to weapon damage, high health, and armor. Compared to Chroma
  8. Sometimes when using the Helminth system, the game will enter a state where it seems incapable of loading any new assets. A key way of telling the bug has happened is if you hover over different infusion options, and the preview video does not render for anything. After leaving the helminth in this state, the game seems entirely incapable of loading any new sounds, textures, or models. Effects this has seemingly caused include: Many sounds, including music and dialogue, cease to play. This includes even visiting other UI screens such as reviewing the results of the last mission (the typi
  9. Sentinels really should just become the companion option for people who don't want to have to babysit an actual companion. Heck, that's kind of what they are in the early/midgame, and during that time they basically are providing a set of 'exilius' styled buffs to you - so that you don't have to waste time individually picking up each piece of ammo/loot, or taking out your scanner manually, or having to figure out how to fit in both loot-detector and enemy radar at the same time on a build that needs all the other numbers it needs. They just really don't have the tools available to scale
  10. Magnetic is super ineffectual against most enemy types, but it wrecks players. What if the magnetic effect would cause something similar, such as stunning enemies when they attempt to use their special abilities? Perhaps it could become the anti-eximus damage type? Otherwise, what about a light pull-towards effect (magnetized enemies are pulled towards other magnetized enemies)? I mean, that's what magnets do. Of course that might be a bit much, wouldn't want Proboscis Cernos people feeling they're redundant now. One thing that's irked me about blast is that there isn't anything that inhe
  11. This did convince me to retry using Hildryn. That said, I believe a lot of the feedback I gave still stands. I'd argue that it isn't really fine, and frankly Mag is probably a frame that would warrant a rebalance of some sort as well. Even with that said though, the degree to which Mag is weak against infested isn't to the same degree as Hildryn IMO, because the only ability that absolutely doesn't work with Mag in that situation (polarize) isn't her only useful ability. Pull is no worse off in this situation (no better either obviously. It's pull), Magnetize's tap activation still wor
  12. Perhaps either toggled by the Simulacrum's console or just always there, there should be a single, floating cube/orb in the center of the fighting area that has these traits: Placed near the ground so that it's easily reachable with all weapons. Has infinite health Cannot be moved Does not attack Has no vulnerabilities or resistances to any specific damage types. IS vulnerable to critical hits and status effects. This could even reuse the assets for the targets hit in certain MR increase tests. The purpose of it would be to provide players with a go
  13. So, Hildryn was a frame I really wanted to like. One of my favorite frames in terms of appearance and concept. Thing is, I decided to drop her pretty quick, because the use-cases she had were just too narrow. While she looks buff, the way to play her doesn't reflect that at all, and attempting to use her to her fullest capacity, in terms of abilities, often is what puts her into situations where she becomes cornered and vulnerable. A laudable job to try and break up the health-meta in terms of tankiness set by other heavy frames like Nidus or Inaros, but it doesn't pan out effectively, due to
  14. Well how about that, yes you can. Much appreciated for pointing that out! I'm surprised it's available, because it has legitimate gameplay effects when trying to, say, aim a mining laser while explosions are happening nearby you.
  15. Consider this a dump of tweaks for very specific 'meh' powers on otherwise pretty good warframes. Chroma - Spectral Scream Right now? This ability mainly exists just for Chroma to have a key with which to change elements. The actual use of Spectral Scream as his actual Dragon Breath seems pretty minimal, and even buggy considering it doesn't seem to be able to make its mind up as to whether you can use melee attacks at the same time or not. It deserves some love to make the actual attack-traits of the ability more worthwhile: While active, it replaces your primary/secondary fir
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