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  1. I usually am not confident enough when it comes to my art, but a couple of people have encouraged me to post these here: They have been resized, here is the original res:
  2. Next time, you can just say 'I don't like Yareli's design', claiming that she doesn't fit a specific visual theme that doesn't even apply to most of the frames is a bit silly. Oberon is a druid with goat legs. Nidus is walking infection. And even Ash, who is the most 'ninja' in design 'wears' sode armor, which is, at least in popular media, more often connected with samurai. Sure, some older frames have feet that look like japanese toe shoes but if we focus on that we could also call the tag line 'japanese farmers play for free', since jaki-tabi were not only worn by ninjas. It is ok to not like a design, but only the devs can decide what fits their vision of the game.
  3. I recently watched a documentary about an intelligent fungus, that can choose to merge with other strains that carry information/modificators it deems useful (like it was able to merge with a strain that was more resilient in certain pH-environments and reject one that was easier damaged by its environment). It kind of reminded me of Nidus; what could make him special might be his ability to merge with certain other strains, willingly. That he is able to 'disable' his own immunity so to speak. (And yes, it is obviously only head canon, but a) I just found it interesting and wanted to share and b) unless we get a direct answer by the devs everything is head canon, no matter how much evidence there is).
  4. I had the idea for this a while ago, and wanted to make a full drawing out of it, but for now I have to go with the Pixel Art/chibi version. I thought it would be a fun project, but in the end I just ended up hating the guy's hair... Originally I wanted to draw him in a similar style to how I drew Son (with 'sunken' cheeks) but I had planned to make the sprites much smaller, which is easier for me with the 'full cheeks' style. Then I made the sprites bigger and forgot to change the head shape again...ah, well.
  5. 'I mean no discrespect...' 'a kid with crayons could do better'... yeah, sure. If you dislike the decoration so much and find it way to expensive, just don't buy it. You sound like someone who wants to commission an artist and when the price turns out to high they go 'well, your art isn't that good anyway!' Sometimes I think posts like these are part of the reason why DE does not respond directly to criticism and feedback. Also, the Entrati are Orokin. We don't know what design patterns serve what purpose in Orokin culture. While the Entrati introduced the circular patterns, they could have been used in other places for all we know.
  6. No. Simply because 'gaming on the go' has no appeal to me in general. If I am playing a game I do it to relax and I can't relax when I am on the run and would have to constantly stop playing to change trains or go to an appointment. It would destroy any immersion for me. And when I am at home I can just play on the PC and since I am bedridden like 20% of the year, I even have a configuration that allows me to play comfortably, with a big screen, while in bed.
  7. Oh, I definitely agree. What I meant (and failed to elaborate on) with 'Being 'dark' and 'brutal' is one of the least reliable indicators of maturity.' is, that 'dark' and 'edgy' can be very mature (and interesting) when done right, but it is by no means a guarantee of maturity and can actually make things look silly. I like the hidden horrors and small weird details that are put into Warframe's lore and visuals (one of my favorite design details is how Harrow actually looks like he has an open back, fitting his theme of flaggelation). The game just doesn't need to go 100% grimdark with its visuals, it works on its own. And honestly, I find Yareli with her overly upbeat behavior more unnerving than many other frames. And as you said, with a little creativity you can turn many designs into something terrifying. Or silly. My Inaros looks like a palm tree.
  8. Warframe takes inspiration from many different design tropes and cultures, including ones that don't consider bright colours to be for '8-year old girls'. Also, many sci-fi games and series would be for little girls by your definition. In my opinion the aesthetics are varied without being incoherent and honestly, if a game becomes too 'dark' and 'edgy', I can't take it seriously anymore. Being 'dark' and 'brutal' is one of the least reliable indicators of maturity. And it makes things look incredibly bland and boring and blend into each other. This post also kinda sounds like the people who call comic books 'visual novels' (despite that being a completely different genre) and sci-fi 'futuristic storytelling', because they are scared that they might get teased for liking something 'childish'.
  9. Maybe we should wait until we have any concrete information on how his abilities are going to work and what role he is going to play in the New War (which we also don't have that many concrete details on yet) before trying to find issues in his theme? Same goes for his visual presentation, we only have a colorless concept sketch of him, we don't know what color and materials will be used for him and how it will function/look in a 3d environment.
  10. The custom key bindings seem to be a bit broken in general, I think. We had people not being able to grind with their K-Drive because they changed their crouch button, I could not use inventory short cuts unless I was in an open world on my old pc and I wasn't able to put heavy attacks on any other button when Warframe did not accept my M3 inputs (they worked in other programs, so it was not an issue with my mouse). Friends had similar issues with not being able to succesfully put inputs on certain numerals or letters.
  11. The difference is, that people are in the right to complain about having to pay more in a pay to play game, or being inconvenienced in an attempt to squeeze more money out of them. These complaints come from a point of 'I have given you money, I want my service'. Here it comes from a point of 'I haven't given you any money, have the option to not pay money and instead wait and I am still going to complain about the service, because it does not cater to my specific goal I have set myself, which was not intended by the game in the first place' and why? Because they are inconvenienced by a timer. And yes, I see that as disrespect. Asking for more and more free stuff when you are already getting pretty much everything for free is, at least where I am from, absolutely disrespectful. And for me claiming that it has something to do with the game being free, you can literally look at my previous posts, where I explain it, even with a real life example. Which is what I meant by saying you switch around a lot. Not that you change your stance, but that you never directly respond to any point I bring up, but instead ignore it, focus on something else you or I have written and add some petty passive-aggressive comment to it, or claim that I have said something I haven't. Like your previous post, where you claimed that I was concerned about a 'chinese megacorp', when I clearly wasn't, in an attempt to discredit me. Which is a point you are also completely ignoring now, as if it had not happened. You can tell me I am wrong as often as you like, I don't care, no matter how 'obvious' it is to you, apparently. I have no reason to lie about my opinion and yes, I believe in it. And if you are interested in having a discussion on my stance, you can PM me. This is slowly turning into a personal quarrel and I don't want to bother others with that.
  12. I didn't. I pointed out that the game has to make money, because otherwise it will be dropped by the 'evil chinese megacorp' like a hot potato at some point. But I see what you are trying to do here with this kind of rethoric. So what really is your issue? Me saying that the game needs to have consistent ways of trying to convince the player to spend money on it or that I said that people don't value the game as much and complain about minor inconveniences because it is free? Because whenever I respond to one of these issue and explain my standpoint you switch it around and talk about the other thing instead of arguing my points.
  13. Because we are in a thread about a gameplay design choice and you went on about how people defend gameplay design choices with 'the game is free'. So it seemed logical to me that you were talking about the thing the thread is about.
  14. Then it would be very nice of you, if you could explain what you were disagreeing with, because I read your post as 'Forma system is bad and people defend it because the game is free'. Which I disagree with, because the system is at worst a minor inconvenience and a method of gaining money that is relatively consistent for the devs. I however agree in so far, that 'the game is free' is not an excuse for unfixed bugs or similar issues. It might however be an explanation for why these issues are not prioritized. And things do loose their perceived value, if they are offered for free. When the services I provided in my second job were made available for free by my country, people started to treat me and my coworkers like S#&$. We suddenly were no longer respected experts but some idiots because people no longer directly saw what amount of money went into our training, materials and work. And if people valued the work behind the game you wouldn't have so many threads and comments on this forum where people are implying that if their ideas and wishes are not followed, the game will die.
  15. I get that. And I get wanting to have everything in a game. But you set that goal yourself. You can't expect the devs to ignore their own gain (which is requires so that new content can be made and the game can live longer) so it is more convenient for you and the other players who belong to that group of completionists. It is an optional goal for you, making money is not optional for the devs.
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