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  1. I actually am calm, a bit tired (physically, not of the discussion). I am sorry if I come across as agitated. I guess, if you show them that video, they will definitely be turned off by the game. It has an extremely negative (and a bit click-baity) title. I have my own grievances with the youtube Warframe community, but they don't belong in this discussion. I understand your concern, but I am wondering if a player, who hasn't been treated to youtube videos and negative opinions would really miss the content that has been made harder to access for them. They won't know what an Oberon
  2. Did I say that you are not allowed ro voice your opinion? I did voice my opinion and you immediately became aggressive. I don't see how me voicing my opinion was silencing yours. I was in the shoes of a newer player not too long ago. And I never had the feeling that you needed a specific Warframe to progress. I understand others might, but the whole point of my comment was:'changes don't make sense, even lore-wise, but Oberon does not bother me as much, because lore wise his placement never really seemed to make sense anyways'. I was agreeing with you (with some nuances; I don't thin
  3. No, my pov is, that I don't mind the changes and that they don't have to be undone. You don't have to have a onesided opinion on something as unimportant as a video game. You are even allowed to be uncertain about changes, as I implied when I said that I was torn on them. And please, don't try to tell me what my POV is, I analyse mine and other people's POVs for a living. You on the other hand seem to take this whole thing way too serious, judging by how you voice your opinions. This isn't politics where not voicing an opinion can get people killed. And if you had really read m
  4. I specifically stated my opinion as someone who likes things to make sense lore-wise. Not based on gameplay. I offered a different point of view to the situation. Yes, other Warframes are also not placed perfectly, but this thread is specifically talking about Oberon and Ash. And the last part was about you coming across as aggressive and being upset about me saying that I didn't mind the changes. Also, nearly every single post you have made so far seems to be about this very topic, so it does come across as you being overly upset.
  5. 'Discounted' means, that it doesn't feel like anything special to get his parts. 'Oh, there is another Oberon part'. And that it feels the devs didn't put a lot of thought into the initial placement of his parts. Maybe they did. Idk. Also, would you have read my post thoroughly, you would have seen that I said that I am also torn on the topic. I personally don't mind the change, but I don't understand it either. If you are upset that I am not upset or enraged about a change, that is your problem.
  6. As someone who enjoys it, when things make sense lore wise, I am a bit torn on the topic Removing Ash from the Manic drop tables feels kinda weird. With the old farming method it at least made a bit of sense; Manics become invisible, Ash is supposed to be a stealthy Ninja. But then again, I never wanted to farm him, because I don't like going after one specific type of enemy. Oberon...always felt a bit weird. I didn't get why he dropped from Eximus units. It also made him feel a bit 'discounted', because you just got him as a 'side drop'. I don't mind him being put into Railjack, but
  7. No, it is the best advice to people like you, who seem to believe their opinion is so important that it outweighs the developer's/designer's vision of the game and apparently even think they can talk for an entire community. If your idea of the game and the developer's vision are too different you don't get to demand that things are changed to your liking. I don't care if he is obtained via quest, railjack or any other means. But I also don't complain that certain frames require me doing the Orb things on Venus. Railjack is a part of Warframe and there are people who enjoy it. They
  8. 'You can't enjoy a game for the reasons you have stated, you must be lying about your enjoyment!' But seriously, is anyone else disgusted at how gleeful some of the people sound, when they announce that the game is dying?
  9. I wanted to try it, but judging from Screenshots, the visual design just seems so incredibly bland and generic. Is it any better ingame?
  10. Oh god. Maybe we should send a wellfare check for OP then. Ironically I am sitting next to my mum. I asked her and she enjoys the idea of turning into a creepy hivemind creature, because then my dad would have to do the houshold chores.
  11. This guy's description of the game read like some 2014 fanfiction description of some character's eyes.
  12. This is why I don't read reviews for games anymore. Over the years, I have learned that I find other things important in games than most reviewers (art and design over gameplay in certain genres, for example). I guess we can expect such behavior from a community who's youtube creators live from making others copy their ideas. 'Copy my S#&$ty build without knowing why it actually works! Copy my fashion frame! And while your at it, copy my personal opinions and views on the game!'
  13. That might be possible. I prefer our local perfomance group with the glass pyramids, though.
  14. Is this a real question/opinion piece or is this judt an attempt to combine as many lame trolling tropes into one unreadable mess as possible?
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