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  1. . Dual heat sword. Dragon isn’t that good in general.
  2. Speak noob pls. Aren’t the syndicates like cloaks?
  3. Anyone know a good way to get Warframe slots? Because I have rhino finished in the foundry for like a week and haven’t been able to claim him because not enough slots. Or does anyone know a good way to get platinum at least. (Also don’t say nightwave I’m not even close to nightwave 40, and don’t say friends I don’t have any friends)
  4. You guys do mean mastery points... right? Because I know how to check my mastery RANK, but how do I see my POINTS
  5. Hey this is a question I’ve been wondering for a while. Is there a way to see how many mastery points you have. Or see how many until the next lvl? I would appreciate your time if you answered this, thanks!
  6. What I meant is that I already had so many components but no frame blueprints. I’m trying not to troll and I am sorry for wasting anyone’s time
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