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  1. They put one of Vaulted Mesa's part relics in void storm Drop table [Earth and Venus Proxima LITH M6 RAD] . And i hope they unvault Volt
  2. Lady luck being Lady luck. Not a word of a lie I went through 2 weeks of frustration without getting a Rhino systems from jackal.
  3. Been enjoying solo void storms after the fixes. One QOL change I'd love to see is a Timed beacon you can drop inside a Asteroid Base or Missile Platform so that we don't have to keep exiting Railjack and entering through the 3 times to complete one objective. Besides that 1 bug that bugs me. Sentinel stops following my Warframe after accessing and coming out the Railjack upgrade console.
  4. It seems like a lockon system. Don't stand in one place too long. I noticed Having a small amount of shield helps cause shield gating. But sentinels will get one shot if they're modded weakly, as they always are. I did about 10 runs of Neptune exterminate for Sevagoth parts, so if I'm wrong somewhere lemme know.
  5. Random match making seems to be working perfectly fine. Got all Frame parts (Neptune Exterminate). Fantastic quest, Good boner jams. Solid update
  6. Since we now have pet sized raknoids, can we please get raknoid pets from thersby? 🥰
  7. Cleared railjack starchart and this update kinda slaps. I miss the bigger railjack tbh. I liked crafting and maintaining ammo for dome and energy. Removing hull ruptures was kinda dumb cause they weren't that annoying and there was something to do between forge cooldowns. The entire gameplay loop I perfected around the forge and defense of Railjack and repairs is gone. Now what everybody does is fly in with primedflow and every gunner spams 3 for seeker volley and done and dusted in 2 mins. I have a strong railjack but can never use it cause match making changes.
  8. Entering ships for main mission is still very bugged. I most of the time have to sit there and tank damage still Cy counts down. Objectives disappear when approaching them. Corpus crew ships a hassle and a half. And Tether (ma fav power) is meh. Why could it not have a falloff from center instead of just grouping
  9. The equinox prime neuroptics sacrifice is still there for steel meridian
  10. I couldn't imagine leaving dock without Tether. Its OP and takes the fun out of dog fighting but it also clears the field within a min.
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