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  1. So drops 2.0 is when grab bags showed up right?? I can receive those fine. Do I still relink??
  2. Here's an emergency! the robo dogos can't walk around the orbiter. literally unplayable. Pls fix it. Other than that, seems good and thoroughly enjoyed this update. void storms needs adjustments though 😉. TY
  3. Game freezes here after one person fails to select an option to extract and stay. Crashes after a few secs to desktop. Affinity progress is lost. Have not checked loot
  4. Yes, cause its efficient to farm with, which is what the game is about. The entire community from what i observe in random squads, is done with having fun using bullet hose nerf guns by MR13. By then the efficiency thought sets in. To be efficient AEO is the way so ranged mods on Melee and everyone has an Kuva Ogris. This is going to change almost nothing about how SP is going to be played. Answer to the immense amount of enemy spawns in steel path, is AOE. No body is going to bring a Prisma Grinlok headshot build even if it maybe viable with these changes. Also glaive changes rub me wrong. It's been worded to not hit hard or at least it reads like it. Who in their right mind uses a Throwable glaive to flail around like a hammer that the throw wind up had to be extended to 1.6? Quick throw damage halved. I wanna check how this effects Volatile quick return. The xoris is still a fantastic tool with Life strike only because its quick to heavy attack with.
  5. Only quick throw damage is being halved. The throws are almost always fully charged in any scenario. Swings a bit longer now going from 0.4 to about 0.96 with amalgam OS. Idk, gotta try. I love my Xoris
  6. TY very much [DE]. Very good Changes
  7. Hi the load times have become longer since this patch. :(
  8. The shoulders and the helmet remind a lot of my fav monke prime. love it
  9. This is a much needed change tbh. Or atleast add it to another fun mission to grind. I'll build 30 harrows. Please no defection. Pls [DE] yeet it.
  10. I wish streams did more open world content instead of survivals or excavation. Besides that, happy drops are back. Also we need Sir Sheldon on one of these streams.
  11. Pulse turbine objective sometimes bugs out and final door in the basement doesn't open up, and objective cannot be completed. It seems to happen mostly when there is a big time gap between the first console hack and radiator being destroyed outside. It's been happening since railjack 3.0.
  12. Modular Archwing when? I haven't built any other Archwing because this system was announced. Excited for new frame. Sevagoth was fantastic and His subsume (gloom) gives Everything else a run for their Ducats.
  13. Am i doing something wrong, tested this in free roam and it doesn't switch. I pressed F in the dome charge gun seat, still on forward artillery
  14. They put one of Vaulted Mesa's part relics in void storm Drop table [Earth and Venus Proxima LITH M6 RAD] . And i hope they unvault Volt
  15. Lady luck being Lady luck. Not a word of a lie I went through 2 weeks of frustration without getting a Rhino systems from jackal.
  16. Been enjoying solo void storms after the fixes. One QOL change I'd love to see is a Timed beacon you can drop inside a Asteroid Base or Missile Platform so that we don't have to keep exiting Railjack and entering through the 3 times to complete one objective. Besides that 1 bug that bugs me. Sentinel stops following my Warframe after accessing and coming out the Railjack upgrade console.
  17. It seems like a lockon system. Don't stand in one place too long. I noticed Having a small amount of shield helps cause shield gating. But sentinels will get one shot if they're modded weakly, as they always are. I did about 10 runs of Neptune exterminate for Sevagoth parts, so if I'm wrong somewhere lemme know.
  18. Random match making seems to be working perfectly fine. Got all Frame parts (Neptune Exterminate). Fantastic quest, Good boner jams. Solid update
  19. Since we now have pet sized raknoids, can we please get raknoid pets from thersby? 🥰
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