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    Sniper Buffs

    If you're going to nerf the sniper Dispo, then buff the base stats. Snipers are a niche weapon in the base game, they are only popular in Eidolon Hunting which ends up hurting those of us who actually like using snipers for everything that's not Eidolon hunting. Remove the dumb zoom in to get stats mechanic already and allow us to get full stats from the get go so we can use the zoom how we want it. Every new stupid riven update is another dumb nerf. I strictly use a utility Riven for my Lanka to patch up the weapon's weakness, +fire rate and -zoom, yet each nerfs makes this Riven worse at trying to patch the sniper's innate bad design.
  2. Dumb Riven changes again, nerfing snipers for no reason only because of Eidolon hunting when they are niche in normal missions. How about we get some buffs to snipers to compensate for the riven changes then?
  3. Already did, no response, no help whatsoever.
  4. Literally it's just the daily kill missions, i can go halfway or get the full thing done and after the mission is complete all of the score accumulated is thrown out the window and I have to start again. This has happened every single #*!%ing day since this 2nd mini Nightwave started.
  5. Every time you get halfway through a Nightwave mission's progress it never saves and you're forced to redo it again.
  6. I have to agree with this, this week's nightwave is making players spend our resources other than just our time.
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