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  1. We did it! At default AFK the size now looks exactly what the demo'ed image they have where it actually encompasses the full torso now instead of just the chest area. Also as they say, instant growth now. Major improvements.
  2. Yeah it is very misleading into getting you hyped for it to turn out the version they show in the trailer is only when you AFK. I actually want a refund now for false advertisement.
  3. Yeah I'm looking at the original ad they have for the update again and it shows 3 larger dragons circling around Nezha in a larger portion of the frame's torso than just circling around the chest.
  4. Why is this Ephermera so small and just clipping into the body, while also requiring afk for ~12 seconds to actually be able to see it?
  5. They need to make the size increased the actual version of the ephermera, as it stands the dragons are unnoticeable and clip into the frame's body too much.
  6. Consider unnerfing some of the Helminth Frame abilities now that it's actually released.
  7. I personally wish they just made an animation that looked like it took 5 seconds, as of now it just looks like they animated it then slowed it down after wanting to balance it out with a slower reload. It just looks clunky as #*!%.
  8. I questioned the scillitant drop rate in chat and was called toxic for complaining about how hard DE works for the community.
  9. I have dispenser on 1 and it works fine. I've been running around going 3>2>1, and then 4 in ISO Vaults to test and I get enough energy to keep me cap pretty consistently. I went with it due to my OCD wanting to see energy go up without wasting pizza dishes. Dispenser is a nice luxury when you are spamming 4 and want energy regen while you keep ult up.
  10. Jeez the required amount of tags for tokens is so unbalanced.
  11. Can we have more options on removing prime details? The sigil made some nice look changes to some of the Primed frames.
  12. Honestly my concern is that this makes DE lazy in doing reworks or rebalancing for warframes that still need it.
  13. Was curious for squishy frames which of the new passable abilities would be considered the most realistically reliable form of tanking? Stars require your mod config to commit to duration(-range and augment as well), Eclipse relies on light being dark, some of the others add armor buffs but doesn't appear to be as impactful for squishy warframes to begin with. Defy appears to be an interesting way to get squishy frames to become tanky with how massive the armor multiplier can become esp with new Steel Path. Thoughts?
  14. Here's an Example on my Mesa Prime. Really wish they keep this.
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