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  1. We'll it popped up this morning inal ok ng with the Revis mod icon. Ha
  2. Ya maybe my friend I let play sometimes did. That's what I'm thinking fml
  3. I Just Got A Second Riven mod. Now that icon we spoke of befor is there and I clicked on it and there is only one review mod so ya it's gone.
  4. That's weird the Riven secri ok n isn't in my mod console!. Like the photo you shared with me. That icon isn't on mine e
  5. Well I received my first riven mode. Don't know the name but I had to kill 15 enemies while wall griping are wall running to gethe my new appointment time wo to tired. Once I unlocked it i no longer caneed find it. Do you know where I can find it? It's not in the mod cancelor in armory
  6. So tell me what u think. I have noticed a couple times when I got back on my xbox to play Warframe. that my warframe customizable wardrobe was completely changed. None of the wepons or mods. Just the way he looked. Color and accessories. Does this mean my accounthe has been hacked or is it just a glitch in the system. If glitch what tshould I dothank you guys !!!
  7. Can you send me the link to direct me wear to go. I have been trying to find out were to submitt a trouble ticket for this for days
  8. Haha yes you areally right I mean my Mod concle lol. My bad. But yes I have looked every were ventage the glyphs. Wjat should I do?
  9. Hi a couple days ago I purchased several of the essential mod cards from the market. I went to equip these cards later I noticed they were not in my inventory or my mod console I searched for 2 days and could not find them I still can't find them I did receive the Platinum end credits from this purchase of the essential mod bundle pack. I still have yet to find them. I would like for this to be corrected. Give me the mods or refund. Idc just make it right please.
  10. This just happened to me. I boutique every set tho!!! How do we get this fixed?jeffreygabbard62@gmail.com
  11. How do you earn Affinity. And how would i tuen this on?
  12. Hi I'm doing this I play it for like 5 minutes andrive knew this is for me. I could use a little help and.pointers so if you want add me and shoot me a message Skaterj#9119
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