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  1. Still getting crashes on DX11 and DX10 :(
  2. I found the Jordas Golem mission beautifully done though
  3. Nooo, why are the weapons MR locked :(
  4. This is good! Finding an icon in the bundles section always felt kinda confusing at times.
  5. Dumb people complaining is probably the best part about these updates. :D
  6. It would be helpful to know which emotes are currently equipped when looking through our emotes.
  7. New update disabling DX10 and 11 also made it so my SweetFX does not work with the game anymore. Please make it so we can choose to enable or disable DX10/11 at our own discretion again.
  8. I was getting absolutely no frame rate problems and now I gotta play on DX9 why :(
  9. How the hell were people having issues with the Manic? I thought he needed a buff, not a nerf...
  10. Oh my god that Warcry augment. <3
  11. Ran one run on Jackal, found a nice sigil :)
  12. I'm confused, how is this a buff?
  13. Woo! Here's some red text :D
  14. Vay Hek broke the servers! D:
  15. It dropped within 5 minutes of my first Earth survival :)
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