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  1. Cool, my favorite weapons still control like a wet fart! ldsfkgnldflnmnwfmskfsdf just please fix the alt-fire bs PLEASE
  2. Might be the best one so far. Nechramechs are my favorite "warframe" in years because they actually feel different to play and the skin is downright transcendent and unlike other Prime Accessories, as with the included syandana, isn't a gaudy trinket that only works in the context of making something look tacky.
  3. Use the valence system to let me upgrade items when Primes come out. Weapons it makes little sense, frames there'd be an interesting choice if you want and don't have their subsume ability. In most cases though if someone kitted out a frame with potatoes and multiple forma then they'd probably appreciate that not being obsolete when their gold-chrome paint comes around.
  4. It's such a refreshing change of pace and you can tell it's welcome when a decent chunk of the community would rather play as a lancer or a Dax than a warframe, even for a little bit.
  5. Man DE make basic quality of life or just good ideas seem herculean, don't they?
  6. I'd say apply these ideas to actually balancing the weapons. As it stands there's very little power dynamic between weapon types, even those around the same tier or MR. Payday 2 actually has a really good ammo economy and designs almost the whole game around it. Low rank weapons have tons of ammo but deal very little damage and the opposite is true of high rank weapons. Then there are five or so distinct difficulty levels and part of the fun of the hard stuff is finding a weapon that meets your personal requirements or adjusting to make it fit. If you want a wheat thresher you could take any number of automatic weapons, some of the low rank shotguns or just go ham and bring a grenade launcher that holds like four shots total. If you want a Dozer smasher you, an automatic with decent damage is usually recommended or your can just get a mega sniper and one-shot him if you aim right. Pistols are reliable side arms and one of them punches through ballistic shields as expected of such utility limits the max ammo It all ties back into the ammo economy. You can choose how powerful you are but the stars that shine the brightest fade the fastest. This is all balanced out by two things: Enemy ammo drops and the deployable ammo bag. In terms of Warframes gunplay I think mimicking Payday 2 wouldn't be a bad solution. Both are considered horde shooters, it's just Warframe's been having an ongoing identity crisis for as long as I can remember so we've got dozens of half finished mechanics strewn about the place #*!%ing up the balance.
  7. Oh absolutely, I have zero confidence DE staff can make it out of bed half the time after the track record we have but screaming into the void of their ineptitude at least has a chance at letting the one busy guy there hear our cries.
  8. THIS Forget everything I said and just agree with this please
  9. So pressing one button would ruin the flow of combat but having your weapon stop functioning for a moment doesn't? I do enjoy all the weapons I've mentioned, they're some of my favorites for one reason or another but I'd like them a whole lot more if they didn't glitch out on me half the time I used them. The "Quat" line likes to spend a moment in the other mode even if I did take my time switching, something that'd be fixed by the sec-fire key. You've hopefully already read how there's zero fluid way to wield the Diplos, not two days I've had the damn thing have I not made the mistake of controlling my bursts instead of just spraying every shot away in hopes something relevant walked on screen for me to then aim at. This is only a minor exaggeration. Also a Mirage using the auto-lock mode would probably care dearly that it actually hit it's targets. Which it doesn't. I've tried many ways of locking-on with the Duplos and yet there is no solution I have found that improves the odds of hitting something. In some cases the auto-lock makes accuracy actively worse like on short rollers or infested. While I'm aim gliding I'd like to hit my targets with more than two bullets each... Assuming those shots even connect in the first place. By the way, did you notice the Corinths' fire the grenade when you press the Secondary Fire key and not just when you're aiming. If you don't accidently fire a normal shell first because the game can't keep up with it's own mechanics.
  10. This would be the best way but if they went ahead and normalized the secondary-fire options on weapons you /can/ bind two keys per command and could have "Aim Weapon" and "Secondary Fire" bound to RMB or whatever you use. In my case I use RMB to aim and have sec-fire bound to my closest thumb button. It's nice it's kind of like the actual fire-select on real-world guns being near the trigger and operated with the thumb.
  11. Lever-action shotgun. I've bought entire games based on their inclusion of lever-action weapons and while I'm sad that basically all the current offerings in Warframe are underwhelming in either the viability, sound or feel department a high-tier lever-action shotgun that actually looks good would be drool worthy. Seriously, just double the damage of the Sybaris weapons and give them satisfying single shot instead of two BB pops. I'm already peeved I had to get the one Tennogen skin to make the newer models not look like dookie. And the Grinlock looks like a tumor with plumbing sticking out of it
  12. This request is spurred directly by the Tenent Diplos, a nearly enjoyable weapon that is marred by it's biggest "feature." Other weapons like the Quatz, Kuva Quartakk and Komorex share similar problems. These are all weapons I have enjoyed to some extent but would have vastly more fun if the use if their alt-fires were actually tied to the dedicated secondary-fire keybind. (I know the Komorex also makes use of the bind but it'd be nice to have access to it's explosive firemode without needing the scope) The description of the weapon reads "Itemize and execute with this pair of auto-lock-on, homing-projectile pistols. Shoot from-hip for a more conventional pistol experience." The auto-lock-on barely works when you want it to and when you just want to use the only good Corpus themed twin-pistols as they are you can't actually aim at a target before firing. If you lock onto a target you fire the two lock-shots and then are then stuck in the lock-on mode for a time and cannot continue firing until it's over or another target is locked. Like the "Quat" line before it, the Diplos will continue to fire in it's standard automatic mode if you aim while already firing. This is an incredibly clunky way to get precision and recoil reduction at the cost of however many bullets it takes preform this ass-backwards maneuver and thusly acquire a target. Clunk that is entirely unnecessary because we have the a keybind dedicated to doing this sort of thing. What sense does it even make? I've heard one person defend the "Quat" line by saying "Well, you'd want the burst fire more when you're aiming anyway" despite the several other weapons that function exactly as I expect. The Argonak, Stradavar, Tiberon, etc. allow you to simple change the firemode at the click of a button. These feature were even added to a certain Kuva weapon without issue, the Kuva Hind! So we have precedent for the feature not being a crutch to reign in high-end version of a weapon. Instead putting "Kuva" in front of "Quartakk" adds an automatic firemode but somehow the mechanism inside the weapon detects when you zoom your view in and forces you to use the old firemode whether you actually want to or not. Just from a physics point of view this S#&$'s daffy! Some weapons either have differing stats between the modes, like the "Quat" line or change functions entirely, like the Tenent Diplos. I'd like to be able to apply rapid fire status effects with my otherwise crit-focused brrt guns while also seeing what the hell I'm shooting at. So my final point is: Give us that last bit of control over out weapons. We can decide how they look, what elements they spit, change the rate of fire and reload speed, somehow add an integral suppressor, even to revolvers and yet I have no say if certain guns just function normally. Confusing. Arbitrary. Beyond annoying.
  13. I had an idea of how they could pull something like this off. Y'know on the Vallis they have huge structures like the Spaceport and Temple? What if we replaced nodes on a planet with structures like that and make the "planet" open world? My idea came from a theoretical open world Ceres. In this example to make things more feasible the planet itself is about as barren of extra content as the Plains at launch. You start in your orbiter and select "Exterminate" on Ceres. Then all the normal loading screen stuff happens including skippable animations of the actual touchdown on the node. You go through the mission and the tileset even seems the same, outdoor areas and all but then when you extract you just leave through one of those open areas. You can then call for extraction (either via esc menu or an in world interactions, both only open on completion) which will play the corresponding animation of you departing. The fun part is while outside you could instead pop onto a K-Drive, call down your archwing or just parkour away and the landscape opens up. It's Ceres so it's a little dingy and cramped with chemical facilities but it's freedom. Now you pop open the map and it's h u g e. How? Why? Because every node is accounted for with a reasonable distance to sell moving about at least one side of a planet like we usually see. "What about variance in tilesets?" I hear you ask, solved! Each node has multiple facilities that play the same mission type have prebuilt layouts between them but the actual tiles can vary wildly. So you play a mission and keep a mental map of it's shape, you dip and the building already looks about right, outdoor areas are in the right places and anything that'd really be random would be covered by the larger structures that could house different combinations of rooms. And out in the open world segments you can call in the Saya's Vigil animation to head back to your orbiter at your leisure... OR you could call down YOUR RAILJACK and fly it into orbit like No Man's Sky. [Warning: This last bit is wholly fantastical and likely outside of the reasonable scope even in comparison to the rest of this lunacy] But yeah, it's just an idea.
  14. I just ignore them at this point. I picked Unairu when I was an itty bitty operator and I genuinely don't care about focus to even bother leveling the stuff I do have lenses for, let alone "Make an energy bubble for free" when I can just use a Zaw or an ability that actually lets me interact with the game mechanics in some fashion. Like, I can't think of anything more useless in the long run than the Focus system.
  15. I think I wanna pop you in the nose for getting my hopes up.
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