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  1. I’m sure that it’s not only you, considering I saw a thread with people advocating to add a CD to Loki’s Invisibility. However CDs aren’t fun imo unless you have enough to rotate through to keep the pace of game play. Every frame can fire guns or swing melees. It’s their powers that distinguish them, and using powers less puts more focus on a game play loop that every frame can do.
  2. True, but even still that feels more like an argument rather than just a passive.
  3. Saryn’s Molt has status cleanse, speed boost, aggro draw, and explodes in a toxin cloud. It’s a bit over the top to give her for free just for rolling and dodging.
  4. This all seems lost in the sauce, OP. Putting a CD on Invisibility is not a rework or an update. It’s a mutilation. If Decoy had a lower base duration but was immortal it would be fine as the previous poster said. If further synergy is needed have enemies attacking the decoy take increased damage based on a fixed duration, and even further increased damage or a stun effect when effected by Radial Disarm and attacking the decoy. The reason for a fixed duration is so players need to recast Decoy to continue to get the damage increase or other additional effects. With only so m
  5. Melee doesn't strictly mean, 'ninja', the emphasis for ninjutsu is being nonconventional. Think modern day insurgents and guerrilla warfare...but that's all just the student of combat arts in me talking. However Ash is not merely a ninja, but specifically an assassin. All frames are stylized as space ninja, you know since they "play for free" and all. At any rate, don't misinterpret me about Teleport. I don't feel it requires a change. Rather it is the only skill I would directly alter if any change is to occur. In a perfect world I'd like some manner of area of effect crowd control with
  6. Everything, as I said. You’re rambling replies are visible for all to see. And no, I don’t have to list it all again. Saying “everything”, covers it. At this point I think you’re simply posting to interact with Warframe in a tangential way because you’re bored of doing it directly.
  7. I would rather play Warframe, than spend my time playing quote tag with someone who's just going to overlook and ignore everything said.
  8. Ash isn’t the most discussed frame, simply a handful of posters are obsessively trying to give his kit everything under the sun like some bloated mutli-tool. Ash is an assassin. Full stop. Not a thief. His Leverian entry makes this explicitly clear. Pilfer effects have no place on his kit. Blood is Garuda’s thing, and frankly if another blood themed kit is to be done I think it thematically makes more sense as a new frame. It seems you’re confusing the bleed part of his passive to be a power over blood, when it’s more about the damage he inflicts being more deadly. Teleport is the
  9. It’s being ‘that guy’. However bows, shuriken/kunai, and sai weren’t ninja strictly related. That’s pretty much all media fabrication as Ninja is more a specialization. A peasant could be a ninja, a samurai, lord, or monk could be one too. The things people forget is that most classes of feudal Japan were forbidden the use and even possession of swords. Then quality steel was rather scarce on the island. Leading to the use of tools often being repurposed as weaponry. To answer your question utility weapons are good with every frame. Some example are: Ferrox for grouping enemies and spread
  10. The only issue I’d see is the few weapons with MR 15 requirement, but I think that’s only like the Aklex Prime, and that new infested bow iirc. MR isn’t the be all, end all. People both over play how little and how much it really means.
  11. I wasn’t so much speculatively asserting what could happen with them, as I was restating what is already expressed currently.
  12. For the record the Tenno are mass murdering space pirates, and evil is a point of view. However, good bad or indifferent. The reasons to assist the Entrati are in short: 1) The Heart of Deimos allows Warframes to exist. Its literally what pumps Void energy to them. They are the only ones who know how it works, and most importantly how to maintain it. 2) Mother is the Daughter of the Orokin researcher who discovered the Void in the first place. She carries a shard likely infused with his essence. Which perhaps contains his knowledge, or else she has at least some of it second han
  13. This is right on the money. Rivens help keep platinum flowing into the game. They also help dampen price falling of other items. Hard to say 400 for some vaulted frame is steep when 10k Rivens exist.
  14. I think DE want Rivens as luxury items to fetch large platinum prices. The Steel Essence changes were about Kuva farming ultimately becoming disruptive to the Riven economy. I can’t help but feel Khora’s rushed LOS alterations were done for the same reason as well.
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