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  1. Then why bother saying it, why bother responding? You’re free to feel however you want, that doesn’t matter to me. I simply find it funny that you don’t understand why some elements are favored yet want to insult people for using the meta.
  2. “I don’t wanna make friends or play solo!” ”I wanna make randoms do what I want!!”
  3. The meta is about efficiency. The line of thinking is to use the statistically best method to achieve the desired outcome. That’s why people copy it. That said Viral is not the meta or best approach with everything. However people are just not inclined to swap if it isn’t needed, and for the missions most of the playerbase run, it isn’t. People gravitate toward the path of least resistance. It has been that way since I started at PS4 launch, and will be that way no matter what changes are applied to Warframe. For someone calling those who use meta sheep. OP, you completely misunderstand w
  4. There is not much stopping kids with free to play games anymore. Many are at home with internet access for remote learning, so it’s more common to run into them. Often interactions devolve into ‘gimme this, gimme that’, but that’s not behavior exclusive to children, and I have had kids just reaching out with questions as well.
  5. Lacking dedication wasn’t the issue. Anthem was rushed out, while being understaffed and mismanaged. No matter how dedicated, there are only so many obstacles said dedication can overcome. I’d say more Anthem was not giving an environment conducive to it thriving.
  6. For all it’s flaws, Anthem did have moments of fun gameplay, sadly it was rushed and never able to be fully realized.
  7. The packs have been split, at least on the US PSN with Frame, Weapons, Plat, in one and Accessories, Boosters, Plat in the other for sometime now. They haven’t been one big pack for years. BTW, the Accessories Pack is now in the store.
  8. I was going to mention that as well, but was waiting until I finished the download first because some times you can find them with in game market. However currently they do not appear in psn store even if searched for.
  9. It’s Limbo in all 3 you uploaded in this thread.
  10. My stance is nerfing melee does not erase the issues with ranged, not that melee is fine. Nice try. The point is if your results are altered by frame choice, then they are influenced by more than the sheer power of scaling mods. Not sure why you mentioned Inaros or a clear time with him, given your pix feature only Limbo. To add something related to the topic of the OP. Warframe is what you make of it, either Causal or Hardcore. It’s all a matter of perspective and play style. Myself, I tend to be a max/min sort of player and that normally lands me in the hardcore camp.
  11. The cynic in me wonders if the prices are ultimately about testing the waters for Kuva pricing.
  12. Just know poster is Limbo cheesing with rift dodge and rag dolling enemies since they can be attacked safely while in rift. The example is very case specific and cannot be done with any frame. So while in a vacuum it demonstrates the power of scaling mods such as Weeping Wounds, as well as Viral and Slash. It’s important to remember how tilted the results actually are.
  13. No. I pointed out that the power growth of weapons is not parallel and equalizing for that is troublesome. Your starting point was with an incomplete build though, and this functions well enough for what you were trying to demonstrate. However once you compare your results to a weapon with a full build you've added uncontrolled variables to one side which contaminates the accuracy of your findings. Again seems you're not after factual findings. This time revealing the previously omitted information of higher base damage and base status in your control build. Didn't think that was an imp
  14. Pretty clear you don’t want to actually address counter points, so I’m just going to ignore most of this gish gallop. I simply want to point out the hilarity of you using a full build in ‘good faith’ when just Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds were what was said. It highlights your desire to be perceived as in the ‘right’ being far greater than your want of factual correctness.
  15. My original point was nerfing melee does not make ranged better. The MK-1 Braton from your example did not become better because the Skana got weaker. While I maintain that the gap is often overstated, there does exist a gap in the output between range and melee weapons. The proverbial floor needs to be able to compete for lowing the ceiling to actually benefit the floor. Thanks for proving my point, I guess... It is honestly baffling how you can in one paragraph solely blame Weeping Wounds, then in the latter admit that it works in tandem with Viral and Slash. It's so much the forest for
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