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  1. If I don’t see a fix soon then I’m asking for a refund of the 400$ I put into it in the past two months. If no refund then I’ll sue. I have a right to do so as well.
  2. Tough luck, I've been trying to get their attention for about a week now with no replies in 3 different threads. Not even a status update on the issue being worked on.
  3. Me and my friend are having the same problem. It started after the Lavos update, was working well for the month I was playing before it.
  4. I've also been having this issue. The game freezes up while saying "Network not Responding" every 2-5 minutes, when trying to enter any relay, and at the end of completing any mission. It's manageable, but annoying to deal with, so I've just stopped playing the game until a fix is found out. The game was working very well for a month straight and only just started happening when Lavos came out. So It probably has to do with an influx of too many players for the servers to handle. I've looked into every fix from forums and advice from moderators. I've done the following: 1. Rei
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