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  1. Niya Sniper Warframe (I will add pictures drawing) Pasif Power:She becomes invisible when crouching. 1:Seeing eye:She targets enemies in her line of sight, and a target indicator appears around the heads of enemies that enter her target.Targeted enemies take more damage and deal less damage to her.This time can be increased with mods or bufs and debufs.Pre-targeted enemies can be seen from behind walls.(I haven't given an exact number here because the DE will adjust it better.) 2:Magnetic Lock:This power makes her stick to any surface and this time can be extended with mods.During this time, she gains faster attack, reload, critical chance, and damage.(I haven't given an exact number here because the DE will adjust it better.) 3:Hologram Drone: This drone can be powered and customized with mods. a:Protection: Creates a hologram armor that grants her damage reduction and stuns enemies who shoot her. b:Vigorous:Creates a hologram drone that heals herself and her teammates.This drone can automatically resurrect dead players. c:Blinding:She can fire light grenades from the hologram drone, which briefly blinds nearby enemies, making it difficult for distant enemies to aim.30% more chance to drop energy and health orbs from blinded enemies. d:Attack:With its own weapon, the drone attacks targeted opponents with the sight-seeing eye.It uses micro missiles for this, and this weapon can be customized or strengthened with mods. 4:Bringer Of Death: She starts using her special sniper weapon and automatically fires at pre-targeted enemies.While this weapon is used, it gains energy from each killed enemy and uses energy instead of bullets.She can automatically aim with the seeing eye. Augment Mods: 1:After crouching, she remains invisible for a short time. 2:The special sniper weapon creates an eight-meter-wide explosion on headshots. 3:She can move as long as it does not jump on the surfaces it is magnetically attached to. So if you are stuck to the ceiling, you can walk upside down on the ceiling.In short, this will allow you to walk on the side walls or the ceiling. Special weapons: 1-Hologram drone and wepon. 2-Bringer Of Death Sniper rifle. 3X-5x-8x Zoom.
  2. I want warframe models in PMX format from Warframe officials.I want to use them in fan made animations and will use them in my 3D videos,fan arts etc.Here one video on lov res.Converting to PMX format takes time and we violate copyrights for fan pictures or videos.That's why I want warframe models to be released so we can download them in different formats in a way that allows us to quickly make such videos for free use by fans and players.
  3. I don't like having limbo in my game. Especially in the games we enter for XP, they often cause us to waste our time. A warframe limbo that can prevent other players from having fun because of its powers. There are many players who like to play with LImbo, but they are not liked because they prevent other players from having fun. When I enter the hydron with Speed Nova, sometimes I come across limbo players and I have to exit the game. I think differently about Wukong players. I don't welcome any AFK remaining players, not only Wukong players but also wisp players for example. Many wisp players get afk after putting their flowers. Some warframes require active play due to their power, while others do not require you to play very actively. In addition, I think that the warframe powers that restrict or prevent the use of weapons by other players in the future or currently should be changed or redesigned. Warframes like Limbo have earned the hatred of other players as a result of such mistakes.
  4. When we play online games, we have a responsibility as a player to other players, even if we play with random players.I can play alone for hours on any part of the game or any difficulty level.However, whenever I play online, I help my teammates, even if I can't help them, I don't make them play in worse conditions.We can help each other with all warframes that are meta or not in the game.Although it takes time for new players to learn, old players set a bad example for new players in the game and I encounter many troll players from time to time.Some warframes are preferred for farming in such games because of their drop buffs like khora or nekros.Any player with a master rank above sixteen knows this.For this reason, players farm together at a suitable point, especially in survival games.We usually use this type of farm method in games of steel path or long-term arbitrations.Recently, there has been an increase in the number of players who go to the far end of the map and play alone, which causes us to both decrease the drops and die, which we have to constantly chase for the drops.When we remind such players about their drop or xp buffs and tell them to come to us or play as a team, they give quite opposite responses and show toxic behavior.Usually the answer is you can't tell me what to do and I play however I want. If you do not know, you cannot play as you want when you are online.Even in the game, if your actions disturb or harm other players, you will be punished.Players of this type, whose aim is to play games as they want, can play the game alone, however you want.If you are online, you must act responsibly towards other players.If you think that you are the best player in the game or that you can do everything by yourself, do it offline, but do not act like this when online. Lastly, players who enter survival games and exit after the first five games.In survival games, players usually want to play as long as possible.By exiting the game, you are wasting other players' time and you are usually added to the ignore list of experienced or old players.There are many types of games in the game that are quite short, but survival games are not short-term.This game is PVE focused and if you are harming other players' games or entertainment while online, play offline.
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