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  1. If someone using this bug you cant leave or see party window.You must do what they want or alt+f4. They can enter any mission and you dont know where you going etc.Only option is abort mison.You cant leave or see before enter mission.This effect players stats.I gat %8 quit. Just becouse of players using this bug for bad and lock you.Clear my quit stats and remove bug.I dont want this in game.No one cant force me play if ı dont want.You cant lock or force players play with you.You can check or find who or when did this just loking my game records.If one more time they do this to me=Yo
  2. I unlocked map years ago.Some newbies trying enter raaid and this happens to me always.I need close game and restart or cant enter. https://ibb.co/rkZVc0h
  3. When I entered the game today, I saw that I was missing a mod for a different build.It is a trivial weapon but I had to farm for a long time to get that mod.I looked at the price of the mod in the market and saw that it was 12 plat.Since I have 9 plat in total, I put 2 pieces of items on sale.I started playing because of two unimportant items and not expecting it to be sold immediately.While I was playing on a defense mission, I received a message and asked them to wait until my mission was finished and explained the situation to my teammates.I wrote that I will leave after the fifth mission.S
  4. Eyes Done. Mimic eye loks like this.I will work on face and body.Dont forget only eyes looks like human. https://ibb.co/9VBNv4K https://ibb.co/V2dLpBH
  5. 1-What is mimic? New warframe idea and design 2-Will it be male or famele? Famale. 3-Why does her eye looks like humans? Because it physically consists of a combination of teno and warframe. 4-Will her whole body look like humans? No.The eyes are important,therefore the most human like part of her eyes.She won't have the right hand. 5-What are her skills? A-Chance of form,Partly or whole body.(Best Solo Warframe Powers) B-Physically combining with the warframes in your team to increase their strength. C-The ability to copy the powers of yo
  6. Bright iron color, gold color, yellow, pink colors are among my favorites.I dont know much about warframe fashion.I'm making changes to look good to me.I don't use black color too much, I usually prefer light colors or white.I wonder your opinion on these pictures.I'm thinking of getting into some fashion business. https://ibb.co/XpNnjwT https://ibb.co/mhPPN8P https://ibb.co/qBjvYd3 https://ibb.co/6XrKn8J https://ibb.co/F4kXbhh https://ibb.co/QngB6Ps
  7. When we enter the game in defense missions, sometimes there is no player.It is necessary to wait for other players to join because sometimes the player does not enter.Most of the time we are two people, some players start the game.This is especially important in relic opening missions.More players mean more luck when opening Relic.Also, in many defense missions, two people have less chance of completing the mission, especially in high lvl missions.Especially speedy gamers do this.The most important thing to be aware of is that it is not very smart.I encounter this so often that I think this ty
  8. I looked at the active players playing the game from my country on platforms such as Steam and Discord.Some of them had a conversation or sharing in 2019, some in 2020.If you gather, not even 10 people.This includes platforms affiliated with DE.Is this because the players are bored or do I have some other reason?So why is there a small number of players from my country playing even though there is a lot of content and it's free?It is also a game that allows you to buy paid cosmetics or items that are not available in many games without paying money in the game.It is a game with very few toxic
  9. Yes, I like shiny warframes,bright pink and yellow colors.I don't think there is anything wrong with that.Many players make fun of my loving and use of these colors.Many players who prefer dark and black themed colors do not like my color choicesI have two reasons for choosing this type of colors. 1-I love these colors. 2-It helps us distinguish with enemies. I expect the same response from you, just as I do not interfere with and mock you in color choices.Everyone's play style and preferences do not have to be the same.We are free to make the choices we want, as long as we do n
  10. We can enter only once a day.When I just entered, they started trolling before the game started.I was playing slov nova and all the equipment I had was pretty good.Other players entered with funny and useless weapons as they say.Not because they don't have weapons or their ranks are low.Just because they want to troll and don't care about other players.Inaros, considered immortal in the game, died deliberately 3 times.Let me explain why his doing this was intentional.I played slow nova and helped my team with warcry.So the enemies did not even move.Also, everyone had at least 1500 shields.Nev
  11. We'd have played RP for months in a game like Warframe but based on pvp.All players were able to design their own games and maps with the tools they gave the game.Although it is a three-dimensional game, many two-dimensional fighting games have even been made.RP games and boss battles with teachers and students in a school were very popular.Moreover, we did not have the chance to choose our weapons and customize our characters as much as here.Since it takes a long time to make successful innovations for the game and add it to the game, why aren't players given the tools to make their own maps
  12. Radial blind or others dont works good like slience.Try it you wil understood.Banshee can survive with just slience.
  13. Fast nova doesn't have the ability to survive long.We can achieve this with some changes.What I do is to stop the enemies rushing to you as soon as they come close.I will shov it later.This build is compatible with slov Nova, so you can change it whenever you want.This is when I want to mention anyway.Slov Nova can slow down by 75% at most, which may not be enough especially at the end of the game.What if we could both slow down the enemies with a different skill, speed up ourselves and give it to our teammates?Here with the new nova warcry ability.A nova that allows us to completely stop crow
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