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  1. I have brought this up before but you're confusing players when this nightwave mission is brought up People who have never done this before assume you're referring to the missions in the kuva alert list that are classified as survival missions that only go up to 5 minutes and no further. Please replace the description "Survive 30 Minutes on Taveuni in Kuva Fortress" instead and title the achievement as "Kuva Fortress Survival" Please end this confusion.
  2. Got a new crazy thing I did today, I did a Sortie Spy Mission and not do it solo with a group of people. I was zipping around all over with Wukong Prime Cloud jumping past laser grids and getting all the data until the final and someone tripped the alarms as I was getting the last data. Succeeded too! Yay!
  3. They are the worst thing to hunt for in the Vallis. What's outrageous is I went to a trail only to have to completely back track hundreds of meters away back to where I found the droppings. WHY!? One thing I want to just add, don't have them exclusive to just perching on the giant fungi. PLEASE!!!!
  4. For me my most recent thing was I just ran in a circle for 10 minutes on survival solo. Used Nekros Prime but I did not use any weapons or attack anything during that time. I subsumed fire walker onto my frame and just had an infested bbq going until those infested moas were flinging their yellow goop all over my fun.
  5. Okay, mine does 124% crit chance 1.6 range and extra damage to infested These are on the Gram Prime the vanilla figures are about 50% more on crit chance. So rigged right the sword will be a crit demon.
  6. I got recently a Gram Riven and I'd like to know what are ideal stats for that before I start kuva rolling. I'm even cooking up myself a gram prime to compliment it.
  7. Chroma RGB Use of two different colors can grant Chroma elemental fusion effects. (use of two colors that provide the same element will grant no added bonus) This will enable Chroma to grant elemental statuses not previously available to Chroma/Prime like Radiation, Viral, Corrosive etc.
  8. I've been curious which mech is the best one personally. I've even seen Rebecca use hers fighting profit taker on twitch today.
  9. By the impressions I had gotten at first the wings were a Twitch drop but upon closer examination of the post. I'd say those wings were a gift from Ticker for Valentine's Day Event this year.
  10. I was doing a sortie today and my abilities were completely locked out by the nullifiers and one point it locked and turned off all my abilities for the remainder of the mission. It once again repeated with the second mission until I had jumped off into a pit and at which point it reset and I could use my warframe's powers again. My equipped warframe was Nekros Prime with subsumed Firewalker in place of soul punch if this helps. I changed my frame out to my Wukong Prime on the last Sortie mission and did not experience any issues with that.
  11. I see, I'll probably sell the darn thing to someone that would make better use of it than me. Its unrolled and its a rank 9
  12. I'm hearing conflicting opinions of it in the chat so I came to the forums for input.
  13. Okay, I did a riven unlocking at the plains, just re-entered Cetus, and before I went to the credits to show what dropped I went into operator mode, exited that, then my riven reveal what it is. Then I exited that and now My operator vanished and I cannot do anything with the buttons. Its an odd glitch but its one you'll appreciate me doing by accident to know that such a thing exists. So any of you that are tempted to try this out you'll end up having to exit your game and log in again.
  14. Bless you! Thank you! You solved my issue quite effectively! Though for some reason my post history is gone despite this. How bizarre...
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