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  1. The very first thought after I watch the Full 30-Minute Gameplay Demo . "WOW , warframe is awesome we all knew that , tho why ? and how ? the gameplay in this video shows way more better than the experience I had ???" And I can't stop thinking about it , so I start the game and try switch few settings to match the Gameplay Demo , like FOV , Contrast , Brightness , Anti-Aliasing cetera ... beside from 90 to 60 FOV , none of tho settings quite changes the vibe that much ... After the "change settings" attempt has failed , I try to stop doing one movement , I try to minimal the use of BULLET JUMP . Then something magical happens , levels become more beautiful because I have to watch the road to move , the room layout like a wall and explosive barrel become useful because I can't just BULLET JUMP out groups of enemy when low health , map turret become frightening because I no longer in hyper speed , knowing the weak point of Different types of AI enemy become actually matters because I can't close distance blink of eye , different scenario use different weapons or skills become important because I can't going in or out every enemy group and every scenario spamming melee button . I think it's weird that how just minimal the use of BULLET JUMP will make warframe feels more fun. Therefore I think everyone should give it a try 😃 Also , I played the spy mission on earth today , normally I sprinting and jumping through the whole map like its just something need to pass by , but now without spamming BULLET JUMP , I have time to appreciate the little details around the environment . And of course , I found something that I normally pass by and I didn't notice how cool it looks 😆 : A little opinion : I think the BULLET JUMP is hella cool , and I do like to use it too . tho it does make the game feels too fast to a point it's almost feels like a disgrace to the map designer... I think adding restriction similar to the archwing BLINK might able to make it feel a bit more balance without tweaking jump distant and fly speed .
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