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  1. I have a lich in the "Egg" family, and his name is Jirr Egg. I don't know if it's "Jeer Egg" or "Jurr Egg"
  2. Was upgrading my hound, and I applied a mod with no negative state and my shields went back down to the original
  3. I was trying to spawn a lich and for the first two times, I got enough kills to spawn a candidate, but when I was going to mercy them, I didn't see a weapon. I spawned one just now and it was the same weapon as the first sister I got.
  4. Today, I was doing an arbitration with my new nukor of kuva, and when a crowd of infested protected by the drone came at me, I missed the drone and hit one of the enemies, but it still did damage to the drone. So hitting an enemy will hurt the drone too, if its in range. Maybe you already knew this, but I didn't. I got the nukor 2 days ago. And people are saying the kuva nukor is gonna get nerfed, is that true? and if it is, what are they gonna nerf? Thank you for your time
  5. I was wondering how long people have to wait before replying on a certain post becomes a necros? Is it a month? I don’t know if there is a specific answer but I would like to know how long it takes for you to think a post is being a nekros
  6. What’s the prize for being the last post? Just realized that moderators can lock this post and win
  7. Ahh, I’m not really good with terms in the game, searched it up and now I get what you mean
  8. I like to slice through crowds of enemies like a hot knife through butter.
  9. Sorry for responding slow There are only 2 necramechs, right? I wouldn't want to make a Tier-list for only two things, so you might as well put them in the frames
  10. Changed the title so people know I'm talking about warframes, not the old worm :)
  11. You could vote for other frames, but I feel like Octavia and Saryn are the most used frames for damage over time. Here's the tier list
  12. I want to hear your guy's opinions for seeing who is the Queen of Warframe. Some might say Saryn, and others might say Octavia. Reply to which you think is better and give me a reason, so I know you're choosing because of skill and not popularity (or maybe you're choosing because of looks, or other reasons). I go with Octavia. She has infinite scaling, and can give the team buffs without augments (Like saryns spore augment). Some people think that she isn't fun to play, but she's still a good frame.
  13. Yesterday was my 200th login reward, and I picked Primed Shred, for the fire rate and punch thru. Thank you all for your opinions and perspectives when choosing a mod :)
  14. I've been posting on the forums for a while but haven't properly introduced myself. You all know my name, The.OG.iAmSenpai. I was thinking about changing it to something shorter, but before seeing the 200 plat fee, I decided not to. I don't have that type of money. I've been playing since Heart of Deimos, and I really like Warframe. Recently, I've been getting bored, but that's my own fault for playing too much. It's probably my favorite game of all time, but I bet if someone were to comment, they would say something like "enjoy it white it lasts" or "better enjoy before everything you love gets nerfed" or something like that. That's all from me, and I hope you all have a nice day :)
  15. I have a lot of relics, but not as much as players who have been playing for years, but it's a lot to me. I have 50 something of one neo and I don't really want to spend almost 2 hours worth of opening relics just to get rid of them. Could we sell them for credits or for traces? I just need to get rid of them
  16. One thing I would do is probably pick which buffs I have when playing with a Wisp, like if they set out their buffs individually instead of using that one augment or having them all in one spot. What do you guys do?
  17. I'm reaching my 200th login reward, and the rewards are Primed Fury, Primed Vigor, and Primed Shred. Which one should I get? And will I ever see these again? Like in another login reward?
  18. looking for some friends who are online most of the time :|
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