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  1. ZXVI

    Wisp augment

    This is literally what I'm asking. Why can't there be an augment that replaces the restriction of "shooting turns off invisibility" with some other restriction, so that you CAN shoot and remain invisible. The restriction I have was just an example. And wisp's invisibility cost is that she must be in midair and cannot shoot while doing it. Again, what I'm suggesting is to replace one of these "costs" with something else. As another example, since you used the example of moas that allow for long levitation, replace the "shooting in midair turns off invisibility" restriction with a "you a
  2. ZXVI

    Wisp augment

    From my noobish experience playing wisp, you don't even get a lot of time in midair even with aim glide augments, maybe enough to get in one or two headshots. I just felt that if I didn't lose invisibility whenever I shot someone, it can let me enjoy gunplay more by timing my jumps with more calmly placed headshots or something. Also, it will literally be the same combat style as what I can currently do with a glaives, and maybe even weaker because with xoris I can nuke a large area with no enemy ever realising I was there
  3. ZXVI

    Wisp augment

    Good point, but surely there can be some workaround such as a restriction which significantly increases glide gravity if you have it equipped so you literally can't stay in the air. Point is, why can't some variation of shooting in the air be an option? At least, why can't it be an augment to allow silenced weapons to do so?
  4. ZXVI

    Wisp augment

    Which is nice, glaives are fun, but playing wisp now basically means I never play with guns cause I'm always in the air, at which point shooting is literally a disadvantage sometimes
  5. ZXVI

    Wisp augment

    Well, wisp's passive turns off if you fire a primary or secondary weapon. I was wondering why there can't be an augment that will remove this handicap so that you can shoot things while in the air without losing the passive. (Even having a massive polarity requirement is fine as long as it exists imo) Sorry about being blunt, but this question is completely unrelated bto any other potential augments that one may want for wisp
  6. ZXVI

    Wisp augment

    Please inform me about how dumb I'm being. Wisp is currently my favourite frame, especially her passive invisibility. However, why can't there be an augment that allows Wisp to fire guns and maintain her passive? I don't care how high the polarity is, if such a mod existed it will be such a good qol improvement. Why couldn't it exist?
  7. right, my mistake. misremembered how the cyst thing occurred so attributed it to the same bug as the the energy issue (pause screen thing). take it as my too quick assumptions.
  8. There is a bug where pausing the game in solo mode while something is affecting your energy pool (energy siphon, parasitic eximus, etc) will cause your energy level to change even when the game itself is paused. I know many people picked up on this as there had been threads on this before, but there is something else I noticed as well. I tried to get this to work again, but so far have no success. However, once, I idled in the orbiter on my pause screen with the spore ephemera equipped, and after coming back in an hour's time, so many growths had grown at my warframe's feet that the game
  9. Lol I just teleported to Fortuna entrance/agent from whom I accepted the quest or glitch through the map
  10. Searched rescue bounty bugs and this didn't come up. In the first stage of the rescue portion of a Fortuna bounty, where you have to find four bodies before you are directed to the prisoners, it seems like interacting with the first body teleports you back to the Fortuna entrance. Happened twice already, and I play on solo, if that matters. The second time it happened, before the teleport it also clipped me through the ground and I fell through the map.
  11. Not sure if too late to reply but I noticed that if you have energy siphon or energizing dash and pause, it just fills up some or all of the energy while the rest of the game stops (e.g. pausing while jumping in midair suspends you in midair but energy still regens)
  12. Yep, really regretted it every time I tried to rush something in this game. Gonna take it real slow from here (wisp was the Warframe I wanted the most lol)
  13. Hahahaha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHA. Finally beat the boss with a mote amp and angstrum and paris when I started the mission on a whim. Best hour I ever wasted on a boss ever. Now to actually start building weapons and mods and amps to take it down properly. I want to cry
  14. Thanks a lot. Definitely shows what the boss should feel like (and now my goal to reach). While I defiantly need to upgrade my amp, I found the mote amp sufficient to whittle the shields and I just struggled as I had to use it to save ammo as my primary wasn't doing enough damage and I wasted my angstrum shots which carried me through the first stage. Well, off I go grinding before I attempt it again :')
  15. Yep, I got close to final stage but ran out of time. Currently, my plan is to sell my spare mods, run index for credits and upgrade my amp before trying again. I think I'm getting the hang of it now. Thanks for the help :)
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