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  1. I don't think it would have mattered. I started at 7:20 and didn't notice it stopped until like 7:40. Even swiping and refreshing wouldn't have left me enough time to watch for 30 consecutive minutes.
  2. What happened with last nights stream? I was watching then the feed suddenly froze. The text chat was working fine and I was already 60% to the drop so there was no chance of success by reloading twitch. Does that mean I don't get the drop through some glitch on Twitches end?
  3. Has anyone figured out a solution to the "Error Occurred. Drop was not claimed." error? The drops have been working fine except for the one from yesterday. I can't seem to claim that one.
  4. Weird. My inventory is still showing all the claimed drops from this week.
  5. The real puzzle was the friends we made along the way
  6. "Programmed Random Occurrence." The other poster is correct through, in WF it's used to reference a status effect getting triggered. WTF this thread is from 2013? I've been duped!
  7. 1.) Just keep in mind your price target and wiggle room. 2.) Im not sure I understand this question 3.) Depends if you're buying or selling but in general it doesn't really matter. See #7 below. 4.) You're talking about Maroos Bazaar? imo, its a waste of time to trade there. See #7 below. 5.) The longest part of trading should be loading into/out of the dojo. This is why people trade of WF marketplace. Set the price, let the buyer come to you and execute the trade with the already agreed upon terms quickly. 6.) Set prices where you want them based on how quickly you
  8. There's often an hours long delay between triggering a drop and delivery.
  9. Well that was easy enough. Stream 1 of the new system worked just fine on my end.
  10. Makes sense considering there has not been a stream yet after the transition to 2.0.
  11. Which is exactly why satellite internet isn't great for gaming even though it's bandwidth might be comparable to landlines. But if it's all you have, run with it. I'm old enough to remember gaming on a 56k dialup modem with everyone running latency in the 500 range.
  12. Read the thread. As of 2/21 the old system stops working. Two options exist, adopt the new system or stop getting drops. It's still essentially automatic too btw, you do not need to manually trigger the claim during a stream. It will automatically go to your twitch inventory after 30 consecutive minutes at which point you can claim it at your leisure.
  13. Works on all platforms. It doesn't matter if Switch gameplay is steaming and you're on PC. So long as you're tuned into the stream and your WF+Twitch accounts are linked, you get the drop. You won't need to watch PS4 specific streams to claim rewards on your PS4 account.
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