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  1. 2 minutes ago, Katinka said:

    It refreshes at 0:00 GMT each day, so about in 1 hour 15 minutes at time of writing.  When you increase Mastery Rank the next day's allowance will increase by 750 (I think, used to be 1000 but I think they recently changed the starting value to be higher in exchange for less per rank up).

    Oohh that makes sense, thank you! This really helps a lot.  

  2. 11 minutes ago, Tyranq said:

    The Daily Standing displayed on your Orbiter shows how more Standing you can get, not the Daily Limit itself. Also Synidates are unlocked at Master Rank 3, but that's not important right now. :>

    If you want to see your Daily Limit you can go to Esc-Profile-Show Profile-Syndicates. You will see a little bars above each Syndicate with a numbers

    Standing to get/Daily Limit

    Oh ok thank you for correcting me. So I can't earn any more standing because it says zero. Does it ever go back up? Because I started with zero so am guessing there is like a daily refresh.

  3. Hello fellow tenno, to give you a little back story, I joined Steel Meridian and I reached rank 5 and it was great. So I decided I wanted to star working on another syndicate. I saw that Red Veil already had standing but I decided to go with Arbiters of Hexis. I put on there sigil and went on missions to build up standing, but the strangest thing happen, I wasn't earning any standing. My daily standing says zero and I don't know how to increase it. Can I only join one syndicate at a time? Or do I have to join the syndicate that is allied with my first syndicate. Thank you for your time and helping a feller noob.   

  4. 2 minutes ago, (PSN)Jacobivan said:

    If you enjoy the gameplay with Equinox, sure. She has nice nuking potential in day form, while night form is ok cc. No durability late game, though. Adding first Forma, in addition to polarizing a slot, lets you pick second energy color for prettier abilities:-)

    Oh alright good to know, I also have Wukong prime, but I haven't built him yet because I don't have a warframe slot lol. I don't plan on building him any time soon. Thanks again, I really appreciate the help.

  5. 6 minutes ago, (PSN)Jacobivan said:

    Ammount of affinity required to max any item to rank 30 is always the same, regardless of number of forma invested. But maxing items for MR counts only first time, formas don't give any more. They are essentially the way to fit some more mods into your build. 

    My advice is, build a forma every day. Use none of them for now, unless you are absolutely sure the weapon/frame will last you till late game. (first check if it has better (prime, vandal, wraith, prisma) version. Investing in vanilla items is a waste most of the time. Don't invest in Excalibur! (minor spoiler;-)) With potatoes it's essentially the same. Use on best version that you will keep. 

    Glhf Tenno. 

    Thank you for your help, I gotten my first prime warframe Equinox about 4 days ago and I wasn't sure if I should invest forma and a potato in it. 

  6. Hello, to give you some back story, I recently gotten a ton of forma blue prints, and when you use one it restarts the  mastery level for the weapon/warframe. So my question is, is it harder to get my weapon/warframe back to rank 30, does it need much more affinity? Also I gotten a potato and I don't have a clue if I should spend it something, and if yes, what, or save it. Thank you for your time and helping a fellow noob. 

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