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  1. we already have drone extractors for that kind of mechanic.
  2. well... we have a cave that lead us to a giant spider robot boss fight. does that count?
  3. Nekros tank build. Adaptation, shield of shadow, despoil, rest is up to you, but preferably focus on STR. Duration is quite nice so your zombies could last longer but don't overdo it. Keep casting 4 when u have 100 energy. Can't say much about weapon. I usually go with my favorite weapon modded with gas proc and another with viral.
  4. people exaggerate, claiming saryn is a goddess or whatever. She's still the best AoE DPS / killer tho since she can deal scaling damage and doesn't care about obstacle.
  5. I think the main problem here is that the reward can't be doubled with resource booster. According to my personal experience of playing it solo, it yield less than the survival mission with booster. But if I didn't use booster on both modes, it actually yields almost the same amount (disruption being less). For 55-60 minutes solo survival mission, I can get around 14-15k kuva with booster. Half of the amount without the booster so 7 to 7.5k For the same amount of time at disruption, I get 5500 from enemy drop and 4200 ish from the reward so the total is 9700. without booster it's around 6950, very close to that 7k. I think it's nice to have the game mode to cater towards more coordinated groups. Of course, being more coordinated should reward more, but really. That difference when I'm using booster or not is quite massive and mostly I'm on booster when I'm farming kuva. I wish DE can give more from the drops and less from the reward table so booster can give more impact.
  6. My guess, in addition what the other already said above me, is it's like a good courtesy or manner? They want to speak with us, us the operator and want to talk face to face, not hiding behind the frames. Having a warframe there is like having a representative there. Though it might be acceptable on some occasions, some other people, especially those that knows the truth about the Tenno, would prefer to face the operator directly. Just a thought.
  7. Personally, I'm also worried about Empyrian. If Empyrian is all that dev stream shows, then it look like there really isn't much of it. So what do we know? A ship that's build from dojo which can be boarded with your squad. Which is customizable btw Crew system which is maybe nice? I think we have to grind something to acquire and improve those Crrews? Some unique mission tied to the ship, like the one we saw on tenno con 2018 (but not the kuva leeches. AFAIK it doesn't come with Empyrian right?) New "mod" system for the ship. Kay, so it really depends on what mission does it brings. How many mode? How interesting / fun its going to be? What's the reward? Is there something worth grinding for in the Empyrian update that make players sink a lot of time there? Is there something for "Veteran" player that want challenging mission? What about the rewards for said Veteran? Tbh, I don't think I care a lot about the modding system of the ship. I'll still farm it for sure, but only to a point where my ship won't be any hindrance, so I can focus more on my warframe combat. Which then makes me worried, if this content put waaaaaaaay too many focus on the railjack, I'm afraid it will be like arch-wing. A mission which the reward can only be useful on that particular game mode and useless in any other game mode.
  8. Problem is, there is only 1 content in warframe that requires extensive operator use, which is Eidolon. And even there, the Umbra trait won't help player in that game mode. No we don't. I don't mind sideways progression like new weapons and warframe, but having this umbra echo in a loot table? I would rather have relics or kuva tbh,
  9. Sigh, If this is what they mean with 'better rewards' for disruption, I'm really disappointed.
  10. *gathering pitchfork from the fields *handing it to other tenno "His house is right there. It's time to end his blasphemy" On serious note, as much as how fun it sounds like, (I imagine it to be multiple stage fight where we first fight him on the surface, then he escape to the underground where we have to chase him), sharkwing system isn't fun in warframe. Unless of course, the overhaul they are about to do in Empyrian is a success.
  11. Any news about the third orb fight? Last time we've heard about it, Scott said he wants to combine the bounty aspect PT and the cinematic and heroism aspect for Exploiter. Is it gonna be significantly harder than exploiter (because I hope it does!) And of course, will it be shipped at 2019 or 2020 or even later than 2020?
  12. "Few can stand against alone". Somehow those words gives me hint that the boss will be easy. Hope I'm wrong.
  13. Heya my fellow space ninjas and folks at DE. A little background for those who isn't keeping up with the news. Recently, DE had devstream 126, and at it's end, there was a discussion of potential Itzal nerf because according to Scott, it's game breaking and limiting choice. I'm here to give you guys some of my thoughts about it and it's basically: No. I don't think nerfing Itzal is a good idea as I think the problem isn't lie on the itzal itself. Kay, I'll break it down bellow, but first, let's put Scott's perspective first. This is his reasoning behind the nerf idea and his quote: "The problem is like 'coptering' back in the day, it was limited to very limited piece of gear that added that ability. So basically we are telling players that if you want speed you must take this archwing and I think that's game breaking and I think that removes the choice of the game". I actually agree with Scott's thought on 'coptering'. 'Coptering' does limit the player with a single melee weapon should they want speed. This results if the player wanted speed, then they have to give up other melee choices and missing out the 'melee gameplay experience'. Melee should be use as a combat tool, not a booster tool to move fast. Ergo, nerfing copter, along with giving something else as a replacement (was it bullet jump? I forgot and I was on and off at that period) is a good choice and it enhance the 'melee gameplay experience'. Itzal nerf on the other hand will simply take the speed away from players without enhancing any other experience. Archwing, in the context of open world, is just a tool to speed up our movement from one place to another. That's it. I will explained this later down below. Now there are some other Tennos here in the forum that said "But, by nerfing Itzal, other options are then opened up right? So Scott achieve his "more option" target right?" Okay now. Let's take a look at these 'options' shall we? Itzal VS K-Drive K-Drive is the thing that made we have this conversation in the first place anyway, so lets talk about it. My point of view is, (and I believe a lot of people can agree with this), even after itzal has been nerfed, it won't make K-Drive take it's place as a mean of transportation. K-Drive is waaaaay underperform in terms of transportation and there are a lot of options that can outperform that board. Okay, lets say Itzal does get nerf. What then? You guys gonna nerf other options until K-Drive viable and make our open world experience way waaaaay slower? No, right? What K-Drive need is actually content that can utilize their kit. Let's see what they have. They can 'parkour'-ish with their air roll, copter or whatever that is, and it can also grind. Why don't we use these? Maybe after doing some flips, the K-Drive will then boost. Or maybe there's an underground railway that if we grind in it, it'll boost out K-Drive speed by an enormous amount (like booster in racing games like Crash Team Racing, if you guys play that game). Don't nerf the thing that performed better than K-Drive, but instead buff the damn hover board! Utilize it's kit and uniqueness! Itzal vs 'Other Options' There are actually quite a few 'other options'. Let's take a look at them one by one Warframes that has a great mobility (Nova and her worm hole and Zephyr with her dash): The problem with this option is that, this is actually really against Scott's perspective. Remember what he said about 'coptering'? Yeah. If we want speed, then we are limited to a very specific gear, in this case, these 2 warframes. The main problem is, our judgement when we chose warframe should be based on their kit, not by their ability to traverse the world. How does this warframe perform against the mission and the challenges in the bounties? Should I take frost so I have easier time when I have to defend the objective? Or should I chose Loki to tackle down the spy missions? Those kinds of questions are the ones that we should ask. It shouldn't just "Imma just grab this frame so I can go fast between mission". Void Dash: Okay, but kinda what's the point? Does Itzal "kills" void dash? No! Void dash is not primarily for mobility. Mainly it's used to restore energy (zenurik ftw) or any other combat related usage like strip armor by using unairu or magus lockdown. It is not meant for transportation! So, Itzal's crazy speed has no correlation with void dash at all. In a nutshell, it's either even hurt our options even further by 'forcing' us to use a certain frame in the name of speed, or it is something that has no correlation with transportation at all. I feel like these options are more like an 'artificial' options anyway. A gimmick that the players found so they can travel faster. Itzal vs Other Archwing Now this is the the closest argument with the one that Scott has. Because we want speed, we basically ignore any other archwing, which in theory is bad. But, like I said above, does it even matter? Open world area don't have any archwing related mission, the missions are more suitable to be handled by warframes, the enemies keep trying to take us down, and heck, even in trailers, devstream or any other DE's showcase, never even once they showed us playing the open world content by utilizing archwing kit. It's simply not advertised nor meant to be used as a combat tool in the open world area. It is, however meant for transportation purpose. And which one is the best option? Itzal!! Heck, even if DE does nerf Itzal's first ability, we probably would still chose itzal over any other archwing because it is the fastest archwing. However, if there is some kind of content that require us using archwing's kit, then maybe the nerf can be justified. But!! If there is a content like that, players will switch Itzal to another archwing that can do the mission better anyway, so the nerf probably wont even be needed. Basically, DE, from my point of view, nerfing Itzal will simply take away our speed and the down time that the player experience by traveling from one bounty stage to another, or from one mining spot to another is increased, making the overall gameplay experience in open world area slower, while not making any other gameplay experience stands out. What you are lacking is actually the content. A content that's related with traversing the open world. Scott said it's terrible to just have one option to traverse the world. Then instead of take away the fastest, add other way to traverse the world that has the same or similar speed to that. (Make it fun while at it). Other than the underground railway that I mentioned, maybe by capturing corpus's base on Vallis, we can actually fast travel between them? That would be dope. Maybe Steve is right. There's simply no content in between bounty stages so we just want to get there as fast as we can and it is not game breaking at all. Tbh, if Itzal make us skip a content that we should do then, yes it is game breaking. But there simply isn't any content so.... what does it break? On another note, tbh this nerf is actually doesn't impact me much. For a long time, before I had Itzal, I can live in the open world area by using void dash and Odonata just fine. But, I just find DE don't have any REAL reason to nerf Itzal. It feels like Scott just see the Itzal can do that and go like "I must drop nerf hammer on this thing!!" and it appears this post was moved to another existing one. Sigh... Okay then, just wish DE still get my points
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