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  1. kingvaldemir

    Anybody actually enjoy the Gift of Lotus Alert?

    I don't mind about the rewards and found it quite nice actually. I see it as an opportunity to unvault some valuable stuffs, giving chance for newbies to have their hands on one of the best prime frame. My main problem is that the mission is a single 30 minutes survival. Such a let down IMO. Kinda wish they make it at least like the last tactical alert, a series of endless missions with bunch of hyena in it.
  2. kingvaldemir

    Arbitration Rewards "Not available due to inactivity"

    I think that's the point of arbitration, I think. You really have to be careful the whole mission or it will screw you up. Though if its survival, if you died at like 9 ish minutes, I think you still can get the rewards. Usually 2 waves of defense takes way longer than that and that's where the afk detector kicked in
  3. kingvaldemir

    Arbitration Rewards "Not available due to inactivity"

    You don't get ALL of the reward or JUST the next tier reward? If all, then that's a problem. you deserve the 1st and 2nd If JUST, then yes, you should NOT get the 3rd reward because you are unable to survive to earned it
  4. kingvaldemir

    Having an arsenal room on the ship

    I imagined it more like this ^but bigger With that said, this is something that I won't expect though as it adds little or even will make things more inconvenient. Right now, arsenal can be easily access by going straight downstairs from the landing craft. Having a separate room just for it kinda makes it more tedious. But, for fun and fantasy wise, one can dream 🙂
  5. kingvaldemir

    Nekros as Main

    personally, I dont use it. It's either adaptation or health conversion. My build is really tight and I cant fit those 2 in. But yeah, it is worth mentioning. It's synergy with Despoil is really good. Equilibrium is also nice. Good synergy with despoil. As long as you kill enemies, you will always get some energy. Oh in addition, if you have access to it, use arcane guardian and or arcane grace.
  6. kingvaldemir

    Nekros as Main

    -his 4th augment mods for damage reduction, combined with power strength mods (umbral intensifies, transient fortitude) -Adaptation -Despoil (Doesn't really making u tankier, but it will save you alot of energy, so you can re cast your 4) -Vitality of course. Umbral version is preferred Thats it I suppose? you cn also use duration mods , so your zombie army can stay longer
  7. kingvaldemir

    Chat banned for insulting a bot.

    What insult did he say though? He said 3 things, the first 2 is okay, and idk the 3rd.
  8. kingvaldemir

    Vigorous swap, synth set and melee 3.0 insta switching

    well, can still be useful if you switch between primary and secondary.
  9. kingvaldemir

    Revenant surprised me

    3rd ability is used to kill high level enemy. Just enthrall the target and go pass through it 2 -3 times and it'll dead, depending on the build of course. I feel like he's a bit under rated. Sure he is not OP because his skills require to synergize with each other which take quite some time, but it's okay. Since his release, DE made some okay-ish frame that has fun mechanic that's useful if the players can use it, but not overly powerful. 7.5/10 from me.
  10. kingvaldemir

    So when do we get to fight the other orb mother?

    i think the 2nd one is either Q1 or Q2 of 2019. They said it in devstream #122
  11. kingvaldemir

    Should I be patient for formas or buy/rush it?

    i do, but not always. I bought 3 forma bundles if i have a 'project' like 'make this weapon/warframe good' or 'i want to level my mastery rank so i need to build bunch of weapons that require formas' or perhaps both. Depends on you tbh, if you want those stuffs quick and you have plat to spare, then go for it. If you only require a single forma, and or you don't have plat to spare, just wait for it.
  12. kingvaldemir

    Melee 2.99999997 Quick Switch Question

    Yeah, probably all melee buttons will be set to default. I'm having the same setup as you are as it is waaaay more comfortable than pressing E for melee. I'm worried we can't do it anymore once they dropped melee 3.0.
  13. kingvaldemir

    Kindly reminder that host migration does NOT work.

    it is a problem because most or maybe all in extreme case wants to be host. Being a host means no lag so if there's a button to switch it on, everyone will flip it. At first, there won't be matchmaking (because everybody wants to be host). Yes, some people might need squads and they will have to resort to turn off that host thingy and join a public squad, but then, he also might have a host migration issue and then things go back to square one. IMO this connectivity problems can't be solved with a button that makes you a host. Yes, that might be a solution for YOU, but it's not healthy in general. The only way to solve connectivity issue as a whole is making a dedicated server, again IMO at least.
  14. kingvaldemir

    Rewards for end game.

    Existing or what i'd like to see? If existing, probably sortie, kuva flood, arbitration, and Eidolon. Although those three are not the endgame that I want, but at least those three are somewhat endgame. If there are a true endgame mission, then I would say, primed mods, rivens, and weapons. The weapons don't have to be incredibly OP, but something that can match our prime weapon is nice. Maybe DE can put some kuva in there too.
  15. 2nd Part: Mission Idea Okay, I have pointed out the flaw on our current endgame mission, here is my own idea or what I'd like to see on a endgame mission. 1. Thematic Lore and Gameplay Like I said, it would be nice if the missions have some lores tied to it. It doesn't have to be a main story, but something that simply tells more of what we already know is also nice like syndicates for example. Additionally, DE can also make the game play based on the theme of the story. Here are some example. a. Desolation of The Grove The earth's forest that New Loka tries to nurture are burned down by the grineer. Amaryn, the leader of New Loka asked us to help her on this matter. She also told us that some of her member were butchered by the grineer and some successfully escaped only to be trapped by the fire. Your mission is to save these New Loka members and put an end to the grineer's operation. b. Alad V's Factory I imagine it like heist from the first ant man's movie. Basically, the premise is the same like the premise in the current Alad V's assassination mission. Alad V conduct a research on warframe and producing the ultimate weapon that can be problematic for the tenno should it become mass produced. Arbiter of Hexis sees Alad V's research as a blasphemy and wants us to destroy the factory and research along with the abomination and it's creator along with it. I have an idea of how the mission goes and I'll put it in diversity section. c. Steel Meridian's attempt to liberate defectors from Ruk/Kela So far, we only know Meridian's objective because we are told so. This mission can show the players Steel Meridian's real attempt on saving the defector. The premise of this mission could be very straight-forward, Cressa Tal , the leader of Meridian asked Tenno's help to liberate some defector from the Ruk's grasp. Unfortunately, infiltrating and getting out from ruk's base is never easy, especially with additional defectors that we have to escort. The tenno did their best, but eventually they can't save them all. This can also be use as a chance to show how ruthless grineer are to the defectors and how powerful they are. Tbh, I imagined the player kinda fail (story-wise) on this mission, because of how hard it is to be penetrate grineer's defenses and bring people alive out there. By making us fail (again, story-wise), it can enhance grineer's power in the system and truly show how threatening they are. d. Suda's data gathering in the orokin tower but interupted by the red veil The mission can explain more about suda's hunger for knowledge. Here, we can see what kind of.... err not human, but what kind of cephalon suda really is. The means she used to gather those data, or even if those data are safe if we extracted it. The enemies are of course void faction, but red veil can be mixed in it as well. While suda wants to preserve orokin's knowledge, veil wants to destroy it because of how dangerous it is. Heck, it can be way cooler if we can chose which side we are on and the mission will change accordingly. Last but not least: e. Unum's Vision (The New War aftermath) This one is about the fall of Cetus's gate and the raid on Unum's tower. There are 2 version of this actually. One, the sentient worked alone and using a disguised sentient mimic to infiltrate cetus and the quills, and destroys the gate thus making the sentient invade the tower (kinda like how sparta invade troy). The second one, the sentient work together with grineer and their combined forces successfully destroyed the Cetus's gate. The quills personally asked our help to repel the attack and save the unum. Tbh, I haven't though much about this one but I really hope that if this mission will ever exist, I would like to see we can finally enter the unum tower and see the truth about unum and the quills there. Might also discover new things about tenno as well! 2. Promoting Warframe Diversity by Using Diverse Mission Objective One of the problem in some warframe's mission is it doesn't encourage player diversity. Some mission's objective are way to specific, making only some type of warframe made it into the mission. Profit Taker Orb boss fight is the sinner here as there's only one warframe type that viable to use there, which is tank. By making the mission has more sub-missions in it or have more objective, players will have to diverse their squad to counter the different challenge the mission offers. Maybe exterminate mission followed by rescue. Or maybe there's a spy mission in it or maybe a defense mission. Kinda like how bounty is a series of different mission, this 'endgame' mission can also be a series of different mission, but maybe add a little bit of twist here and there. I have some example from the thematic mission I mentioned in the previous section a. Desolation of The Grove b. Alad V's Factory Like I said, I imagined it like ant man's heist on the pimp tech. Of course, the examples I made might not be perfect, but you can picture how it goes. DE can also put a little twist here and there or maybe the community have some better ideas for it. 3. Challenge Oh boy, this one is quite controversial. Everyone has different ideas of how challenge should look like and satisfying everyone is simply impossible. That being said, I will keep going by using my own version of challenge. Please let me know what you think bellow and tell us what do you think a challenge should look like. Anyway, I will break it into some sub point: a. Level: At what level the enemies start become challenging? Personally, I think the game starting to become more challenging at 50 minutes mark of kuva survival and around 20 minutes of toroid farming with bounty 5 level and 5 alerts. So i guess around level 100 for normal enemies and 120 for the eximus i guess? The number can be pumped up a bit though at around 150. Thing is, level doesn't really dictate difficulty as some veterans can already go way beyond that (at around 200-300). Therefore, making the enemy level high won't be enough to make the game challenging, so DE have to add something else b. Boss fight: How to make a challenging boss fight? Boss fight will focus more on the combat aspect of the game, thus it should challenge player's movement, timing, and of course, arsenal. There are some good example that is already in the game, which are: Lephantis: Lephantis has good telegraphed attack and it requires players timing to dodge it. I'm talking about the grineer part of lephantis that swing it's giant schyte to players. Fail to dodge it, player will receive a huge chunk of damage and get knocked down. Players can't also simply ignore the grineer head as if they don't face it, players will found a hard time attacking it's head Tyl Regor and Khela: What I like from both bosses is that they really agile, making it hard for player to shoot them. Of course, this problem can easily solved with mesa's cheat like 4th ability, but other than that, they have a pretty good movement and attacks. So, what I'd like to see from a boss fight? -Good movement from the boss so it is hard for us to attack them. It don't have to be super crazy but one that match our movement is fine. -Telegraphed attacks that requires player's attention and responsiveness. A good example here is at Ambulas's boss fight where he did that spinning laser attack and the laser shot from the capital. We know it's there, we know it's coming to us, and we can dodge it using our movement. -The boss is not immune to our skill: I know, i just said mesa 4th ability can ruin the boss fight experience, but there are some warframe abilities that I wish can be used against him. No, it's not CC because CC can also potentially ruin the experience by eliminating the thread completely. What I'd like to see are some damaging abilities like maybe ash's blade storm, ember's 1 and 4, debuff's like nezha's chakram debuff, banshee's sonar thingy, and mag's magnetize. This will also strengthened the diversity in the squad (hopefully). I do recognize that some of player's ability can cheese it, but I have some idea how to control it and I will discuss it down bellow. -Additional challenge: While the boss poses some thread, the fight can be more challenging if there are more twist into it. This can take form as mobs that keeps coming and have to be handled by the players. Environmental hazard like maybe the ground will heated up and we have to hang on the walls for a brief seconds, or maybe an electric damage like the one on kuva defense mission or well, magnetic proc. Secondary objective can also be added into the boss fight. Maybe something like we have to hack a console to keep the boss's shield down, or maybe there's a VIP npc that we have to protect while we are fighting the boss or something else. c. Balancing warframe's abilities by making a 'condition' and or special units. One of the main problem why it is so hard to make a fair challenging mission is because the player them selves are not fair. The powers that the players have can completely eliminate the mission's challenge by using hard CC or mass aoe that can be executed with a press of a button. The other side of this is that making something that completely nullifies player's ability also doesn't feel good because it make the player feels useless and they can't engage. So what's the solution? Well, there are some ideas I came up with: -Energy Reduction Condition: This work exactly the same as the one in the sorties. Energy is the fuel that make players able to use their abilities. Limiting their maximum energy and source can keep their power in check as they can no longer spam it. This condition doesn't necessarily cut the player off entirely, but severely limit them. Players can still use their ability. -Duration Reduction Condition: This is basically to limit player's CC powers. Like I said, CC can eliminate the game's challenge, but it is actually fine if it was only for a brief moment. Problem is, some CC last for a very long time. Nova's molecular prime for example, could last for 30 seconds and that is without any mod. Not only slowing them that is practically almost like stun them, but it also double the damage the player deals. 30 seconds for that crazy ability is way too long. Players don't even need 10 seconds to kill all of the target. Heck, some can even kill it in 5 seconds. Skills like that should be the 'oh yeah' moment that gives a brief window for player to breathe, instead of completely crippling the game mode. Additionally, it also works for players crazy buffs that makes them almost immortal or give them godlike damage. -Cooldowns: Putting cooldowns also another way to limit player's ability without entirely removing it. It can work exactly like ESO or put all 4th ability to cooldown after being used. Skill 1 2 3 won't directly put into cooldowns, but if players spam it, it can be putted into cooldown. -Special enemy unit: Lol, tbh I now understand why DE made nully bubble and arbitration drones. Players are way too powerful that they need to make a unit to protect their allies from player's ability. That is actually quite reasonable thinking, but the problem with nullifier is that it completely negates players ability, thus making the player feels useless. Therefore, I made another special unit version, which is a status healer. What this unit does is periodically emits a pulse that heals and remove status effect of it's ally in the area. They are not taking out player's ability, as they still can use it, but they also keep player's ability in check, so quite balance (I think). Okay, to sum it up, I'll put a TLDR here Make a mission that has a narrative story in it: The main objective here is to explain the warframe universe, the characters in it, and making the enemies that we have fight so far more threatening. This can also be a useful tool to show the lies or the flaws on each of the characters vision or way of thinking. Promote warframe class diversity by making a diverse objective: Having more diverse objective in a mission can make the players brought different tools, thus promoting diversity. Make the boss fight challenging and interesting: Give it fluid movement, telegraphed attack that players can respond, and don't make the boss immune to player's skill. Spice it up with additional challenge or objective. Keep player's power in check by making a condition(s) and special unit as tools for enemies to counter our abilities. Aaaand that pretty much it. I won't talk about rewards because its another controversial topic and I don't want the topic to dilute into that area. Thank you for anyone that has read this post until the end and I'm sorry if it is too long. If you have anything else to add, please let me know by putting your thoughts in the comment section down below. Thank you and have a good day Tenno!