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  1. you can do this now by rolling or using melee (auto block)
  2. I think it's a bug. Now that you know it's a bug, you 3 options: 1. Do nothing about it and pretend it never happen 2. Be a good lad and report it 3. Exploit it with a chance of being banned by DE (Not recommended) Personally I'll do the first one lol.
  3. Did they buffed the grenades? I never found any problem with these until very recently, I got what I thought was 'random death', but after closer inspection, I think I died from these grenades. Never had this sort of problem before. I don't mind if they buff the grenades, but it felt like it came out of nowhere. There are some audio feedback, yes, but it was very quick and usually, by the time I dodged, it was already too late. Need more visual feedback I suppose. But seriously, did they buffed it, or is this a bug that came with recent patches?
  4. afaik, if you turned on color correction, your screen will 'flicker' and theres also a sound feedback when you channel. Would be nice if our weapon glows brighter with our chosen energy color when it channels.
  5. Hi there, DE After the recent change (The Jovian Choncord and its hotfixes), the grineer galeon tileset are now filled with this bright yellow colors as you can see in these pictures: everything looks too yellow (it hurts my eyes!!) even my white nyx looks yellow in this one... Isn't the door suppose to be green? Here the color yellow wash in to the door's color I thought turning off color correction could fix it (like how it fixes the blue color on corpus tileset), but it appears that work around failed for this case. Please fix DE. It feels like I'm always on Loki's invincibility and it really hurts my eyes. Thank you for your attention.
  6. I use mag and lanka combo. Do note that mag's magnetize (as long as it's not dispelled by the demolyst) multiply not just ur damage, but ur teammate as well. My best scenario is mag, rhino, and nova on the same team. usually taking down the demolyst wouldn;t be a problem until like 60 minutes on the endurance event run. (I think it's easier on normal node because of the lower level).
  7. Heya DE. Here to give the feedbacks for the boss fight: For a Starchart boss fight, it is very good. Comparing to all other starchart bosses, this is a major upgrade from other star charts boss fight. I'll elaborate in points bellow: The mechanics are fun. It's not just be there and just shoot or spam skills. Player has to do other stuffs. The boss fights back. Comparing to exploiter orb boss fight, the Flydolon pose some threat. It has some deadly attack, but the players know it's coming and can react by dodging it, which is nice. Again, the cinematic are nice, but tbh, I kinda have a mix feeling about this. More on this below. Inclusion of lore is also nice. For some weird reason, I also find the boss's ability to disable operator very nice inclusion. There are some parkour aspect in the fight and it can be easily cheesed with operators. Glad they found a way to disable it. In a nutshell, the flydolon has unique and fun mechanics that sets a new standard for starchart boss fight. As a bonus point, it has the good points of exploiter orb fight, but better because it's way more challenging. That being said, from my point of view (maybe you can call it 'veteran' point of view), its disappointing. Again, elaborate below, along with the things I don't like There's no need to group up for this fight because it's relatively easy. The boss can only target a person at a time with it's shot. It does has some missile, but most of the time it won't hit the players. And even if it does hit the player, it barely damages the player. The boss doesn't change behavior every time we 'fried' it. I feel like the boss can have more dynamic in it if it has different behavior or different and deadlier attacks every time we damages it to the generator. It's 'grab' move is very awkward. I mean, I don't mind it can grab me, and I even finds it unique and fresh as it is something that I've never seen before in warframe. But, it feels very... Out of place. It comes out of nowhere, idk what triggers it, I don't think I can dodge it or react to it when I get caught. And after the boss caught me, it just... hold me? Kinda wish it slams me over and over to the floor, or throws me or something. But nope, just grab me to release me a few seconds later. The small arena kinda limit the design. I understand that the boss fights has some parkour element in it, but it does limit what can be included to the fight. Because of the small arena, the boss can't have big AoE attacks, enemies can't spawn too much because it will clutter the little space that's available. Larger space would be nice, and if DE still want to keep the parkour aspect, instead of horizontal space, maybe make a vertical space, utilizing wall latch mechanic. Overall the boss fight is a major upgrade from a star chart boss and it can set a new standard for other star chart boss fight. But it's definitely not the endgame boss fight that the veterans wants so much. I hope one day, DE will make a boss fight that keeps the fun from exploiter and flydolon, but have more difficulty that suited for endgame players. PS: Yes, I didnt tell how to make an endgame boss that suidet for endgame players, cause I dont think this is the right thread to write about it.
  8. "Few can stand against alone". Somehow those words gives me hint that the boss will be easy. Hope I'm wrong.
  9. Can vouch for this. My cat missing it's eye!! Help!!
  10. hmm, I think it's from one of skill up's video. The one that talked about switch's launch, I think DE did say something about trying to make it offline. But it's a long shot because Steve (or Rebecca) said that the game still need to update the player status like loots, exps, or stuffs like that. One of the reason that the 'always online' is a thing is to prevent cheating. Anyway here's the video On topic, first thing first, I don't think warframe is going to close anytime soon soo we are quite safe from this "fraud" that Ross (from the video you linked) talked about. That being said, that video is very interesting topic and I agree on the most parts, especially on the preservation and ownership aspect. To answer your question, no, we don't know. The best thing we got about that matter is the video that I linked. There are at least an intent (not sure about attempt) to make warframe offline from DE's part. From experience of watching their streams and reading their tweets, I think if all goes downhill, they probably will let player have the offline version of Warframe if the services shuts down. This completely my assumptions so there are no concrete facts here, but DE, or at least Steve looks like really loves Warframe. It's a product of his creativity and if all goes wrong, at the very least and if the community wants it, he would at least let the player have the offline version of warframe. Another point is that since warframe is peer to peer game, I think it's easier for the developers to make the offline version of warframe. So, although all of this are based on assumptions and not being backed up with any DE's official statement, I'm quite sure that Warframe will have the offline version if the service stops. And hey, if I'm wrong about DE, we should voice this out!
  11. is this from star wars 2? On topic, I like the changes (more on the visual aspect of it though). Regarding the enemies, I think the spawn is normal and I'd be delighted if there are more spawns. The thumpers could be annoying tho, if you don't want to fight it. The only thing that bothers me from PoE remaster is that sometimes the grineer ships got stuck in the trees, hindering the bounty mission.
  12. agree. I really don't like they use host migration issue as an excuse. Not saying it's not an issue in arbitration, but if they really want to combat host migration, there are other things they can do about it. (Something like... you know... DEDICATED SERVER?! but yeah this is not the topic for that). Good call. I like the 150% rotation time. It does feels incredibly slow, especially in defense mission. They probably don't have to change the time in interception and excavation, those two are already fast enough. But changes in other modes are necessary, such as survival, defense, defection. Would love to see this as well. Problem is, imagine if the boss is like the wolf, which is tanky and take some time to kill. Don't you think it might hinders some game modes? Something like, survival where you have to kill as many as you can and as fast as you can to keep the life support stays on, or defense where the next wave will only begun after all enemies are defeated and the boss will only slow it down? It can't simply be implemented and DE need to implement something along with it. Maybe the life support either won't be depleted while the boss in active, or it will completely restore all life support after it's been defeated. Regarding the boss might slow the game down, I think it's better that after defeating the boss, the game rewards you like it rewards you after you survive a rotation. It has to be made worth it, or it will seriously slow down the game. Another thing I would like to add is to increase the spawn rate in the survival missions. It's one thing if I failed because i was overwhelmed, but it's a whole different thing if I failed when there are no enemies there. At least make it spawn like the ones from void fissure. Void fissures have extra spawn from the fissures, giving us more enemies for players to chop off. It will greatly benefit survival players.
  13. Frost prime. So I can use 5 legendary mods + exilus. Kinda have to sacrifice 1 of my rhino build but thats ok, barely use rhino anyway.
  14. saw it on leyzar's video. Maybe it's been nerfed? Thanks for the advises! Yeah, although I also think that karak could use those crit stats, I think other stats like raw damage, multishot, and elementals would work better. I better test these out on the simulacrum. About the lato, maybe I should stop rolling it for a while so I can direct my kuvas into other rivens (the karak maybe). Again, thanks!
  15. Heya my fellow space ninjas! So, I have these rivens for the weapon that i particularly have interest with, which is the karak and the lato. Problem is, I don't which stats are good for them or whether my current roll is laready good enough or not. Here's the stats: KARAK CC > 158% CD> 112% Reload Speed > 52.2 LATO SLASH > 120% MS > 117% CD > 90.5 The karak one's is actually nice.... on critical based weapon like rubico or stradavar, but karak is a status based weapon. Both CC and CD are very similar to the regular mods counterpart (point strike and vital sense) so maybe I can skip those 2 and put something else instead? Or maybe I should just double dip on the criticals so I use both the rivens and the regular mods? Or maybe just keep rolling the riven, but what roll is better than that? Damage and multishot? That's kinda farfetch... I'm not sure with the lato one. Slash is the highest IPS in lato, but I wonder if it'll make the weapon worse cause it'll be harder to proc corrosive? Or make it better because, well it's slash. MS CD is always welcome. Thing is, I've seen some people with like 300% crit chance or other crazy numbers, while mine is lesser than the stats on regular mods. Is it a unrealistic expectation to look for the crazy numbers or should I just be content with what I have? I'm so confused @@. Nevertheless, thank you for my fellow Tenno that read tis and I really appreciate your help.
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