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  1. As the title suggests, I had reached my limit with imprinting my Kavat, as I didnt check before I went and got it infected. After the first imprint it cured it and imprinted it, fine, and then I went back out, got her infected again and came back to my orbiter to find out I had no imprints left. Okay, Ill imprint my other Kavat and just cure this one. Bought a whole bunch of curatives from Teasonai, went into the plains really quick to cure my cat. I spammed 10 curatives and it didn't stop glowing red, so I thought okay maybe it just applies after the mission ends. Left the plains and went back to Cetus, and my cat was still glowing. Left Cetus and went back to my orbiter and the cat is still red and infected, and now I have no way to cure it. Really glad I wasted 6 forma on a cat I now have to consign for 25k credits.
  2. Yea bro, lets willingly go farm for hours for a rare low drop chance mod on a tile thats currently inhabited by the Kuva Lich KNOWING that there's a chance he will steal the mod. 200 IQ play right there. Pretty simple solution to your problem, either kill the Kuva Lich or just, you know, don't spend 3 hours farming on a tile that is inhabited by the Lich.
  3. But, the Lich only steals stuff if you die to him, so you did do something wrong... ? Just don't die ...
  4. WTS 1,300p or PMO best offer, plat only preferably
  5. Considering I've already done/still do this, yes...
  6. I had like 300 - 400 forma from the last couple plague star events. I currently have 5 ... there might only be 527 items in the game but almost all of those things you forma more than once. Edit: Also in what way am I wasting money? I don't buy platinum to buy forma lmfao
  7. Oh my friend, I've been playing this game for almost 7 years ... It's not like I have much to level, and even if I did, it takes me less than a day to level it and add forma onto it. When I had multiple things to level it took a bit longer but it was still nothing more than a few hours. I don't want to sit around all day with unfinished builds on my frames/weapons, I want them complete and ready to go whenever I need them. Sitting around building forma is such a waste of time.
  8. Okay, and what happens when I want to add 6 forma to my Amprex and I have 2 and 1 building? I'm not waiting 3-4 days to finish my build, would rather just buy the 3 forma bundle and be done with it.
  9. Dude talks about Synthetic builds Literally posts a synthetic build AHAHA Imagine using heavy caliber on an accuracy based weapon. Also imagine using corrosive ever, now I understand you just don't have friends to play with, I'm actually crying laughing bro, you're so cringe. Sucks to suck I guess...
  10. Wouldn't be a terrible idea but I genuinely think it unnecessary. Except maybe some guns that use a lot of capacity.
  11. You know that you can go into your Syndicate tab in your orbiter, go to the Miscellaneous tab Click on the Simaris tab and travel to Simaris from your orbiter.
  12. Given the fact that I have 11 capacity left on my Rubico and the exilus mods such as ammo drum/mutation/reload speed etc are all 7-9 capacity, I'm going to say yes we have enough capacity. Unless something like Primed Shred becomes an exilus mod, in which case, just forma the exilus slot.
  13. I can record a quick video of the Tethra's Doom emblem for you if you'd like, if you can't find a good one on youtube.
  14. I don't understand how you can spend so much time doing only your nightwave and not have it maxed. I spent 3 days (roughly 1 full 24 hour day of grinding) to max it out at the very end of nightwave from rank 3 to rank 30 (and then passively to 40/50 ish.)
  15. Interesting. I haven't tried it myself, but I've seen a lot of people saying that they spawn relatively frequently during fractures.
  16. The Tethra's Doom Quantum Emblem is probably my most prized possession ngl. I'd love to have the Invati Sekhara from raids as well, but sadly I quit while they were active and came back just as they were removed.
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