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  1. Dude talks about Synthetic builds Literally posts a synthetic build AHAHA Imagine using heavy caliber on an accuracy based weapon. Also imagine using corrosive ever, now I understand you just don't have friends to play with, I'm actually crying laughing bro, you're so cringe. Sucks to suck I guess...
  2. Wouldn't be a terrible idea but I genuinely think it unnecessary. Except maybe some guns that use a lot of capacity.
  3. You know that you can go into your Syndicate tab in your orbiter, go to the Miscellaneous tab Click on the Simaris tab and travel to Simaris from your orbiter.
  4. Given the fact that I have 11 capacity left on my Rubico and the exilus mods such as ammo drum/mutation/reload speed etc are all 7-9 capacity, I'm going to say yes we have enough capacity. Unless something like Primed Shred becomes an exilus mod, in which case, just forma the exilus slot.
  5. I can record a quick video of the Tethra's Doom emblem for you if you'd like, if you can't find a good one on youtube.
  6. I don't understand how you can spend so much time doing only your nightwave and not have it maxed. I spent 3 days (roughly 1 full 24 hour day of grinding) to max it out at the very end of nightwave from rank 3 to rank 30 (and then passively to 40/50 ish.)
  7. Interesting. I haven't tried it myself, but I've seen a lot of people saying that they spawn relatively frequently during fractures.
  8. The Tethra's Doom Quantum Emblem is probably my most prized possession ngl. I'd love to have the Invati Sekhara from raids as well, but sadly I quit while they were active and came back just as they were removed.
  9. The amp gilding bug didn't affect the stats shown on your amp page. It simply affected the actual damage output of the amp in terms of numbers that appear when you shoot something.
  10. No not really as it was stealth patched, though I had originally crafted an amp for a challenge I was doing but I was doing less damage than my friends in said challenge, so I crafted and gilded an amp at Cetus instead, however, since then I have crafted and gilded amps at little duck as of recently and they work as well as they should be with no loss in damage.
  11. This was a bug I experienced myself, but I'm fairly sure that this has been fixed now and you are safe to craft and gild amps at Fortuna.
  12. Please point to me exactly where he said anything about Inaros/slide crit with a whip or similar? and before you point out his "200% range" comment, I encourage you to actually read what he wrote, and if you don't understand, learn that melee weapons can be used as a stat stick for Atlas' first ability. Remove the chip off your shoulder and take constructive advice.
  13. I'm presenting a friend putting enemies to sleep so you can kill them ... in adaro! Wild I know - regardless, this is still the best way to level frames, and seeing people complaining about leveling frames I thought I'd enlighten you all.
  14. For all of you people complaining about leveling/forma'ing warframes may I present adaro
  15. As used % relies on the time played for weapons/frames/companions etc the "fastest" way to do this is to leave your PC on overnight, go into Orb Vallis and sit afk on top of the Fortuna elevator building. You can leave it on when you go to sleep, and then while you're at work, nothing will kill you up here and zealots won't spawn until you jump off the roof. (short video to demonstrate what I mean)
  16. Ya I'm the same. I remember when they came out compared to now it feels like it takes forever. The demolyst indicator for Thumpers would be a nice touch too ...
  17. I can't say I've ever had a Thumper not spawn in, or spawn in a weird unreachable spot, just that they take forever to find. Also you do know that there is a 3 minute timer in between Thumpers spawning if you don't go back to Cetus. I'd rather not spend 10 minutes searching for one and then wait another 3 minutes for one to spawn. Resetting in Cetus is much faster
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