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  1. 8 hours ago, (NSW)Mbek said:

    It's safe now, some images:

    My 227 amp gilded at Fortuna

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    Proof my Quills is still on rank 2 so I can't gild over there yet

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    The amp gilding bug didn't affect the stats shown on your amp page. It simply affected the actual damage output of the amp in terms of numbers that appear when you shoot something. 

  2. 3 hours ago, (PS4)kingofkings88 said:

    Can you post a patch notes or an image as a proof to show me it's fixed? It's not i don't believe you, i just want to be sure of it. Thanks

    No not really as it was stealth patched, though I had originally crafted an amp for a challenge I was doing but I was doing less damage than my friends in said challenge, so I crafted and gilded an amp at Cetus instead, however, since then I have crafted and gilded amps at little duck as of recently and they work as well as they should be with no loss in damage.

  3. 2 hours ago, Furappi said:

    I didnt ask for advice, he's the pretentious one to think hes that good to the point he can give "advices" about his sliding and spining build, give me a break, my topic is NOT about builds

    Please point to me exactly where he said anything about Inaros/slide crit with a whip or similar? and before you point out his "200% range" comment, I encourage you to actually read what he wrote, and if you don't understand, learn that melee weapons can be used as a stat stick for Atlas' first ability. 


    Remove the chip off your shoulder and take constructive advice. 


    2 minutes ago, Test-995 said:

    It's not adaro you are presenting, you are presenting a friend that does volunteer for you.

    I'm presenting a friend putting enemies to sleep so you can kill them ... in adaro! Wild I know - regardless, this is still the best way to level frames, and seeing people complaining about leveling frames I thought I'd enlighten you all. 

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  5. As used % relies on the time played for weapons/frames/companions etc the "fastest" way to do this is to leave your PC on overnight, go into Orb Vallis and sit afk on top of the Fortuna elevator building. You can leave it on when you go to sleep, and then while you're at work, nothing will kill you up here and zealots won't spawn until you jump off the roof. (short video to demonstrate what I mean) 


  6. 1 minute ago, --Brandt-- said:

    It feels like the thumpers spawn dropped from the time they released. Maybe I missed a change. When the last challenge came up for nightwave, I rode around on a k-drive 15 minutes before I even found a single thumper. Takes so much longer to even find the thing just to kill it in 30 seconds. Even something like a small indicator like the demolists have now would be nice.

    Ya I'm the same. I remember when they came out compared to now it feels like it takes forever. The demolyst indicator for Thumpers would be a nice touch too ... 

  7. I can't say I've ever had a Thumper not spawn in, or spawn in a weird unreachable spot, just that they take forever to find. Also you do know that there is a 3 minute timer in between Thumpers spawning if you don't go back to Cetus. I'd rather not spend 10 minutes searching for one and then wait another 3 minutes for one to spawn. Resetting in Cetus is much faster

  8. Honestly I have no real need to be in the plains during the day, other than to kill Thumper Doma's until I get the Korrudo blueprint. My general point about flying around was merely because I want to get in, kill the Thumper, get back out. 

    Granted no I generally don't run around on the ground, but given that only one can spawn at a time every 3 minutes I don't think that'd make it any faster to actually find one, you feel?

  9. Can we please get a map marker or something for the tusk thumpers. Even if its just like a general vicinity marker, or at the very least, let us know whether or not (depending on the bounty/lack of bounty selected) a regular thumper/bull/Doma has spawned. 

    Having to fly around the map for 10+ minutes looking for a Doma, only to realise that a bull has spawned right next to the gate but you flew over it because it came out of the ground as you flew past, is a massive waste of time considering the actual fight with a thumper takes roughly 30~ seconds. 


    A simple UI element that shows which thumper has spawned or a map marker indicating the general vicinity of the thumper would be a massive improvement over wasting my time flying around doing nothing for 10+ minutes. 

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  10. With the catch-up feature they added in this nightwave I actually completed this series, as with series 1 I basically completely ignored it. However due to the catch up feature it's incredibly easy to reach level 30, which I managed to do in just 3 days. 

    It is by no means hard or daunting and it quite literally gave me something to do, even if all the tasks are menial and boring. Just think of it as, this is my current task > if I can do more than one task per mission that's a bonus > task complete, only X more tasks till rank up, and you'll be 30 in no time. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Zilchy said:

    1000 hours is that all? That's nothing. See the problem OP is that a lot of people make these tier lists(we have hundreds) and in this instance, your knowledge of the game is clearly lacking. That's why many are not taking you seriously, you have made literally dozens of false statements without knowing it and it seems that if you do not play a frame much, you simply give it a bad rating regardless of your lack of experience with using it. I mean out of the many, many errors you've made, let's take Loki as an example - "All he has is Radial Disarm"... Right.. all he has is an ability that scales endlessly to max level enemies, not to mention things like Savior Decoy which again, in deep endgame where you've never been, is an absolute godsend. And then there's Hildryn, a frame that you say is barely above garbage tier.. I mean as you can see in this short video I literally CANNOT DIE, even when standing in a nullifier bubble to ensure I have no abilities but yeh you're right... garbage frame. 1000 hours in this game is not very much, I suggest you keep playing and learning.


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