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  1. There was no host migration. I tried ranking up my Archgun in other missions, and it worked. So it seems as if there's a bug with the Orphix Venom missions only- since that's where this bug would occur for me. Although a day before the new event, there was a host migration where I had ranked up my Necramech in ISO vaults to rank 9 and was supposed to be around rank 22ish with the affinity boost, and I didn't get the bonus XP.
  2. Man I really hope this gets fixed soon, this is a serious bug.
  3. Sorry to hear that! I also had a similar problem with my necramech as well. I ranked up my necramech but I didn't receive the bonus xp from my resource booster- this happened yesterday so it seems this problem has been occurring prior to the event as well. Totally agree though, most bugs are pretty harmless but this is a serious bug that needs to be fixed and possibly even compensated for.
  4. Imagine this- the new event comes out and you forma your Archgun to upgrade while completing the mission. After half an hour of killing Sentients you return to your orbiter to forma your Archgun once more and then you notice your Archgun is unranked and all the progress you just made has been erased. This has been happening to me for the past 3 hours...Instead of ranking my 5th forma on my Kuva Ayanga right now I'm still reranking my first forma for some reason. If someone knows how I can fix this please let me know because I'm tired of having to constantly redo this.
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