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  1. I've bought some frames and all for the same reason: not wanting to get pissed off by abysmal drop rates, terribly designed bosses, boring gamemodes and buggy ass missions.
  2. This game has been in need of real grenades since '13
  3. As long as the enemies' AI is about the same as a wet piece of toast, there won't be any challenge whatsoever. It doesn't matter what level the enemy is, they always behave exactly the same and can just be pulverized with the same methods regardless of where you are (exceptions are maybe sorties with specific modifiers, but even here, the same methods still apply for the most part). DE doesn't seem know how to design engaging enemies and behavior, they don't seem to know the difference between boring but tedious and challenging but enjoyable. Challenge equals longer grind times in WF, which, at this point, is just laughable. The enemies behave exactly the same way they did in '13, and the game isn't any better for it. It doesn't matter how much stuff they release, after a certain point, players will just blow through it with no problem, hence the focus on tedious grinding because that's the only way they know how to "prolong" gameplay and "challenge" the players. It's embarrassing, but at this point, I don't assume they'll ever find something that fits the criteria of endgame or engaging content for the long run. I'm pretty sure Railjack will be dead as soon as people get the stuff they want from it which, (judging from past additions) will probably be about 1-3 items.
  4. DE has no clue how to design "endgame" activities and have proven not receptive for a good portion of suggestions/feedback/ideas regarding that topic. They have made this painfully obvious over the years. And another point: well thought-out post, but no DE staff will ever read this, they made it clear on multiple occasions that they don't check the General Discussion segment on the forums.
  5. I'm sure it's either because they can't or because they don't give a crap. I'm thinking it's a mix of both, otherwise, a glaring issue like this at the foundation of a game would've been fixed already. It's been 6 freaking years.
  6. Yes please, I'd like that too. I like to play certain warframe/weapon-combos, so naturally, I need more loadout-slots (and riven-slots too for that matter). I'd definitely pay for those
  7. Technically, not even necessarily since players can pick from different items there too now
  8. NW is one of the worst things to happen to WF considering how it's designed. It makes me want to play the game less & less and actually, a some of my friends already stopped because they had enough of the BS that is NW. Can't say I blame them, it's a terrible system with a terrible design. But I guess it's here to stay, and seeing as DE usually takes a couple of years to tweak/change stuff, I'm not looking forward to the next iteration
  9. I agree, K-Drives need to not suck to be an alternative.
  10. You had a couple of months to get it though. That one is on you.
  11. That is some ridiculous, arbitrary BS reasoning, wow. DE don't make no sense.
  12. Why do a lot of weapons get dumped on, yet the kohm seems to be the holy cow that's not being touched?
  13. I'd rather reload a couple of times than use this squirt-gun
  14. I'm not holding my breath. DE has said a lot of stuff over the years. And I'm pretty sure that if they implement it, they'll implement it in the worst possible way. They really got a knack for that.
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