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  1. Clans and Alliances are so hung up on controlling a Dark Sector that they ruin the game for everyone else just to get it. Pathetic P.O.S.'s
  2. I don't even know what you're talking about, I think 10 plat for a Mutagen Sample is more than fair.... <.< >.>
  3. Going past Wave 5 on Dark Sector Defenses doesn't yield anything for player who just wants credits. I go there for the exp mostly, but I can understand people not wanting to waste time just to be rewarded with a glorious Heated Charge. The reward system for Defenses is just straight S#&amp;&#036;.
  4. But...but it's so very important. Sechura is the only mission that Warframe offers, didn't you know? And everyone cares about Clan/Alliance/whatevergroup business, because it's superimportant. In fact, they should rename the game Dark Sector Sechura Frame, because it's so important. Did I mention Sechura is superimportant?
  5. So, how long are we forced to play by ourselves in a Multiplayer game?
  6. DE really needs to get their S#&amp;&#036; together. Oh wait. It's Saturday. How convenient.
  7. Well, that is more the fault of the player playing the frame that the frame's fault itself. Like Lokis who just press 2, Novas who just press 4, Rhinos who just press 2 + 4, etc. pp. Any frame is viable in any situation if the player controlling it knows what they are doing. It's stupid to have frames reduced to only one or two powers. And that goes for every frame, not just for Nekros in this particular case. Players should dare to branch out a little more and not just stick to their Boltor/Iron Skin/Stomp-loadouts (or any widely regarded as only viable loadout template for any frame).
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