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  1. Hello, I am trying to speed up these Plague Star runs. What is the best way to speed up that escort drone? I tried Wisps haste, and Speedva also does not appear to work. Is it even possible? Thanks!
  2. So if i use a sniper rifle for Wukong celestial twin, does his attacks get the zoom bonus for aiming?
  3. What's up! This will be my first operation plague star event. What are the "go-to" items to farm? Example: orphix venom you needed to farm it for the arcanes. Thanks!
  4. Ok cool. Yea I checked the marketplace website but I wasn't sure if those prices were filled sculptures or not
  5. Hello, Is it possible to buy filled ayatan sculptures from players? If so, how much do they usually go for on Xbox? Thanks
  6. Hello, Once crossplay is out, can I use my xbox account to log in on my switch? Or do I have to make an account. Thanks!
  7. Hello, When crossplay comes out, can I log into my xbox account with my nintendo switch? Or do I have to make another account? Thanks
  8. Does this arcane placed on a primary weapon that Wukong celestial twin is using make Wukong OP? For example, my Wukong is using his melee, while it constantly be procing on the primary weapon the celestial twin is using? Thanks!
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