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  1. Where they displayed as already completed?
  2. I'm going to keep issuing tickets till I get either the ability to earn the points like everyone else or the equivalent amount of points credited to my nightwave why should anyone have less opportunity than the rest of the community because of a fault of the game
  3. I sent in a ticket I'm waiting for a reply but the notification has disappeared I'm not holding out much hope that DE are even aware if I don't hear anything by tomorrow night I will send 2 tickets
  4. (PSN)On1jay


    I logged in on Monday to see a fresh new list of nightwave missions I then logged out and came back later and they were all completed but I didn't get any of the points and I can't complete them because they are glitches I haven't been able to contact DE about this at all is anyone else struggling with this and can I please not lose out on 20000 plus nightwave standing
  5. I have seen the available tasks for this week I came back an hour later and everything is completed and I haven't received any of the progression can I please get this sorted before I miss out on a full week 😡
  6. Profit taker still crashing PS4s like it was it's job is there a plan to fix this at all? if not want to move the loot to missions that actually work at least 4/5 times and not 1/5?
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