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  1. koopagon

    Optimizing Frame Efficiency (Min/maxing)

    while the info you've posted is true for the most part, you're only scratching the surface of fleeting expertise. maxed fleeting isnt a total waste on most frames. in actuality, fleeting expertise is one of the most Tsundere mods in all of warframe. on its own and maxed in a frame, it counteracts it's own bonuses but when paired with any duration mods or streamline, it compounds their effect. for example, adding a rank 1 continuity on its own reduced ember's drain per sec from 3 down to 2.857. but with a maxed fleeting and rank 1 continuity, you get different results: its now 2.66 per second. now what if we throw in a maxed fleeting, rank 3 streamline and a rank 5 continuity? we get 70% duration and 175% effeciency. but this leads to you getting only 1.071 drain per second on ember... now what if we did some heresy and maxed out that streamline on top of the rank 5 continuity and maxed fleeting..? now in game it'll say we have 70 duration and 175% efficiency again, but this time when we look at ember's drain for world on fire... 0.75 drain per second!? this cant be right! oh but it is... and even dropping continuity from the equation and just running maxed fleeting with a maxed streamline will also equate to 0.75 drain per second! meaning 190% efficiency trumps 40% duration! see toggles are treated differently when it comes to the 75% max efficiency rule. instead of it only covering whats gained from efficiency, for toggles it also covers whats gained/lost from duration. this means that instead of it being 70% duration and 175% efficiency, toggles read this as 70% duration and 190% effeciency. and in this case the 190 effectively nullifies the loss of up to 60% duration! so TLDR- fleeting is the most tsundere mod cuz the more and stronger its competition, the more it works for you.
  2. koopagon

    Boar Farming 1.0

    i bought mine for credits at least a year ago /o/
  3. no... just please no more, old arcane items were discontinued for a reason. this is a lot of work you're asking for... since how they likely programmed the old arcanes is just bonuses tied directly to the item itself and not to a modifier. and then again this could open up some very much unintentional power creep we don't need...
  4. koopagon

    Warframe At Nycc! [Megathread]

    im not too interested in that loki skin but dat banshee skin.... might have to get.... after i get the trin skin....
  5. an auction house is pretty much the worst thing for DE in the sense that the general price of all items would plummet since the number of people in the market would skyrocket since alot of people do not like to use the trade chat. now considering plat isnt bought by a large number of the playerbase and some people straight up hoard it, there would be less plat trading hands and even less being bought and introduced into the market due to the lowered prices of the economy. so in effect, this would drop the income of DE and well... thats kinda a bad deal for DE and their share holders...
  6. koopagon

    Tenno Against Jedi

    they likely could block them, but void enhanced bullets like those from mesa's peacemakers (remember they can be shot and kill enemies in another dimension) and also her ballistic battery could likely ignore the blocking a jedi would do with a light saber.
  7. koopagon

    Tenno Against Jedi

    im by no means a star wars nut, and looking at the basics of everything, i'd say theres a better chance tenno would win. now people keep talking about light sabers deflecting bullets, that's only a partial truth. as some of us know, most weapons in the star wars universe are laser or plasma based weaponry which, is basically being deflected by a plasma blade. this makes sense but when it comes to the arsenal of a tenno, this hold little to no ground. now when i say "arsenal of a tenno" i mean tenno weaponry specifically, this is NOT INCLUDING weapons from either the grineer, infested or corpus. now as well all likely know, tenno weapons were designed to fight sentients which means good ol' solid projectiles. so in effect light sabers would likely burn up the projectiles entirely without the ability to deflect them back. Mesa's peacemakers and any projectiles charged by ballistic battery on the other hand would likely penetrate a light saber due to the "screw your laws of the universe" nature of void energies. as to jedi mind control, im going to have to call BS on this being actually usable in a stressful combat situation as the average jedi can only really use it towards suggestion and maybe getting an enemy to open fire on one of their allies, but not for sustained periods like some people are likely suggesting. on the converse side of this arguement, Nyx has a more combat practial version of mind control but we also cannot forget its maximum possible duration is 84.6 seconds and at no more than 20 meters from the target. other than that, i'd say jedi have about roughly the same level of maneuverability as most tenno but you also have to consider tenno usually operate in 4 unit squads while jedi often seem to fight battles in numbers ranging from solo to maybe 4? so the likelihood that a fight between tenno and jedi would already be heavily in the favor of tenno just by the sake of bodies. now looking over to armor and shielding... we see its stacked in warframe's favor as unlike jedi who usually wear simple clothing or robes while warframes are well... full body frames designed to protect the wearer from a wide variety of.... environments... or lack thereof. namely fights inside of spaceships or orbital satellites could easily prove fatal for jedi while tenno shrug off being in space to minor damage to heal and shielding unless either picked up by their liset, or using their archwing which has built in life support systems. and on the terms of archwings, they could easily beat most small ships in one on one combat. and finally over on weapons, its a bit of a stalemate really... since like i said about the whole projectile blocking bit, they can mostly block shots from tenno weapons, corpus weapons would be about as good as weapons in the star wars universe, while grineer weapons would likely also be about even. i could see the torid giving the jedi alot of trouble if not being their worst nightmare due to how it fires projectiles that exude poisonous gas clouds that can also be modded into corrosive gas clouds, but it would see its best use not being shot directly at a jedi. the only really standout weapons from the warframe catalog aside the torid are: shotguns(all of them), quanta for it's explosive cubes (for the suprise factor), amprex for LIGHTNING, Glaxion for freezy goodness, opticor for being a large concentrated laser blast, ignis (hard to block a cone of fire with a blade) and Phage for laser tentacle action. most of these would work on jedi i think due to most of them being weapons that cant easily be blocked or otherwise parried by a sword (even though tenno can do it, but tenno void logic D:) except for glaxion which i think could either be used to freeze jedi in place or possibly cause a steam explosion when the air around the light saber is suddenly cooled by the glaxion beam. and now i think i should stop writing things and possibly get some sleep.
  8. koopagon

    I'm Really Worried About The New Skins.

    the problem i see with the fan concept is if the design is supposed to be bird and wind, why is it also taking design stylings of a Japanese priest when that's effectively adding another style onto the two we already have. but most importantly it is how the themes are used. the fan concept is primarily a Japanese styled priest, with a small bit of bird concept sticking out from the mask , feet, hands and triangles attached to the forearms. studying it more closely im slightly reminded of a tengu but it doesnt feel so much warframe as it does a futuristic tengu. but looking at the final design for zephyr, we see she is wearing a shawl that is styled to look like a bird's plumage, a helmet that represents a bird's head just as well as the concept a codpiece that is very angular like a bird's tail feathers when they arent flying, feather styled protrusions on the upper and forearm along with a plumage pattern than goes down the lenth of the arm and into the hand which looks like it might have a bit of webbing to assist with flight control, a less plumage pattern going down the leg but with more feather styled protrusions ending in talon feet. and overall i feel the production version hits a home run on the design concept of organic tech hybrid than the fan concept it's based on.
  9. koopagon

    I'm Really Worried About The New Skins.

    it does actually look a bit generic to me, like a man wearing a stylized version of a japanese priest outfit with some weird triangles attached to the sleeves. to me, this screams priest frame, which sounds alot like trinity. his outfit also has alot of sharp angles and his silhouette is anything but flowing or elegant curves, infact they are quite sharp and rigid like corpus. while the current zephyr screams bird, which while having a bit of over detailing in some areas, contains all the design aspects laid out earlier in the thread.
  10. koopagon

    Warframe Builder

    the crit rate on the strun wraith is saying the default crit is 4.980% in the builder when it should be 40% otherwise thank you for the awesome tool
  11. koopagon

    Eyes Of Blight Progress?

    so i guess that gusto from the ps4 and xb1 communities about one-upping the PC community and saving all their relays sputtered out? i dont blame you.
  12. koopagon

    Poll: Key Rewards As Syndicate Offerings.

    if the random void keys was restricted to T3 and T4 for all game modes not sabotage, i would be behind it but since it is not... option 1.
  13. koopagon

    Coming Soon: Devstream #22

    since update 12 isnt out yet for me to check.... when are we getting aquariums and fish tanks in the dojo? D:
  14. snacks and comfort foods arent quite the same thing i think....
  15. i'd still like to know how far you think rhino could punt loki and if you like goldfish crackers... though i also kinda want to know exactly what you would do to loki if you ever met him. also, what is your favorite snack food? :o