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  1. The time was already bad for us in the southern hemisphere so now it’s 4 AM / 7AM / 1 AM / 10 AM !! I would love to see DE’s fixing her make-up at @ 3 AM to star a twitch at 4 Ohh well big pass ty.
  2. I’m with ya 100% quxier i have been playing the game for under 3 months now and finally I unlocked that P Taker and with basic weapon it took me ages to take each phase down and I was happy about it, dealing little damage slowly and after a while I hit phase 4 only to discover that there is a timer for that last phase. I was pissed too but my first timer doing that bounty so now I will expect that 5 minutes next time. and you guys don’t need to be super pros with us the newbies show some sympathy.
  3. Love to get that weapon’s parts but the stream time is ridiculous for us in the southern hemisphere 😢 to be online around 2 am or 5 am watching twitch is unfair for us. thanks anyway
  4. Sorry if I’m not meant to reply in old threads but just wanted to share this, today I was farming to up my WF rank and I like doing it in Deimos survival simply because I can camp in one spot and keep the farming going, Octavia Neuroptics dropped after 20 minutes sweet but another also dropped at 40th minute! So not sure if my good rng or not but yeah got x2 Neurpotics from one run
  5. Very bad timing for us in Sydney Australia , I would love to see any of you up at 5 AM on Monday to watch twitch or 2 AM on Thursday ! Will have to miss unfortunately
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