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  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you I get to sleep this week too
  2. Feels like who ever put together this grab bag has zero idea about Warframe and resources. Good I get to sleep next week .. pass
  3. Never said I don’t enjoy every single part of the game, what I said is useless to target the night wave once you hit 60 and we need it extended to 100 if possible plus by reaching 60 this shows that I do indeed enjoy the game and i don’t need to flood the system with 6 account to prove that I do. 👍
  4. But it is useless for those who reached 60 and no longer able to receive any further cred to buy more stuff ! Extend that limit to 100 and let us continue with Nora otherwise why should anyone play or complete a missions?
  5. Twitch drop 2.0 was released back in Feb 13th 2021 so if you linked after that date and have received drops then you don’t have to flick through the previous 6 pages 😂 I think DE created this post to see how many will be tuned in 😜
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