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  1. spartanB237

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    Ah good, I wasn't the only one. Tried playing a bit last night when I suddenly lost connection even though my internet wasn't suffering. Tried logging back in but got nothing. I am able to log back in now so thanks, DE!
  2. spartanB237

    Unveil My Heart - Album Cover Contest!

    Good luck to everyone! it actually took some time to get the right pose... enjoy! Fire in my Heart
  3. spartanB237

    PAX Australia: TennoVIP Party!

    Any chance you guys could drop into the Brisbane area? At the very least I'd be able to meet you guys...
  4. spartanB237

    New Contest: Captura the Moment!

    Here is my attempt. This is my first time posting in a contest so fingers crossed. Good luck to all competitors!
  5. spartanB237

    Codex Art Contest 3.0

    omg there are so many epic entires!!! good luck DE... your gonna need it to pick a winner
  6. spartanB237

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 12

    thx for the hotfix but i got to ask... when is the War within coming? in a blog you said it would be released right after Tennocon i beleive but nothing as of yet. IM JUST TOO HYPED FOR IT