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  1. Just played my fourth relic mission to complete the Nightwave task to Unlock 3 Relics.. and like the caves WF is NOT counting the times I'm doing it. I've found all 30 caves by it's still (after 3 months) telling me I have only found 28/30. Now I've unlocked 4 relics and it's only telling me 1/3. Come on DE are you guys even testing this stuff anymore. This so aggravating, it seems the more you do, the more problems WF is developing. What's Cert even doing??
  2. Would someone (hopefully a DE dev) please!! Explain to me, WHY you made the K-Drive races go from all at once being available to only FIVE being changed a day. I should say NOT CHANGED, because EVERYTIME I go to Orb Vallis, the SAME races are the ones available. I have only FOUR left being the trophy, and the GAME keeps giving me the same ones I've already done!?!?! I mean, if only ONE a day was one I haven't done before, but, I can't get ONE. It's LUDICROUS to only have 5 a day when your aiming for a trophy... and it's one a RANDOM engine, and though I've been playing for SIX years and PAYING REAL money for this game, you'd think the DE would be appreciate what I've been doing. I'm playing every single day (religiously) and can't get the last two trophies because of this kind of programming!!! I'm STILL stuck on 27/30 caves, even though I have found EVERY SINGLE CAVE... why has this glitch NOT BEEN FIXED???? Veterans are leaving this game because it's becoming intolerable to play it anymore. I'm trying I'm really trying, but there's a point when one just needs to move on...
  3. Just so u know it's not FREE if u have to do a mission for it.
  4. I never got them from alerts in the 1st place._. When I need them I just do any mission in the void and pick up some. Best day I got 11. Normally , like 3 or 4.
  5. Not trying to be a nudge but 11am EDT is Eastern Daylight Time. It should be 11am EST = Eastern Standard Time. Some ppl might think the release is set for 12 noon Eastern Time .
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