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  1. While doing a Sabotage mission on Saturn, I was attacked / confronted by the Wolf. I destroyed him with my Rhino Prime using the Arca Plasmor and Octanis. I know I killed him by the animation, and health bar. However, I got no reward, got no notation, no message.. nothing to prove to the public and DE that I had. Because I had Oxylus as my sentinel, I didn't get a scan. Not even the Profile stats gives me credit. Bummer.. I know I'm prolly gonna get some ppl saying I probably think I did, but, I KNOW I did. I wish I would have recorded the fight, but, like a stalker fight, it came fast (no warning at all) and it was over in about 4 minutes. PPL he his SO hard, and he sorta uses something like the Rhino charge, which can send you reeling. Anyway... DE What the heck???
  2. I never got them from alerts in the 1st place._. When I need them I just do any mission in the void and pick up some. Best day I got 11. Normally , like 3 or 4.
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