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I am a retired Army Military Policeman, and have been playing computer games since before there was even monitors. Warframe has been an all time favorite since it came to the PS4. I've been playing it, non-stop, since the PS4's release on 15 Nov 2013. Having over 4700 hrs. I've a mastery level of 22 and have every WF and weapons offered by this game. I am not the usual "old man," I have played many MANY of the favorites for our youths. Halo (all of them), Battlefield (so far all of them), Skyrim (over 2600 hrs on that), and many more popular titles. While my body is 64, and my mind (somewhere out there), my disposition is of a person 3x younger than i. You'd never believe I was 64 by the way I rage, play, or even talk (as many comments have said :) Come, see if you can beat the "old man." buwahaha. (J/K).

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