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  1. Whenever i'm in a tunnel fighting necramechs, and when i'm the operator, because of excalibur umbra moving around or i assume so, when i return to Umbra i just fall through the ground, having to use archwings to return to the tunnels, and it's really annoying to keep happening. Hopefully this gets fixed!
  2. Hek is mr4 yes, but Soma is mr6, so should i rank up to rank 6 first or should i just get Hek instead?
  3. i have frost and rhino all finished up, rhino has finished building while frost is still building, Prime Wukong needs Meso relics for chassis and Neo or Axi relics for the neuroptics or systems and im gonna check out my clans tenno research for just regular Wukong. If they don't have it imma wait a day more for any more suggestions of any more warframes i can get at this point.
  4. Welp, heck, i guess i'll go with Wukong as they look pretty good, with healing and all that, maybe Chroma for the elemental weaknesses.
  5. Oh that's good to know, i didn't know it tells you what MR requirements are required, i'll be sure to check out the wiki more often then. The Amphis staff i haven't even gotten to because of neurodes, but yeah i'll check out the wiki and in game stuff to learn more. EDIT: I got a orokin reactor because of nightwave, used it on volt of course and am now making a forma, so hopefully things go better now.
  6. Thanks for the Welcome! I looked it up its not on consoles yet, "soon" going to consoles people or DE say, Volt is good but i'd like to play other warframes as if i'm stuck with one place i can just switch off to another warframe to see how they do and I kinda just want to see other warframes and experiment with them, see if i like them more than volt or something else. The neo relics i get later so that'll have to wait, SO should i wait off to get Wukong Prime or should i just go with Frost or Nova?
  7. How do you farm Lavos? I've looked into the wiki and it tells me i need to get Phasic Cells for Father, but with Diesmos its open world so should i be safe to farm for part at this point or should i wait till i complete the star chart?
  8. welp i was to hasty on the selling the parts thing, oh well, but i'll be sure to farm for Wukong Prime, still need to collect the parts and the blueprint, and i'm low on credits but some missions will fix the credits issue.
  9. im using Volt right now, and i'll check out how to get Wukong in the Wiki, also darn about Excalibur i got all their parts built up, eh at least i'll get some credits from selling the pieces. Farming for plastids is gonna suck but eh, gotta do what ya gotta do, also gotta join nightwave as i haven't yet.
  10. So i've just made it to Uranus and a new warframe would probably be best, since i have only like 1 slot for warframes which would be best at this point from the 3 or maybe is there one i can get this early that's better than the selected few?
  11. I'll be sure to DM with any questions about specific mods, i don't think endo will be a huge problem and i have 5840 endo, but as far with Orokin reactors i haven't had the luck with getting the blueprint for those, forma i just need neurodes, i'll look into forma's as i have no idea how they work. but thanks for the help!
  12. That's good to know, i'll be sure to keep my eye out for when i get those augmentations pop out, also im quite a bit shy when using the general chat and have no idea where to look so do have any recommendations on where to look in general or?
  13. thanks for the recommendations, i'll be sure to check out the weapons but they seem like they'll take some time to get so that will happen when i get to it.
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