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  1. I don't know if this is something I haven't noticed before, but has the frost on frostleaves been discontinued? I've included a screenshot that I took in-game 3 minutes ago. This was during today's sortie (July 11, 2021 at around 11:20 am Pacific Time) on the Pluto/Narcissus tileset Spy mission.
  2. There is a test. You eliminate targets with your Primary weapon, and there are three rounds. For each round, the amount of targets eliminated increases.
  3. Rank 30 is probably "the big Mastery Rank" because you receive a myriad of perks/benefits. At Legendary 1, you'll receive +500 to your Daily Standing Limit, +5000 Daily Focus Limit, +50 Void Trace Storage, and +1 Legendary Core.
  4. SINCERE thanks to everyone at Digital Extremes and the Warframe crew! Legendary 1 means a lot to me, and hey, it only took 8+ years to get here! Here's to more fun, amazing memories with the community, the team, and of course, the game!
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