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  1. This livestream is definitely near and dear to my heart. Sincere thanks to the Warframe team/Intrepid Studios for the Quest to Conquer Cancer Campaign! Love the Warframe community and shout out to everyone at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center!
  2. On Deimos, one must be extra, EXTRA careful and make sure you're the hunter and not the hunted... Captura: Wisp On The Hunt (unedited)
  3. Whenever I select the in-game Communication, select Friends, it's showing that my friends are offline even though they're online. Furthermore, whenever I search for someone, it indicates that they're offline even though they're online. This makes it extremely difficult to add new friends.
  4. Ever since the latest hotfixes, I've run into consistent problems with Matchmaking/joining missions in progress. Nothing has changed with my ISP, OS, NAT, hardware, etc. Whenever I queue up a mission, I get "FINDING SQUAD" until the game starts the countdown from 10 seconds, and then I become the Host. Furthermore, I'm unable to join any mission in progress.
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