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  1. Simple reason is some player enjoys pvp. I would like to do it sometimes too if it was developed more and tested in more ways. Most of the reasons why not played too often is the peer to peer. No one likes to play laggy pvp and usually you will meet with low internet profile players. Also the game mode itself is not broken and if it is in the game for long time then it is fine. If you not like a game mode that not means it should go. Let it live and move on.
  2. I do not have problems with this but the majority gets eyebleed from these "effects". I know DE wants to update the visuals but how about improving the texture quality and the polygon count a bit so the visuals will be more modern?
  3. And I still miss the female ash.
  4. I likes both but the old one was more appealing in visual the new one is more informative.
  5. Reworking the Sergeant would be a good move, eventually adding more bosses is inevitable in the long run, but disagree on Mr30 part.
  6. Every status stuff will be nerfed to the ground and the damage will be toned down to 0.1-1. Each weapon will do 1 at it's best - enemy turn - your turn, dodge, avoid - dead. Difficulity will be maintained by them 'now you do not need rivens' /s.
  7. A simple mute option to all transmission would be handy. I personally think all character could be better with more lines but no matter how much lines they have ín one day all become repetitive and boring.
  8. I personally would like to have dedicated servers because those are more reliable than the p2p system. A p2p system needs a moderate net connection and currently the world is not unified and the net connections can be vary depending on providers and regions. I have a pretty good net connection what I got from my father's router but I almost never be the host and if I play on public games often finding instances which laggy as hell. The matchmaking is not working well and the netcode is also needs less spaghetti esque. In otherhand I know dedicated servers are not cheap and the cloud gami
  9. I am not surprised on anything at all. While I think the major complaint is the forma and the infested zaws but those will be somewhere else to be obtain. If not that also a thing but DE is famous on their unorganized working methods. They promise stuff and they delay or forgot it or scap it (in some scenarios that happend) and then they need to apologize because they failed to keep their words. The game is long ago a mobile game with pc requirements but with mobile monetization and most of the players play the game for rewards and the 'seemingly' minority plays for fun. I did not tried t
  10. My only problem with the Oscira skin pack is these are just skins not individual weapons. I would like these skins beign a separate item because the looks of these are great. Also that is true not all the skins fit to most weapons but still looks pretty.
  11. I remember those days and for that reason I kept all of the old screenshot and in game the old ammo and HP boxes. Those and my Loki reminds me the day I joined.
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