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  1. Sziklamester

    Signs You Play Warframe Too Much

    When you think mags swimming on movie.
  2. Sziklamester

    can you get "married" in-game?

    I just came here to wish good luck you and your partner and hopefully you can someday finalize that status. For in game ceremony I could suggest a large garden with some nice decorations like trees or a gate. The other what I can imagine is a nice " heaven " marriage which is simply some obstacles or dojo panel decorations what you build up to the top. I don't know your timezone so I can't promise any partake in this event but if you ask for a priest then I can suggest some forum search because pretty sure there are few priests who plays the game. @Padre_Akais is a perfect fit since the padre mean father. Despite I don't know him but his name at least cool. Cheers and good luck!
  3. Sziklamester

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    I tried the demo today but after a rough 15-20 min when I figure out I can do nothing in the game and there were no chat options (I don't have mic and does not use voice chat) I just sum that game is not for me. Seems buggy boring in some part and the move system is clunky. In the first days warframe was much easier to learn about how to play than this. The limitations on the demo is not really make me want to buy the game same like the wow free to play up to level 20. Also no matter what preferences used and followed the tutorial most of the functions just does not worked at all so this game probably will be skipped by me like the destiny 2.
  4. Sziklamester

    Needs a Vote to kick feature Bad

    But but, you actually have a magic crystal ball! Also agreed with u.
  5. Sziklamester

    Eject! Stalker Mode Needs Serious Work

    I have the same hate on operators as many hates the pvp here. I personally skipping that content because absolutely not interested in. The pvp currently lack but it gives a lot of replayability as how Legacy and Serafinia said. True there are bad examples in the gaming world which makes the pvp less interesting and makes a lot of peoples hate it but bad experiences should not manipulate players thinking. Also currently we do not know how they wish to implement the game mode or it will be implemented at all, but I am sure the pve content cannot keep the players interested enough and I hate to come to the forums to read content drough, not engaging, no challenge, veterans etc. It makes me mad when I need to cater the cry because a lot of persons cannot use their time to play the game to not burn out or not find enough engage in the game. The current game is unbalanced because the devs cannot decide what they want to make so it is a morbid halfway in between a horde shooter and a challenging game. I do not like to fight against the stupid AI and tolerate all day the bugs of silly pathfinding and game breaking bugs or host migrations when the game could be better if they fix the game before adding new content half baked. They do need to focus on the replayability as a value and focus on content which means no grind. They cannot achieve this because the business policy says otherwise and they trying to implement pvp as a source of challenge because it is cheaper and can give challenge. The AI is by far lower level and if they increase it then the game needs to be redesigned to suits to the new standards so it will be less casual friendly and they can say good bye to a huge amount of money.
  6. Sziklamester


    Glad to see you guys here! Praise the mag.
  7. Sziklamester

    Melee 3.0 - Your most pessimistic predictions?

    I don't think it would be that bad. The worst scenario for me would be the removal of quick melee because I most of the time using the quick melee. That is faster than the combos and most combos are slow as hell and in a game where the speed matters it is a bad sign if you can only kill enemies with lowered speed while they are shooting you from distance. Other than what I know about this the gameplay won't change drasticly and I am not bothered with any focus schools and ocmbos at all so these stuffs not really bothers me. The weapons which needs tweaks and nerf is in my mind and mostly they need to revitalize the unused or weak weapon families which really lacks of anything. Possibly they will nerf the range on some weapon but honestly they could just remove the reach if they wish to other than that I don't think it needs a nerf. In the reality also works the same and logically a polearm is longer than a dagger but the daggers less in weight so easier to use them and faster usualy but in video games the logic and reality not always goes together, " looking at you mount and blade warband ". Whips are already in the position where they does not strong enough only combination of mods can make these weapons so deadly and disgustingly efficient. Same goes to most weapons but nowadays polearms and whips dominate the melee segment while others are less dominant. Each weapon family needs their marks which distinguish them from other weapons and has the ability what needs to decide what I want, what is the goal and why I use that weapon. Options. Combo mods and crit-status mods maybe will get some changes but these needs in other weapon families not just melee. I think that this changes won't be that drastic changes what the community partly wanted and feared in the same time. Just like before release of khora everyone waited for weakspots-shield gating-damage changes and noone of these stuffs happend. They also not buffed the auras which needed to be buffed to be pair with the few commonly used ones. So I am not worried about it the game will survive these changes and if something goes wrong still there is the option for feedback or revert changes what devs actually doing sometimes and hopefully DE is a similar company.
  8. Sziklamester

    Ugliest Frame

    In my opinion Nidus is the ugliest but one of the most badass frames in game.
  9. Sziklamester

    Closed beta/Founder Glyphs

    Yep but honestly I do not need this too. I am not better or weaker than other players so I do not feel the need to show I am different. This is for certain peoples but if you think about it then it is totally not needed for you or for me or for others. I am happy that I am in a talk club where I do participate it rarely.
  10. Sziklamester

    Closed beta/Founder Glyphs

    And now I want my design divine council glyph.
  11. Sziklamester

    Primed chamber avaiable, when?

    This is not about how good or bad the mod is it is about of privileges and how avaible to the community. For me this mod is not important because currently only a small amount of peoples own this and there is only one weapon at moment which have benefit from this. For the DE it is fine because it motivates peoples to buy tons of platinum to get a rare mod which is really rare and this makes it unique. Those whom own this would not like the idea of their platinum sources depleted because some person can sell at very high prices. Honestly all mod in the game and all stuff should be available to everyone but there are bad topics and currently you can do nothing against it. Happens so just wait till they do something with it.
  12. Sziklamester

    Does melee suck if you can't do combos?

    I am using quick melee mostly so for me not that important that have combos.
  13. Sziklamester

    Warframe Speedrunning Problem

    This is good. Then we are same in mentality.
  14. Sziklamester

    Warframe Speedrunning Problem

  15. Sziklamester

    Warframe Speedrunning Problem

    Speedrunning is a symptom of game design which let players rush the mission. This game is grindy and all what you do is grind so most of the time some peoples tend to rush the game in order to get some fun from other missions but in my mind this is basically skipping the meaning of this game. I can understand this too because the game itself not gives other fun than killing mobs and if you wish to farm some stuff then you need to repeat it because it is the only way to get what you want without pay. I personally a looter type of person so I tend to stay and loot everything from the map so for me that is not problem if need to stay more. The problem on public if you do this and not following the rest then you claimed afker or leecher despite the fact if you far away then impossible to leech money-xp because you are out of the range. The best option what you can do is searching for specific groups or ask persons in your game time maybe they share the same idea of playing. Sometimes it is better to loot because in alert missions or specific game modes you have better chance to loot and the loot quality become better. Missions whom not gives so much option to loot or earn xp you skip them or do it once then say goodbye. If I have the mood I personally going to replay these missions but nowadays I am just log in log off and play a little time. I have a lot to do outside of warframe now so my gaming time is reduced a bit so I can avoid to be bored. So the best is what I said and you search for players with the same mindset.