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  1. I remember those days and for that reason I kept all of the old screenshot and in game the old ammo and HP boxes. Those and my Loki reminds me the day I joined.
  2. The idea is not bad. My suggestion would be a temporal partnership, which allowed you to invite random persons into the clan and you can set the duration of how long those persons could be a part of your clan. It would be different in the UI part because the temporal partners could see a timer and the clan emblem with opacity. There must be distinguish so if you are in a clan already you can see your main clan emblem and on a different tab the temporal membership.
  3. Sergeant, because he is not wasting precious time.
  4. I prefer my shade because he Always hides me from the trouble. I am dedicated shade user but I do have other companions aswell.
  5. My most complaints is coming from their behavior where they making a content then stop and changing plans and start a new one without modernizing the actual content. The other complaint would be the engine and the visuals. The visuals could be much better, animations, hitboxes, scenes but they do not started making an evolution engine 2. I think at least.
  6. The mobile version is still crappy and not really usable but I can say the same to the pc version too. The new ui is physically hurting my eyes.
  7. I do not have much problem with the new end screen ui but it is a bit slower to me than the last one was. At least the uninteresting stats are hidden and at least you can see what you really need. Of course there are some backsteps in it like the whole new UI is not much better than the latest one (I liked more those) but you need to accept it no matter how you dislike it - Drop a feedback then maybe they will add this option. What I do dislike is the new forum design because it has no better way to express yourself (emojis). Some characters are too bold others just plain bad also the lig
  8. I was called toxic because I live on forums and I am a player who wants PvP too.
  9. Looking at the resource needs I have some Hema vibe. They should play the game to know how long to farm some resources.
  10. Good to see an other Babylon5 fan out there. My net is Mother but all the members are potentionally good if they expand them.
  11. Centipede pets. Coincidence I dreamt with them yesterday? I am all for these candies.
  12. Only the keys go. Why they would remove complete infested orokin tower tileset with kavats and stuffs just because something is coming?
  13. Don't worry there will be enough cosmetic for all warframe.
  14. I did this test before and after the detection range changes and it is doable without any trick. You can go with a simple skana, any frame and just hunt them down. The first two part is easy, only need timing and a bit hiding, the last part is tricky because your best chance if the patrol rotation is fine to go and kill the one at the uppest spot. Then you need to go and kill the left or right side then go back and wait a bit. Let them come to you and just hide up till they go back then finish it a side and slowly kill them all. It is simple just timing and a bit waiting for the best opportuni
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