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  1. What I miss is the old warframe teasers with that darker tone.
  2. You created a monster! whaaaaaa. Just kidding, don't take it too hard.
  3. Basically every uploaded images and items on internet are subject to recycle like our comments. You are right about it but publicly noone advertising profiles because they does not want caught. On other topics I have seen others whom also posted images like mine and the face behind the profile or something like that thread called also uses "probably" real images about the persons. With this power you can also disband the facebook profile or anything else because everyone can copy and paste. This is how the internet works, anyone who enters into it are easily becoming target. But still if someone wish to sell my account without my permission also needs to know my password which is hard, also my mail adress. Also who buying accounts instead of making one and play the game is deserve this because every capable person can achieve things if put effort into it. Thos whom just want show off are simply idiots and they deserve if they baited out. I just can't imagine how many sites are just used my images on facebook or other places where I did not entered but possible. Internet is never changes. Your points tho not bad and I agree with it but there is nothing to worry about.
  4. It is my profile. The more images not helps any black market trader because they cannot sell the account without mail and password. Simply can be proven it is my account if you add me to the friendlist for several sec and check the profile. I don't put information what not belongs to me and I have no intention to sell profile. Again, anyone who want to sell an account can only sell their own accounts otherhand the buyer have no access to the account if used. But it is fair, next time I won't post any image here then.
  5. I have no fears on this thread so I just put this here. It is just one of my profiles. - Updated.
  6. Basically when DE makes a new one. Infested weapons almost all of them have a non infested counterpair, and these infested weapons have different effects. Infesteds by themselves does not use infested weapons because they use gas, toxin, their bare hands etc to try to kill you. Lorewise these items are items which made from collected infested body parts and some item like the mire is an old timer material and long ago used by the tenno. Tysis and phage also relatively old weapons and these has no counterpairs nor the scoliac and ichors. Elite versions could be a nice addition also pure sentient weapons too or different biological weapon which has nothing to do with the infestation. The prefix can be mutalist, plague, helmint. I am sure in later time when the rotation turns on the infesteds again we will get new infested weapons or variation of non infested weapons. Also if they really adding that new faction into the play then we will get a tons new different designed and varied weapons too.
  7. I dont have wisp but still have screen freezes despite my rig is still fine for the game. Only this game causes me the screen freezes and it is pretty annoying when you cannot do long runs and even sometimes in the login screen freeze the game. Any good idea how can I fix this? I checked the other topic about the resolution what DEGlen added. I am using the native 1920x1080 and full screen but this never was problematic until the u25. I still not wish to upgrade my rig because it is still fine for most games despite it is in avarege 5 years old. PS: A friend of mine who use wisp with the base helmet still experience this issue.
  8. My major problem with the new melee system is the removal of quick melee because the basic quick melee attack animations was faster than what the current system have. There are few useful changes but the attacking animations on certain weapons locks you in a state were you are better to choose gun instead. Some weapon category like polearms, staves, axes, daggers, heavy blades but almost all "except swords overall" have worse attack animations. Not everybody liked the combo system but the game forces you to do no matter if you have stance or not on the said weapon. The quick melee was much efficient at killing enemies because not locked the movement and not used terrible animations for combo. The combo system is only good once they revisit the animations and kick it out those ones which locks you in a place or in a state. For example I hate that animation when I use a dagger but after few swing it rush to the enemy and "fly" meters because that is not controllable. The staves now dead for me because no matter how you speed up there is that teribble animation when you not equip any stance and that directly slows you down while in the quick melee that animation was much efficient and faster regardless of the speed. Still there are weapon categories like fist weapons which does not really have a place in the game except in few situations. Same for scythes and few weapon categories. I do not tested the gun blades after the update nor tried the throwing weapons, but I suppose the attack animation and switching between modes is still bad. Also the aim glide with melee is removed "many liked for me neutral" and the automatic block is a sign the devs wanted to slow down the game so my hopes low on they will fix those animations because currently the melee fluidity is a piece of.... The blocking never was a strong part of the game, because the tactic was always attack then run not attack block attack. The best way always was the movement system and the maneuvering but some weapons hit scan so you cannot avoid the majority of weapons. The blocking is now automatic "in the melee mode" but the angle what you can defend is small relatively. Those mods reworked but still noone use them because not a choice if you have meta mods. Nerfing mandatory mods on guns and on melees unlikely because the latest amalgan mods and nightmare "corrupted ones" supposed to be alternatives for playing. The rest is again in the toilet no matter what they doing with it. The slam attacks are okay but sometimes hard to control, the charge attacks say hi but I say thanks no. Those was not also so popular only in the dark age of the game when you had chance to kill with those weapons but the game evolved, more enemies spawn and overall the game is faster than in the early days. So it is also an useless option in my eye while we "most who like the fluidity" needs the quick melee or just fix the animations so the gameplay would not look like that clunky as it is now.
  9. You partly right but you missed one. 9. Time
  10. This is much likely a common bug and back in a time it happend with me too more often but now it seems they managed to revive somehow this screen freeze issue. It seems to me something is wrong with this game because in other games this issue not happend so I doubt this is a pc issue if the game just ran fine before this update.
  11. Actually I have the same issue with one difference the game is freezing if I play endless missions. I have also a Radeon card with 16g ram. I also not found any issues beyond with warframe because the rest of my games not generate this issue. I plays nowadays less so not really bothered with it but sad to hear the game is unplayable with certain builds. They need to check this issue and fix it.
  12. Not a surprise because the game is full of hidden messages.
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