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  1. Playing when I get home and finally managed to reintroduce my younger brother to play the game. When I do not play I just reading the forums and having fun to read Gears comments on the revenant rework threads. Joke aside I just reading what you guys put here and there. Other than that I just play other games if not wish to play warframe. Also I am now in the harvesting season mood since we know the bannerlord EA release date and I am sure I will play that game a lot more. Both games are going to take my free time.
  2. I personally likes these mini challenges. Valkyr also a fancy opponent if you throw her into a nightmare mission with tigris equipped.
  3. Specters can be useful depending on the type. Warframe specters the better ones because they can bring your choosen arsenal. The ospreys are also fun but these can die fast. The levels are explained by an user above so I do explain that further. Sose note is the specters will turn against you ín the nightmare missions and depending on your dropped specters van be difficult to kill. Only drop specters in the said mission if you can beat your creation. They can give some xp if you kill them or just throw the specters into the group to distract enemies. Good hint : do not use Nidus specters on nightmare.
  4. Simple solution make the weapons not use ammo at all or just use cooldown on it to prevent spamming.
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