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  1. I do not use nowadays so much variation (mainly single, dual swords, polearms, hammers) I hate flailing branch by passion. Without stance the staves are crap but with this one it compete the worst stance ever created. Too many stances are stopping you during melee where the important is your mobility. Honestly the devs should play the game without godmode and then maybe realize this is not fun or if they still find it fun I suggest them report to Alad's Lab. Iron Phoneix is good for my opinion because let me do quick melee and not disturbing me while fighting. The two polearm stance the bleeding willow and shimmerling blight what I use mostly also not stopping you when quick melee but their combos somehow is not terrible. Honorable mention could be sinking talon for daggers because that also not interupts that much. Most of the stances makes the weapons worse and stopping the momentum. I would like them revisit the stances again and make it more mobility friendly while adding new combos and speed up animations to already existing ones.
  2. Basically the point was to try encourage people use these new set of mods on secondaries and primaries on that level where these items struggle. Basically nothing changed because the mods that got the nerfs are extras and not really needed to achieve dominance in the game only overkilling. I still use melee and guns when it needed but I do not play very high levels because see no reason to play against bulletsponges. A normal stat revise for weapon classes would have been better but it could have took them more time and they wanted to skip the time investment and they preferred to go on the route which is easier to do. They usually do bandaids and let in game for long time and when the game needs drastic changes then they change it or not. Not all guns and secondaries needs buffs but a huge margin of them needed and still in the garbage tier. Entire weapon families suffer because not enough efficient in killing or not giving something unique to the table to be used more like AOE vs Single target weapons.
  3. They have weird tastes. This is one of them.
  4. In my opinion worth for at least the mastery and if they added some special mechanics into it too then maybe it will be fun to use it. Stat wise what I saw on the stopped video it seems decent. Shotties is not for everyone so those whom not like shotties would not use it. Obviously DE does not make it weak otherwise noone would use it or there is no reason to make it in the first place. I personally will use it once I grab it.
  5. Finally the Strun got the prime variant. It was a long delay. Hopefully heat-ether series will get their prime variants too. At least the Nidus is great. Yareli buffs are okay but the synergy would not really be there only if they rework her kit entirely. The Revenant skin in my opinion does not really fits to Revenant.
  6. In my opinion Excal is a good all arounder frame for starter players but I personally find him boring to play. Slash dash is his only ability what I tend to avoid using. Mag and Volt are not to difficult to use and the early levels are not too hard for them to shine. Every warframe could shine once you got mods and played a lot to get good weapons for them. I don't know about other Loki's I started with Loki when I joined long ago but I did not found hard to use him but I can agree he is now a little bit old and need some refresh for the abilities. The decoy is simply not good enough and the teleport is something what I did not find fun also a trolling ability if you use often on players. Invisibility is what sells him and makes his a good frame but he could have 2 new abilty also the teleport - decoy merged into somewhere. I don't mind if he became like Vauban or Ivara and end up a skillset like quiver or mines. That could let him shine more. He have very weak physique and only the amount of energy and casting invisibility saves him until you can get mods to make it work. Since Oberon happend I consider myself Oberon main but Loki is still in my second-third used frame. Excalibur could be however much better if the javellins can scale better and overall th exalted weapons get some buffs. Comparing them to the new melee system are weaker. It was viable for a short period of time but if it costs you energy then it must be better in some way than a regular melee weapon. Slash dash could be changed a bit to be more mobile and less locking you with silly animations. Radial blind is a strong CC and very useful in most levels same can happen with the exalted if you spin. In my opinion the Mag fan base is larger than the Excal-Loki combined. Mag is often called trash and too many player underestimate her but she is an attractive lady who can crush you. Also there are @MagPrime as our dedicated mag leader who could give you hints how to use her. What I can say is Excal a good choice for those whom wants tank early levels and get through in the starchart. I personally find him less impressive to use and my second choice was Volt after Loki, then Mag and Excal. I am not a Rhino fan because Rhino as a starter could teach nothing to new players only press iron skin and whoa.
  7. I like Nidus too but my hopes are lower. He is a great frame and very versatile in most game modes unless nukers grab his lunch. Most frames got decent upgrades but some warframe just slightly better than their regular versions because balance wise they want to not outperform the regulars in every way. There are frames like Frost prime which is just a very minor upgrade compared to the regular Frost. Atlas in other hand due it's neckless design and lower popularity got a version which design wise and stat wise much better. Not sure how it boosted their sales but Atlas prime is a clear successor while most primes just little upgrades. If they following their latest design philosophy like the kronen vs kronen prime or baza vs baza prime etc then surely the prime version would not outshine the regular one. I however would like Nidus to increase its health by 100-125 (the base) and the prime version +150-175. It would be then more tanky and viable but I wished the same for Rhino and Rhino prime which have also lower health stats compared to his tankyness.
  8. A simple game which is at first seem complex but in few hours it's going to be easier. Free and if you want you can play anytime. Normally I am not suggesting this game and maybe for this the 2-3 person whom I mentionned what I play luckily remained in game. New players should experience the game and learn, not want everything instant but that not means they cannot have some more help.
  9. I think some added explaination on few systems could improve the player retention but not on that level where other games does. There are good points on his second video about the game but there are different directions. Some game caretake the players till the end or at least 90% of it while there are games which tells you some basic then let you try and explore. It depends on the player and it's abilities of how to take the challenges. Warframe is a game where you can do the same thing in multiple fashion, there are complex systems where a newbie could lost but there is also a lot of fun of course subjectively and depending on the player. First impressions are important in most games but that is impossible to make a game that will be fine to everyone. Still they could improve the early game experience to explain systems what are maybe a bit more difficult to understand but most of the stuff I find is not too complex and not hard to get. I am that kind who does not give a lot about first impressions if the game is catchy enough in any part I will give it a lot of try then deciding to go for it or no. The game basically about systems on systems but no clear direction what it wants to be.
  10. I would not afraid if I were you because if this really bothers them then they could have long ago make impossible to create multiple accounts but then thats not generate them enough money. Usually alt accs and freshly created ones are more money catching and often getting discounts for platinum purchases. Me as who plays long ago I really got only in my first 2 year discounts since I did not get any. Also there is now option to gift items directly to others or your alt accounts because they made it possible. They do not care about how many accounts you have until you create accounts just to grab discount and trade with your mains. If you have multiple accounts separately and you use all of them normally so playing with it and not let in living dead then it is fine. They do not care how much time and money you spend on the game because they see only the profit that is why they have systems in game. They are not those devs whom will ban you for everything. Sure they could ban you for bugusing which is basically their own fault, negative plat if you find a scammer and you do no have enough money in your bank, they can ban you if you critize them with uncivilized ways or something else. Not giving here examples just saying if you have more than one it is okay, if you have 100 maybe not okay but you physically cannot play with 100 plus accs.
  11. A thread about Oberon and I am not invited. I reccommend you him because he is a good all arounder frame who got reworks in the past and he is very usable if you know him enough. He can play supportive roles, damage dealing, status immunity and armor stripping what he can do mainly. Also he have the best horns in the entire game so I strongly advice to listen to those who says try it. Also you make me happy if you give him some chance and try to play it more often. Cheers.
  12. Investments are not really important for DE. The game is in forever BETA and they can change everything as they like and the only consequence if they hurt the game deeply the losing of the playerbase. Any investment in this game is a risk and temporal for you. I know who have no pocket and cannot do anything just grind the game for stuff are usually let in a corner but this game is nothing really just grind the same stuff no matter you spent money or not. Balance is need but usually the reasoning behind is questionable and often they do without thinking. They are not consistent on what they do nor they really know what the game supposed to be and for that reason they kept the game in BETA which legalize them any major changes. The problem is they cannot really make something other than band aids and fun ruining changes because with no clear direction they cannot make changes to push the game and it's players to casual, hardcore, metaplayer etc. levels. In my opinion most of these changes do minor things and basically the secondaries primaries still not get their buffs. DE does not want to risk a major player migration otherwise they go bankrupt so they try this "we cater everyone attitude". Sure compensation would be a ice gesture but no matter what they give they cannot give back your time you spent on the game so just try to not involve into too deep and play for fun or self goals other than grinding and making the game as a second job.
  13. Grab a popcorn, eating it then maybe doing some relic runs then sleeping. Tomorrow I'll check the quest maybe.
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