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  1. The Strange thing is I made 17 dojos by myself and there is no clan dojo donation when I pumped up all of my clans what I made and left later. Also added a lot to the treasury. The playtime don't fool you I have reasons why it is not so much.
  2. No reason to play any game if you are not enjoy it.
  3. I am a happy Oberon but if you have better ideas to boost my abilities 'contains the passive' then go on. I feel I am in a good place so reworks not really needed atm.
  4. I do not checked the new update yet but if you plays the game from almost the start like me then you are supposed to be some hard person. Would be sad to see another tenno leaving but not every stuff will pleases everyone. I am just stick with the game no matter what happens.
  5. Sometimes DE do weird things or just forget closing stuff. Your artwork is very good and indeed popular. I am also a fan of your art designs.
  6. My vote for mission director would be aruna dahl. Another choice for me is David Attenborough.
  7. I am an introvert person and I dont use any form of the mics for speaking. I hate when background noises and crappy quality voice speaks and not understand what the others want to say. I am a typer person and I did use text all the time if it is possible.
  8. Loki is outdated but he is still can be useful. Also he is one of the rare frames beyond mirage who have face. Also smiles.
  9. The melee is now a better option because the damage got increased and the devs worked on stances and fixed some melees. In my opinion you cannot constant spam the E button, because in a long push your fingers will be tired so that is enough limitation and I do not see a reason why the melee needs any kind of stamina system. I had no problem with stamina on warframes but that was a different time and almost all weapon was suck expet few newcomer. Remember when there was no forma only a catalyst or reactor to boost your frames also the abilities were mods. Those were limited times. T
  10. Took me 11,4 mins to download and 10 min to verify. 500mb connection speed.
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