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  1. Most of the changes are welcomed by me but the meteor on ember is not fit so well, despite the ability could be good.
  2. I never bothered with the rivers and not interested in them so for me this is meaningless but I can understand the different reasons. Simply not involve yourself into the rivers deep.
  3. I skipped this issue with no trading or if I do then I trade with trusted peoples or in house. I am living from my savings what I bought long ago and it is the best option to avoid bad platinum. DE have the transaction dates but your trades via player businesses are not recorded. Only if they detect negative play. Always be sure whom you trade and avoid the uncreative names because they might be potential plat mongers. Keep track the trades by yourself making a screenshot and then you can later verify your part in the deal.
  4. This issue is exist from the early start of update 25. I got a lot of screen freezes but those was permanent ones and I play this game from the start and never happend any similar before. During the playtime I upgraded my right 3 years ago so the fail Is in the game code. Only warframe does this time to time but I think they will fix it as soon as possible. They must know what causes this issue and they got a lot feedback from now. The temporary freezes are more common now but I usually sense this when moving in relays, Dojo, Cetus gate, occasionally in missions when there are actions or dropping a specter. Computer wise I shouldn't have to any problems with the game. Bugs happens.
  5. I don't have problems with the avian companons but I want first amphibian and lizard companions. Basically anything can be companion for us. What I mostly wished or wants to be able to hire mercenaries or just get some human companions with moddable equipment, appearance and their own skills ( not same abilities like warframes ). This could be an improved version of the specter with some major differences because you can equip these companions like the other ones and they will serve you forever ( if they die in mission then you can use them in the next mission ). Amphibian companions may be useful on map parts where there are a lot water body or the climate is moist. I can imagine them to take their preys and drown them. Lizards could do the same but they are more massive and their skin is more capable for tanking so they probably could be our tanky companions so steelfiber usage could increase with them. Avians have the advantage to fly and hunt down preys - mark preys from the air. They could be good candidates sure but I personally would not pick the condorcs because these creatures appears cowards. We need eagles or an avian - bat hybrid like creature what can use these lineages as advance. Also glad to hear if they really will remove that awful loayality and degeneration features because both were unpopular.
  6. I finished this test multiple times but with starter gears or just with a skana equipped. I usually went and killed the upper guards on the last part, moved left killed the dude, moved to up killed the second, then killed the third one. I left the right side and the one at middle last. Basically you can kill these guards with any non stealthy frame the only thing need is the timing. I failed 2 times this test overall of the 53 run I did to master up but those was bugged and the guards detected me at start. The second time just they detected a corpse and in the last stage I fall off the map due a bug then failed. I can say by experience this test is not the hardest and the second test is harder if you consider your gear is weak and if you have a slow item then you possibly can fail. New players have no good gear at start but the mr 9 test is suppose the player already did gear ups and have enough patience and timing to finish the quest. Anyway helping others is a good thing and this test also good to give some hint to new players.
  7. Ah, good to know I did not read reddit so this was a new thing for me, thanks to share it.
  8. Perfect World --- devil's advocate, Leyou --- Chicken frame company, Changyou --- the Chinese right hand, NetEase --- warframe mobile version soon Tm. Tencent --- the lucky one.
  9. Not really matter what the community wish because DE is who make the final decision. Like when the operators were added to the story they never asked for us closed and early open beta players what we wish they just messed up the headcanons what we made. If they make an option to let her die or let her alive, they just creating one more hole in the continuum and we can have that abomination like Vor, Corrputed Vor or any other characters whom we slayed but once again they reborn in one way or another.
  10. We could actually revive my mag prime praising thread.
  11. Yep I am agree with you I just not separated the second part of my opinion which meant to all. DE is like a mobile gamer company because the base game with slots, purchasable boosters, time rushers really feels still years after the start a mobile game level but yet the game is developed a lot. Still their model is optional grind but they would like you spend money on them. Since Leyou (Perfect World maybe Tencent aswell) burrowed into them, the monetary part is going to be worse because they need to repay and generate profit aswell. Still I say if they just tried to stay independent and develop a once buy game and do a proper kickstart for the game nowadays still could be a good game with one time pay then you get your content. If they have had dedicated servers instead of peer to peer I would like to pay for them to manage / finance the server and add content. Wow still living and you can see the classis is basically a success because new and old players also went there to check it and a lot will pay for that subcribtion. Free to play game companies must do agressive marketing which anti consumer in order to get money. If a developer just want to be kind and nice to get reputation they do free games REAL free games but the two is far from each other. The only positive part in this game is the option to farm, but if we have no added trading in game, then a lot of players whom now living from others probably never stay with the game. The cosmetics are different thing, those are optional. Weapons and frames basically power, but since noone use them on pvp, this power is only against for pve enemies, which is still morbid, considering you probably played games long before any free to play game ever existed and the developers sold complete games not pieces by pieces. Slots are the only thing, before nightwave series which was a thing, that you could not get by playing, or reaching levels which could be honor your time in game. However I am not against the paying if they give quality product and not feels like a cheap money cashing like how some companies do. Many peoples claiming there is the trading, but in order to get something in this game somebody must pay money for platinum, otherwise no economy, no progression. That is a viable tactic, you make profiles and each profile specializes in one frame and gear if you wish to avoid the money spending. You can reach everything in this game but you need to sacrifice a lot if you not wish to spend money on the game or not trading to get platinum, which is the same what I said above. The game is designed around to pay money, there is a point where you must pay. Known, many peoples not paid a cent to the game, because they are happily waiting for others to spend money. That also true nobody forces you to spend on the game, but if you give to everyone this and that as answer, " hey, you can get everything just trade " then sooner or later you will stay in the mud, because no platinum exchange and no economy. Simply this game is created for this. As the riven part I am sure the real reason behind the rivens was the same like prime acessories. Money. Primes in my eyes a pumped up version of the regular items, because why not, if you buy them. Rivens in other hand generates them a lot of money, because whales and business peoples here and there making their business and hoarding materials then sells them for higher prices. This is good for the devs, because it generates a constant need to spend platinum, and all the newest peoples in game getting discounts very often while veterans and some cases advanced "but not veteran" players get nothing. I stopped spending money on them, firstly because I spent a lot in the active time, when got discounts, second reason is there is no discounts for me years ago, and I know the normal price tag for this meaningless in game valute is around the 70-80% discount rate, otherwise not worth to spend 200+ dollars for getting items where you can farm those items. Slots the only things which is similar on PoE and ofc in World of Tanks etc. I have basically enough slot to get items in the next 10+ year if the game manage to survive. If I need to suggest a game which is free to play, but fair, then I could no say any game, because the free to play itself is a big lie, what peoples claim a good thing, but that is just a method how to milk players. Reliable and creditable developers using sub fees if the type of game needs it, or sell you a complete game, what you buy once then use forever. They can add expansions if those expansions are great enough to be called expansions *cough Sims cough*. But we know the game industry became more profit oriented so that's why could hav happend Free to play, Dlc, Lootboxes, Early Access etc. Those developers whom tried to sell you a thing once become veterans or just left the industry completely, the newest ones are following what their business mans dictating. Despite these all I think the Digital Extremes is not a bad company, but their portfolio is not that great, yet they tried to sell their games normally but they failed to find normal publishers whom not wanted to milk them. This is how the Star Trek game ended, they tried to live with the option to sell it with the movie, but the game was a mess. Warframe is using the free to play model but just a variant, still the model if you consider A B C or D variant good or bad then we can say theirs is probably fair except 1-2 thing.
  12. Good to see someone know these kind of games. The real free games are those games which shared by the creator/s and absolutely not ask a cent for it. These people do it with their own time to make fun to others. You can donate them money if you want it. Warframe's model is based around the grind to earn what you wish to reach. There needs buyers to keep the economy alive so those whom not spend money on the game are getting some in game currency via trading. Not perfect but not that bad system and most free to play games use the same tactic to get money.
  13. In my opinion any socializing attempt should be optional. The current system is good for that, because you can choose whatever you want. However adding bars and parks in solos and relays could improve the social aspect but the clans mostly accomplish this aspect. Adding a new start zone on an open zone could kill many pc-s because the game is peer to peer and dedicated servers are not a thing. The amount of calculations could be high also a lot of player not that socialized and want to play alone. Many people's in that scale and the current system more or less counts this scale so who want to talk with others it can. Other than that specifying this whole idea and improving this aspects is not a bad thing but every one should speak by his/her own name no matter you side with or against the topic.
  14. Someone remember that series. Good to see.
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