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  1. 💟 Just got the neuros thanks for all the advice!
  2. cant buy in the market huh? How can I obtain this mod?
  3. How are they good for survival LOL - I DIE LOL I am so use to Ember, so Ive been trying to level up all my frames, but Ive been stuck on Khora at the moment, Wisp is confusing for me, I do like limbo but he's also confusing. I guess I'll see how much Nekros is and see about buying him as I have no parts of him nor do I know where to farm his parts. Id still need to get that mod.
  4. I dont have that warframe sadly, I am hoarding what plat I have. Can I use a different warframe? I have : Ember,Equinox,limbo,Volt,wisp,Khora, Gara, Hyldrin, Ivara,Mirage,Oberon,Titania,Saryn
  5. Hello, I have been doing the same mission over and over multiple times to obtain the neuros for Octavia with NO luck, how many rotations does it take to get the item? longest I can do solo is 26 mins ....sadly.
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