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  1. I haven't complained about the drops. I'm just saying it's wrong to suggest that the stream is for our benefit when it's for theirs. It's a PR gig and it looks better the more people are watching it.
  2. They stream because it's beneficial for them, not us. lol
  3. What do I do if a drop can't be claimed? I tried yesterday after the stream and I got an "Error occured. Drop was not claimed." error, so I waited until today to try again and I'm still getting the same error. Edit: nvm. I never actually logged back in after trying to redeem and I got the drop even though Twitch says I didn't
  4. How do I reach the "5 per account" limit if there's only 4 streams?
  5. On the other side of the coin, I absolutely want it to affect spellbind but not Tribute. It really should be done on a per-ability basis.
  6. I was really hoping they'd answer this. The game does terribly on this point :/
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