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  1. I am a level 11 newbie, my last trade last night was a 200 plat rhino prime set, then went back to the orbiter stand and went to see tiktok, then I went offline.This morning when I received a notice to go to the foundry to pick up weapon, I found that the account was 2035, and I have not recharged in a third party, I really can not think of any reason why it was banned. Is there anyone who has encountered this kind of thing, can you explain it? I am really very depressed, suddenly was banned, I feel very aggrieved.
  2. 本人四百小时11段萌新,我昨天晚上最后的交易是一个两百p的牛甲套,然后就回到船上站着,去刷抖音了,然后就下线了。今天早上收到通知去建筑台领东西的时候,发现账号被2035了,我也没有在第三方充值过,实在想不到为什么被封了。有没有好兄弟遇到过的,能不能说明一下。实在是非常郁闷,突然就被ban了,我已经感到怒火中烧了。
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