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  1. I think, as you say, the key is to vary the arsenal. I always use the same Warframes and weapons hahaha, something so simple and I didn't realize it. Thank you for your help, friend!
  2. Oh sorry hahaha. Well, I'm missing a few missions from Sedna, Fortress Kuva, Void, and all of Eris. That's because, like I said, they kill me too quickly and I hardly hurt anymore. The same is true for Adventure Quests, Relics, and Daily Challenges. I would venture to say that the source of the problem is my lack of resources to build. I always fall short of endo and missing the odd mod. I feel ashamed that being rank 9 these things happen to me, while I see people of lower ranks with already very good builds and who kill all the enemies with one hit...
  3. I reached that point in the game where each mission is sacrificed to me since, as the title says, I hardly hurt enemies anymore, and they kill me too quickly. Any advice so that I can improve on this? T-T
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