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  1. Looking good! Standing combos are fine enough in my book, the extra damage works. I think forward/forward + block should give you the option to hold and continue the attack - it feels doesn't feel good having to stop half a second after you press the button, especially for the forward move. Thanks in advance, here's to Ghoulsaw! (mashing the button does work to keep the forward charge going, though a hold option would be preferred)
  2. Not 100% sure this addresses her usability. The buffs are nice, just feel they won't improve her feel all that much. Still, better to wait till we get our hands on it first. Looking forward to the changes.
  3. The boost is much appreciated, thank you! Going from ~6-7 Veil drops to just 4 is nice, though we still have to negotiate ol' Lootcifer for it. I wouldn't mind the smaller drops if they were made consistent. Not sure how substantial it will be to get 1-4 keys per lich confrontation. It does encourage team play as a bonus. Don't know how I feel chewing through 10 liches per player for 1 extra weapon/valence fodder - I'd much rather the weapons be part of the Sister drops than a separate shop. Glad this is getting looked at, hope to see this updated in the near future.
  4. I thought I heard of that somewhere, but couldn't remember. I'll throw Primed Shred on and see if it works. 👍
  5. Post Sisters of Parvos, the Buzlock's homing shots no longer deal damage. Hiting the tracer round on enemies works fine and shots that hit the target before they start homing still deals damage. If projectiles are given enough airtime to start homing in on the traced target, they won't deal damage when they hit them. This consistently occurs in squads and solo against several enemy types (humanoid, infested, MOAs). The bug is still present at time of writing in the most recent update/hotfix.
  6. Noooice! Looking forward to the reveal (and extra goodies, of course), a main quest update was a loooong time coming after Sacrifice. See you at the livestream!
  7. 5 minutes ago, .Khaos. said: But no, they want to buff guns... they'll intentionally ignore gun set mods Honestly just upset at the change to begin with. The least that can be done is making it consistent, but I'm not expecting anything to be done. Sad days, mang. Right before the day it drops, too.
  8. Sidenote, wasn't the melee mods on Deconstructor triggering for other pets a visual bug? As in, they didn't affect gameplay at all? Hoping I'm wrong on this front.
  9. Sad to see the Gladiator set stick go. Any chance the other set mods on Sentinel weapons (Vigilante comes to mind) will be looked at as well? If Gladiator-sticking is getting the boot, then it should be consistent at least. Otherwise this'll just make Helios less appealing while gun-based sentinels still get the Vigilante set bonus for you.
  10. That'd definitely a problem too (read: Slash Procs/Saryn Mains stealing your kills). Think your suggestion would be a good in-between, since just having it proc on hit might be too far in the opposite direction.
  11. Interesting changes for sure (Beam weapons rise up). Dexterity getting holster speed is nice and the lower mod cap for most of the Galv mods is nice. There are a few things I'm not 100% sure of; 1) Are the mods going into the Arbitration shop or the Arbitration mission drop table? The former is fine, though the latter might cause a fair few Tenno to foam at the mouth. Just want to clarify this. 2) I'm still a bit concerned about the 'on kill' condition for these new gadgets - feels like they'd only bring already strong guns further ahead of weaker weapons that can't get the condition off in the first place. You shouldn't be able to MK-1 Braton your way through Steel Path of course, the concern's with non-beginner guns that can't compete. Glad that revisions are being made now before release, hope we continue to see good changes here and there before Sisters of Parvos drops.
  12. Liking the look of this so far! Not sure how I feel about the mods/arcanes needing kills to activate. The problem was that guns struggled to kill things compared to melee (which has access to similar mods, CO, BR, etc that don't require kills to reap their benefits). The idea of having scaling mods/arcanes is a good step in the right direction, just concerned the conditions will put more focus on already powerful guns that didn't need the extra help. Looking forward to seeing this. We'll see how it shakes down when the update drops, eh? Thanks for the heads-up. ^-^
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