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  1. I've got two issues regarding this Railjack Crew stuffs. First, My Nezha's [Safeguard] aug mod can't be used upon them. Usually this works on any teammates I have, even including Loid (Cambion Drift), Clem, Some guys I need to protect in defense mission, and my syndicate's teammates. But in Railjack, this won't work. Second issue, is: I can't assign anycrew. Crews can be removed but they can't be assigned afterwards. NOTE that I entered dry dock through Kronia Relay, Saturn. But I have a clue. Or, workaround. This works for the crew-bug thing, but for the Nezha's skill I've m
  2. Oh yeah. That NAT problems. Thanks to notice that.
  3. Feels like I was in that sword art online world when the red hotfix pop-up shown. Haha. Cool.
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