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  1. Yezzik

    Coming Soon: Devstream #74!

    Are you actually going to address Void RNG, or just make it worse by trying to hide it behind tileset and mission reward RNG?
  2. "Step up to Red Alert." "Sir, are you absolutely sure? It DOES mean changing the bulb."
  3. Yezzik

    Is The Grind In Warframe Killing The Game?

    Well that's wrong for a start.
  4. Will Starchart 3.0 actually fix Void RNG, or just hide it behind mission RNG and tileset RNG?
  5. I'm attacking the darkness! Roll the dice to see if I get drunk!
  6. Yezzik

    Isolator Bursas Are Unfair.

    Son, I grew up with Starsiege Tribes. I was never the best, but the fast-paced jetpack-fueled combat and target-leading at ridiculous speeds with non-hitscan weapons on dial-up connections have been burned into my soul. Do NOT assume I don't know what I'm doing.
  7. Yezzik

    Isolator Bursas Are Unfair.

    I said this: Strangely, after about seventeen minutes they started taking damage--but only SOME of the time. I think they've been given an invincibility phase... or rather, a small moment in time when they AREN'T invincible.
  8. Yezzik

    Isolator Bursas Are Unfair.

    Are they even coded to be able to take damage? I've been hounded by the same Isolators for the past fifteen minutes. No matter where I shoot them, or at what angle I shoot them from, I've not been able to kill one yet. I've spent so much time having to deal with their mechanics that it's going to be physically impossible for me to get the Wraith Twin Vipers without finding an "exploit."
  9. Yezzik

    Coming Soon: Devstream #60!

    Will Starchart 3.0 address RNG beyond merely changing up the tilesets?
  10. Yezzik

    Coming Soon: Devstream #59

    So how WILL Starchart 3.0 fix Void RNG?
  11. Yezzik

    Coming Soon: Devstream #58

    Will Starmap 3.0 address the RNG directly, or just mask it with different tilesets?
  12. Yezzik

    Update 17.2

    What mods, why aren't they listed in the Codex, where's Vital Systems Bypass come from and do Challenges other than the Bandit ones actually work now?
  13. Yezzik

    Some Kind Of Auction House? [Megathread]

    D3's AH didn't work because you HAD to use it to get past the fact that all the gear you'd had drop was rubbish and you couldn't progress any further.
  14. Yezzik

    Some Kind Of Auction House? [Megathread]

    Look at Trading. It's a hellhole of screaming as people desperately try to stand out by screaming louder, and the whispers it relies on are two people saying "offer?" in the hppes the other will cave first. I would rather there not be trading at all, and that loot be shifted from RNG to rewards from progression bars filled up by doing missions or rushed with Plat. The problem being we don't have enough worthwhile Plat sinks that take it out of the economy.