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  1. Thank you guys for helping me out with this post. It definitely isn't making it easier for me. But as I'm trying to sell it.. not many people actually want the Riven mod for the Daikyu. And indeed, don't like the stats. I'm tempted to Re-roll it too. But have no idea how that will work. And what will happen. Will it re-roll all the stats? Even need to find someone who is willing to buy a Daikyu Riven mod... which is a thing on its own I believe...
  2. @binioslaw Thank you for the answer I have around 21K of Kuva. But I cannot be bothered about constantly re-rolling in the hope of acquiring more. So 50p sounds fine to me. But then.. where would I be able to sell this and how. Kind of new to the whole trading.
  3. Hi, Fairly new to the whole Riven mod thing. I want to sell my riven mod. But do not know its worth. I tried through Rivenmarket. But for some reason I cannot verify my account there. Hence I need help on how to sell my items like Rivens and Primes. For now its regarding the Riven. Daikyu Ampi-Vexicron +9.3% Electricity + 5.5 Ammo Maximum + 14.2% Critical Chance Madurai Polarity 10 Points MR15 No re-roll. Rank 1 If upgraded to rank 8 (max) Daikyu Ampi-Vexicron +83.4 % Electricity + 49.4 Ammo Maximum + 127.7% Critical Chance 18 Points Hopefully someon
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