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  1. Ooh! A new weapon! I'm gonna do my best to catch these streams! (Psst! Hit me up for a Orphix Venom!)
  2. Ok. Thanks for sharing that info with me. This problem has been affecting me for quite a long time, with no solution in sight & it spoils my experience when I can't talk with my friends to squad up, or other players to play or trade together.
  3. How do I get a mod to notice this post? I submitted a ticket a few days ago & haven't heard back from that avenue of communication, & I've heard nothing from developers/moderators here. (No lack of gratitude from me, though, for everyone who tried to help me out.)
  4. Thank you. Hopefully, the support team will respond quickly.
  5. Yeah, this happens to me frequently but it's never persistent (By which, I mean the black blocking don't obstruct my view for longer than a second or two before fixing itself). When this glitch happens to me, it flickers in & out very quickly, usually occurs in specific areas of all planets (happens in the same "level chunk" of each planet) and usually at specific camera angles (I can move the camera back and forth to cause the glitch to occur repeatedly). It's been incredibly bothersome, but I've never had the misfortune of it causing me to fail a mission.
  6. Something is wrong with my in-game chat. I haven't been able to access chat features for about 3-4 months now. According to my Warframe friends, they think I might have been shadow/banned. How do I submit a ticket to find a solution to my chat problem?
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