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  1. MonsterBunnie

    Ayatan Treasures Donation

    Tyvm :3. I really appreciate it ❤️
  2. MonsterBunnie

    Ayatan Treasures Donation

    Hello! I am opening an ayatan treasure donations since I decided I will fill every inch of the operator ship with them. Any donation is welcome. No, this is not a joke, I just want to fulfill my dream of having the ship fully decorated with them and I am asking for help. This is not obligatory or forcing anyone to do that. Thank you very much in advance n_n. IGN: MonsterBunnie
  3. MonsterBunnie

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.10

    thank you n_n
  4. MonsterBunnie

    Hotfix 16.1.5

    Thanks Adam-sama <3
  5. MonsterBunnie

    Hotfix 16.0.4

    Finally ! The Volt ultimate skill was too OP in PvP D:
  6. MonsterBunnie

    Double Credit Weekend On Now!

    It`s about to end so let`s make it rain with money @_@. Money money money <3 T4 Captures I`m coming !
  7. I heared Lancer will be his name, but as I know DE are changing pretty much their mind, it might be another name ^^ .
  8. MonsterBunnie

    Post 15.14.0: Rare Fusion Core Alerts!

    GIMME ! -nom nom nom- @_@
  9. MonsterBunnie

    Last Post Wins