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  1. Nyx is an old frame with outdated abilities, the newer warframes have her abilities but improved by 3x, plus her abilities don't have almost any synergy with the other ones as if they worked independently, for those reasons a rework for is really needed. Mind Control This ability is complete garbage, one proof is that its augment gives 300%+ damage which is absurd and still does nothing. In my honest opinion, this ability should be completely reworked or give it a massive change, like: make it function like a statstick, make the enemies shoot themselves, make it an AoE ability, when psychic bolts land on mind controlled enemies, they will now "spread" them or simply change it all, you could also leave it that way so it's her "bad ability" but it seems kinda scuffed. Psychic Bolts This ability is really good and should be her subsumed, the problem is that the number of bolts don't scale with any stat and the fact that you need power strength for it to work makes it hella contradictory with her other abilities, my suggestion is that her armor strip now scales with other stats let's say ability duration, make the number of bolts scale with range and enemies affected by chaos get more strip. Her augment should be innate on this ability, or a better choice would be, enemies that leave her bolts will get mind controlled. Chaos This ability is good...... i'm just kidding, there are many other frames that do that same thing but better, want examples? ok, Oberon's 2 and 4, Loki's 4 augment, Wisp's electric mote, Frost, Equinox, Banshee, etc. There are good changes: make it so enemies get a damage vulnerability and maybe scaling with strength so there is a reason for it other than psychic bolts, decrease their accuracy, damage reduction, mind controlled enemies deal more damage on enemies with chaos and, again, her augment should also be innate because enemies keep spawning and you have to recast it several times. Absorb This ability is either really good or really bad, if you're modding for assimilate, then say bye bye to the other abilities and even if you mod it for its original purpose it's still going to be bad for several reasons, enemies move and you don't, range is terrible, enormous energy cost and you will almost run out of energy before you can accumulate enough damage just to name a few. I could think of a few fixes, greatly increase its range, enemies affected by chaos will be "attracted" to it, more damage absorb, delete the terrible feature that gives 8 more energy per second with 100k damage stored, decrease its energy cost, you can use your chaos while in it and maybe give it a cool animation, and damage dealt to it is multiplied with the amount of enemies on chaos. These changes might be too op but i'm not an expert on stats and they could be balanced. I would like to hear your opinions and thoughts about it
  2. Oberon is one of the most versatile frames, he can tank, support, cc and even do eidolons, filling basically all the roles. The problem is that he fits many roles but does all of them poorly. See, Rhino = tank, Wisp = support, Saryn, Volt... = cc. At the earlier stages he was a good frame to farm, but now that his drops are in railjack, at the stage you get him he's just useless. So here are some buffs I could think of. Passive His passive is pretty bad, the buffs are not enough, I suggest just increasing the stats. 1st Ability: Smite The damage of this ability is pretty negligible and if you say "Ah, what matters is the status", you can just press his 2. What I suggest is a damage buff, increase in the amount of orbs and make it so the damage of the ability scales with the health of the enemy targeted, as if you were "draining" his life and sending it to other enemies as a projectile. The augment is really good actually, especially for eidolon hunts. 2nd Ability: Hallowed Ground This ability is one of the strong points of Oberon, providing great cc, the only change i see myself making is increasing the status chance from 15% to 50% or so. 3rd Ability: Renewal This ability is ok, the health regen is good, but it's not enough since the damage you receive is almost certainly higher than you heal, and does it really feel like it's healing 40 HP p/s? I wouldn't say so, and if it is then it's not doing its job properly, I'd increase it to base 80 p/s or whatever that works. You have a good synergy with his 2nd, but 200 armor is pretty negligible, I'd buff it to 500, or better, give it a straight-up damage reduction, I don't have an exact number though. 4th Ability: Reckoning This ability would be his nuke if it wasn't so weak, armor reduction is its strong point, I'd increase it to 40% tho. There is also the health orb drop chance, but at higher levels you can't rely on that because they have to be killed by it, so a good change is to make it so enemies injured by it have 15% chance to drop a health orb because 50% is too op. What do you guys think?
  3. Shields are really soft and the reason for that is because if you get 1 damage from an enemy, your shields receive 1 damage, consequently if you get 300 damage, your shields are gone for a lot of frames. The only warframes that can survive through shields have special abilities like Hildryn's passive and Pillage, Protea's Grenade fan, Mag's polarize and others. Let's take for example, Hydroid Prime, which has 525 shields at rank 30, he is supposedly a warframe that survives through shields and doesn't have any ability that restores those and since shields have a 1:1 ratio of damage he won't survive long enough on high level missions like Steel Path. My suggestion is that shields should have a "shield armor" that functions similar to armor, let's take Hydroid Prime for example again, if you have 525 shields you will also have the respective damage reduction that armor would give to health, which is 64%, ofc it doesn't need to be the same proportions, as frames like Hildryn could get really op, so their shields should be balanced or the damage reduction itself. What are your thoughts? Edit: I wanna clarify that what i meant is that the shields would protect themselves sort of, not that they should benefit from armor but being their own armor
  4. Introduction Chroma was really good before recent updates, especially before self-damage removal, but now he's outdated and the roles he would play in the past are filled by other warframes, he's basically a niche frame. In the past, he was good at Eidolon hunting, but now you just can't use him if you're going for a meta squad as his Vex armor Fury buff takes too long to build up, we can't forget that his tanking abilities are no longer good, especially when you're talking about Steel Path. Really, the only use for him right now is to clear the starchart, fight the Profit Taker and play casual 1x3. So now, I am giving suggestions to make him good again and hopefully DE will see this. Passive For his passive, I don't see any problems on it. The plus mobility is nice, the parkour on Gas City that is so hard for other frames is a walk in the park for Chroma. 1st Ability: Spectral Scream This ability is quite nice to use on low level enemies (1-50), but when you're doing sorties or you're on the Steel Path, it's just unusable. Yes, the chain effect that was implemented greatly increases its power, but it's just not enough. So here are the suggestions: Now, scaling with power strength, this ability will strip armor, not depending on element; varying with enemy quantity, this ability will increase it's power with a damage multiplier (unscalable), this will make a great synergy with Vauban's Vortex, Nidus' Larva or other grouping abilities. 2nd Ability: Elemental Ward Now, this is where the fun begins. This ability is one of the best in terms of utility and tankiness; the fact that it's a Helminth ability, makes it even more amazing, especially when you apply it to Hildryn, Inaros and Nidus. But the the problem here is with Chroma, the main problem is that EHP turns into trash if you don't have a healing ability, like Devour. My main suggestion for this ability is that Heat will now restore your health or life steal (based on weapon's damage ofc), scaling with power strength. If you watch Grind Hard Squad, you probably saw that his Chroma would only work with Arcane Grace (he was still soft), but things changed when Gloom came out as a Helminth ability, the main focus for the Chroma build was the life steal as there's a great synergy with his Vex armor, because of it's damage increase. Other buffs would be: shield restoration with electricity and more shields (since they're useless) and fire rate with toxin. 3rd Ability: Vex Armor Ok, this ability is the other one that make Chroma shine. It's amazing when when it comes to take down big tanky enemies and other little ones. But here's the bad part, as I said before, This ability takes way too long to build. The main solutions i could think of were: making the buff instant, swap Fury for shields and Scorn for health (I especially don't like this one) and, my favorite, adding a Signature secondary weapon, this might sound weird, but let me explain. For each shot to an enemy, this ability will take 10 health out of you, you need 100 health lost for max fury, hence you will need to shoot 10 times. ATTENTION: This MUST work on invincible enemies like the Eidolons when shields are up, otherwise this weapon is strait-up trash as this rework for Vex armor is focused on Eidolon hunt. 4th Ability: Effigy This ability is the main reason why people use Chroma for Profit Taker fight, the other is Elemental Ward and Vex Armor, but outside of that single fight, it is completely garbage . Here's the suggestion I've come up with: Now, Effigy will become a "guardian", just like Stardust Guardian from Terraria (google it). Depending on Chroma's current element, this ability will make enemies have a 10%/15% chance to drop a health orb (unscalable) for heat element; increase shield restoration for each enemy killed (with a cap); nothing for cold (unless you think of something) for cold, as it would be a little too op to have even more armor increase and, finally, enemies' guns have a chance to stop working, ammo efficiency and/or +fire rate for toxin, (bonus credit will apply to all of them). I personally think it would fit well for effigies theme (check trivia section on Chroma's article on wiki). One more thing, i decided to give them all a fixed range of 10m, as Chroma need on most of the builds high duration, high strength, low range and efficiency, with an exception being toxin, with a fixed range of 20m. Conclusion So yeah, give more suggestions on the comments, I hope DE will see this post, like it if you want these changes too (no beg), I'll be upset if I wrote this in vain. And for fashion's sake make Chroma change his emissive and energy colors as you change your elements mid-mission, I'm fund of seeing orange ice. :D
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